Jessica Capshaw Speaks on Grey's Anatomy Wedding

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Jessica Capshaw has always been prepared for a struggle.

Asked what we can expect after her character, Arizona, marries Callie on the May 5 episode of Grey's Anatomy (see Calzona wedding photos), she had an interesting response.

Capshaw said the show's take on love and relationships has always been unorthodox, and that struggling with the ones we love has been a theme since the very beginning.

"Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers have both talked about, since the inception of the show, Grey's Anatomy was never about commitment and marriage," the actress tells E!

Arizona R. Photo

The wedding will be blissful. But what about what comes after?

"It was always about loving someone you're not supposed to love. How do you figure that out? How do you then find your way to them? Do you say no? Do you go to them?"

"[The show used to be about] impossible relationships, possible relationships in impossible circumstances... but now I think it's sort of evolved and matured to what it is now."

"Its about how do you keep and nurture and drive in relationships. That being said, it's a one-hour drama, so you can't just have a bunch of really happy people."

"I'm just guessing now - this is just Jessica Capshaw guessing - I'm sure there will be fallout [from everything that's happened]. Last season Arizona didn't want kids."

"Now she has a kid. Does that mean Arizona is going to become the quintessential mother? Is she going to start baking cookies and having bake sales? I have no idea."

"But my guess is, she won't."

Interesting. Do you think Arizona will be cool to the idea of parenting in the traditional sense at first, or will she delve in faster than some people probably expect?

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To all of you who loves Callie & Az 'Yay!'... at last the girls are getting married! To all of you who hates Callie & Az 'Screw you!'.. nothing will change just 'coz you are bloody homophobes, lmao! J-cap & Sara forever!


I agree @ jo1's point
" the show should go back to this winning formula and focus on the now residents (i.e.mer, cris, alex) making their way through residency, their love lives " Shonda Rhime's Not brilliance, just blind & fool!!
I loved the wedding of Alex/Izzi(w/cancer), Mer/Der(was married), Cri(PDST)/Owen(PDST), b/s the story of Attending/ intern or intern/intern love story's attrative
I feel I've been kidnaped to watch Calzona or CAM crapy ep since 2011, I won't mind Grey's anatomy changed to Calzona's anatomy, then I can stop watching GA & posting comment here


I Don't Think There Will Be A Downfall For Calzona Because Shonda Said The Last Episodes After The Wedding Will Focus More On The Other Characters Like Christina Mer And Alex. I Love Calzona And Their Wedding Will Be EPIC. They Have An Amazing Relationship And They Show What Love Is Really Supposed To Be Like. Whether It Does Or It Doesn't Conform To Society. They Are Two Beautiful People Who Fell In Love!


@Napolean: Well put!!! also agree how haters and bigots dont listen to reason!


Most of the people that post on this site are rational and open-minded. People with favorite characters and favorite story lines as well as story lines and characters they don't care for. But I am amazed at the narrow-minded, selfish, and manipulative points of view coming from some people. Callie and Arizona are not a good couple because they have no meaningful conversations, only sex. Seriously????? How about their conversations when Callie was being disowned by her family or when Arizona was explaining why she thought George joining the miliary was "awesome." I could go on but what's the point. Haters and bigots don't listen to reason. The idea that one or two characters could ruin a show is asinine. Find me a tv drama that had the same amount of viewers in year 7 as it did in year 2 or 3. Show me a network that would cancel a show 10th in the ratings instead of 1,2,or 3.....a show in its 7th season. Two of the highest rated shows on television now are American Idol and Dancing with The Stars and they have on two episodes a week. Those shows weren't on before December. That's going to affect the ratings....not just of Grey's but of all the competing shows. Perception can become warped through hate and prejudice. Perceptions one person has that "April has been crammed down our throats" is a good example. Because she is a character on the show she has been crammed down our throats????? Really???? You "hate" her, you admitted that (find it comical that you could be so wound up with hatred towards a fictional character) and your hatred has you making up scenario's in which April is being crammed down our throats. She is a character that receives minimal time on most episodes. That is reality and reality can't be changed even by your hatred. You don't like her, fine but don't make comments that imply she is getting maximum airtime. Asinine. Finally, your logic states the following: in the early years this show was at its best when focused on the struggles of the interns, not the residents or attendings; now it's at it's best when it focuses on residents, not interns or attendings. Why the change? Hmmmmm. Oh I get it, Meredith use to be an intern and now she is a resident. What happens when she becomes an attending? She would no longer be the focus or would the focus change yet again? At least by the time Meredith becomes an attending (if the show is still on) all the main characters, other than Lexie, will be attendings and ALL the attendings will be the core characters and deserving of the spotlight. We can all finally be happy and get along. Yipeee. Sadly, I am sure that you would find new reasons to hate.


@ Callie puts the OR in Ortho: Thank you!! You get it.
and i agree a lot of these people complaining about Calzona dont have a problem with the actual characters but I think it has more to do with the fact that they are not comfortable seeing a gay couple in the spotlight. Its quite homophobic even if they dont realize it.
@Fan: There have been so much beautiful moments between Callie and Arizona like when Arizona was willing to eat sandwiches with her because she was in a financial crisis. How about how Arizona was there for Callie during George's death and her father disowning her. What about when Callie tried to cheer up Arizona on her birthday and they said I love you to each other? The aruging is a part of a relationship and what are yout alking about with all the sex scenes? They either have just as much sex scenes as other people if not less.


Amen to all that you said!!!


Im looking forward to their short term happiness, cause god knows they have been through alot lately, it will be nice to see it all calm down for a while. However, when it comes to the problems that they are inevitably going to have I hope that its Callie that is in the wrong and then has to fight for their relationship. Through their problems so far Arizona has been the bad guy and the one chasing after Callie.....I want to see Callie screw it up and have to make it up to Arizona for a change!!!


I think JCap while giving just her "opinion" is speaking to what is likely to come especially when you pair that with SaRa's "opinion" about not being a "hallmark" card, " setting boundaries," and her comments about how Arizona might be feeling (none of which sounded good). Their issues are not over. They will be in post trauma, post wedding euphoria for a minute, and then reality will kick them in the head. They haven't resolved their issues (the main one being Callie's creepy codependence on Mark by allowing him to be a third member of her relationship). Now that the baby is here, that will cause issues (probably because of Mark and Callie bonding even more over the baby). Anyone who has kids knows that it's stressful, and if you have problems, they'll get illuminated when you're sleep deprived and frustrated. I can totally see them all having varied ideas about parenting, and Arizona getting frustrated by it all, and pulling back especially if she feels she's not heard or listened to. Also, if Callie doesn't act like her wife and her child are her priority, and still acts like Mark is her boyfriend and its her responsibility to keep him happy, and treats their family as if it's a polygamous one rather than recognizing that Arizona and the baby are her immediate family, while Mark is extended family, then there will be issues for sure. Arizona didn't want to feel like she was dating Mark, and she sure as heck doesn't want to feel like she's married to him.


I realize this is not politically correct but I am not comfortable with gay/lesbian relationships on tv, etc. THAT has changed with Callie and Arizona. Shonda Rhimes' brilliance is that she takes things slow and when she builds, she is amazing. Best example is Kate Walsh's character. Addison was the "evil witch" to the nth degree, but given time, that changed. I think the 2 characters...callie and arizona are amazing. How can one not be happy they have found any two people??

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