Justified Review: "Debts and Accounts"

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Both the characters on the show and the audience are still coming down from the highs and lows of last week's "Brother's Keeper," but "Debts and Accounts" was terrific in its own right.

In looking at the three families of Justified, they all were in different stages of heading down a new path. The Bennetts are basically starting over after the deal and the death of Coover.  

The Givens - as in Raylan and Winona - are thinking about heading down a new road of life. And the Crowders - Boyd and Ava - have reached a new way of living, that has been in the works for a while now.

Bad Ass U.S. Marshal

Mags Bennett isn't handling the death of her son and the loss of Loretta extremely well. Not only did she blow up at the man in the diner and threaten to kill him in front of all those people, but she decided to step down from the top of Bennett family business.

It's easy to see why she gave everything to Doyle, after all he is the respected lawman with a family, but it's just as easy to see why Dickie would be so upset about it.

The kid has done everything for his momma, and just like Coover, doesn't understand why he continues to get looked over. I love that Dickie is now taking things into his own hands, giving workers unwarranted promotions and claiming to be the big man in charge now.

Although I don't think Dickie stands a chance against Boyd Crowder, their showdown at the bar was fantastic to watch.  Dickie does not lack confidence, you have to give him that.

Which brings us to Mr. Crowder, who finally has come back to his roots. He is fully back in the business that his family has always been in, and he seems to be ready to dominate it.

In one sense it's almost as if his journey through religion and honest work, was all for not as he's returned to the life he started out in. On the other hand, maybe it was important for him to explore other avenues so that his heart could really be in it when he returned to a life of crime.

He is who he is, and he does it damn well. That poker game stick up was a thing of beauty, and I only see him getting better as the episodes go on. While I have enjoyed Boyd from the beginning, I think that his journey might have made him even more likable as a villain, and that is something that always works on a show.

Interesting, charismatic, likable villains are fun to watch.  Between Bo and Boyd Crowder, and Mags and Dickie Bennett, there have been a bunch of them on Justified. It's just another reason why this show is so entertaining.

The Givens have been dancing around the subject of getting out of dodge for a while now. Although I don't think Raylan will ever leave, he certainly seemed ready to head back to Glencoe after losing Art's confidence and getting shot at with Winona.

At the end of the day I think he just wants to be with Winona, whether she's insane or not.

Here's the thing though, those two guys didn't come after Raylan during his job as a Marshal. That shootout happened simply because there are a bunch of people that want to kill our cowboy hat wearing hero.

Sure if he quits being a Marshal, the number of killers will not grow any larger, but they will still be out there. Glencoe won't make Raylan his loved ones immune from murder attempts.

Justified wouldn't be Justified if Raylan and Winona are hiding out in Glencoe teaching kids how to shoot.

I'm assuming his decision to ultimately stay has something to do with Loretta.  He is so good with her, which was showcased in his speech to her at the car.  With no parents left, Raylan is the only parental figure she has left, and I doubt he'll want to leave her all by herself in Harlan County.

"Debts and Accounts," while not as epic as "Brother's Keeper," was another fantastic episode in what has been my favorite season of television in 2011.

Add to it all that fantastic smooch between Boyd and Ava at the end, and how could you not have been a fan? What did y'all think of it?


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Jeez do some research when you write a story. The "glencoe" you write about is actually Glynco GA. It's where the US Marshall training facility it is. If you can't research the basics why should anyone read what you think about anything?


really liked the show.. but it seems now to0 much ex-wife every week. seems to have changed the interesting action part from other players on the show..seems like every week involved in some way with the ex...not so interesting when the same sort of plot seems to involve her each week. jim


Ha! Not made any worse! Nearly ruined my own point there!


Justified is the best thing on tv right now! Btw to the racist people commenting, sorry to upset you but this is not "a US drama without black people." One of the supporting characters is black and an episode was based on her family earlier in the season. As a white Englishman I can honestly say that a tv show is made any worse by the appearance of people with skin colour different to my own! Cheers


I love the show, i watch it because im from KY. I have read all the comments and i agree with all. raylan will stay to be close to the little girl, him and his ex will play games with each other. bo and ava will get together, but for some reason i smell a scene with ava having to choose between bo and raylan. she has a love hate thing for raylan. the hit men will go away with a couple of shows and then comes the kids by both women, hahah that sounds good


time for dem niggaz to go home


i wanna see ava slurp on boyds dongo lol


Great episode. This show just keeps getting better.


Great episode, it's like the calm before the storm. Everything is going full circle with Boyd and you know that's going to lead to an explosive showdown between him and Raylan. The Bennetts were already frighteningly ruthless, but I think we've seen nothing yet. Really great to finally see a US drama without any black people in it. I just know Mags is going to avenge her son! I'm excited about how this will end now, I have a feeling the season finale will leave us on the edge of our seats!


Great episode. The peace discussion between the Given's mom and Mags was beautiful. The cutting out of Dickie - he didn't try hard enough to save stupid Cooter, although we all know he did everything he could with that idiot. And Mags admitting she was probably going to kill Cooter herself for harming the girl. Dickie versus Boyd Crowder? Poor Dickie - he's always way over his head. Shame because he's become my favorite on the show. And Raylan. Always trying to do what is right,and taking his lumps. There is a almost..operatic intensity going on inside this world.

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