Is Robert Sean Leonard Really Leaving House?

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Could House really be without his BFF next year? Robert Sean Leonard makes it very clear in a new interview with TV Line: This my last season of House.

The actor says his contract is up and he wants to focus on Broadway, where he's returned to star in a revival of Garson Kanin’s 1946 comedy, Born Yesterday.

"I’m shooting my last episode now. Contractually, this is it," Leonard says. "There’s also no deal for House next year because Comcast bought NBC Universal and no one has a deal. If I do House next year it’ll be under a new umbrella. But legally and contractually, I’m free after this [season]."

House v. Wilson

The actor does leave a decent chunk of wiggle room, however, saying he'd miss a few episodes next season due to the play and also saying the season finale has nothing at all to do with Wilson departing.

"The long and short of it is, I don’t know," he says. "I would love to make more money. Money is nice. I also really miss [living in] New Jersey. I also really miss theater. I miss my friends... I assume they’ll make another year of House. And I assume I will do it. But I can’t say for sure."

It says here that Leonard will return in a recurring capacity, and thank goodness for it.


Never walk away from a successful show.


As Forest Gump said, " They go together like carrots and peas ", so do House and Wilson! Wilson...don't be a stranger, we need you, House needs you.


well its not going to last wiithout Wilson hes the only one who could talk House when hes going crazy. House Formen Cuddy Wilson and Chase have been there since day one Chase will probely be the only one who could leave that it would be ok. no Wilson No House sorry fans


Wilson leaving is enough reason to stop watching House but i know i won't, if only out of habit.

Sue ann


Sue ann

I kind of agree with Sarah and Ace. I don't always watch House in the first run, but I do try to catch as many reruns as possible in more convenient time slots, and Wilson is my favorite character. He is the least likely to do anything horrible to someone else, although he does have his moments. If the actor leaves, I wish him well but it will mean I will make even less effort than before to be home in time to watch huse.


Wilson. can't. leave.
I think they're killing him off on the finale.
and just like that, I will stop watching house.
As much as I love the show, I just can't watch it without Wilson.
They need to end it if he's leaving.
I'm sorry but he really is that important.
in my mind at least.


Let me start off by saying, after watching her career take off over the past year, I expected to hear news like this about Olivia Wilde and I'm simply shocked to read it about Robert Sean Leonard. I've been as devoted a fan as I can be, sticking with the show throughout everything (even Huddy) but this will likely be what does it for me. House/Wilson is the best part of the show, and losing Wilson as a member of the main cast will be a crippling blow. Even if he does come back in a recurring capacity, it won't be enough.... he doesn't get nearly enough screen time as it is. As much as I love the entire cast, I could handle this news about losing any other cast member (Hugh excluded) but losing RSL will be the beginning of the end.

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