Justified Review: "Full Commitment"

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The first season of Justified was really about how terrific Timothy Olyphant was as Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens. Conversely, this second season really has been about how great everyone around Olyphant has been.

Whether it was Margo Martindale's Mags, Walton Goggins' Boyd, or even Nick Searcy's Art in that one episode, the supporting cast has been fantastic this year.

In "Full Commitment" it was Jeremy Davies turn to shine, as his Dickie Bennett truly did fully commit to his goal of being in charge in Harlan County, and Davies himself fully committed to the role of an absolute sociopath.

Timothy Olyphant on Justified

Dickie really is his mother's son, in that he possesses that same ability to turn from extremely nice to extremely evil with a snap of the finger. Whether it was cheering up his new henchman Bass when he missed the target every time in shooting practice, or hobnobbing with Rodney the Memphis weed man, Dickie can be as fun as they come.

But then he can also be so cold.  I understand there must have been so many things going through his head after he was made to look like a fool during Boyd's stick up, but there's no way I was expecting him to just up and shoot Bass and the other henchman in the head for wanting to get out. It makes my stomach turn how cruel this guy really is.  

And that was BEFORE we got to the Aunt Helen scene!

Whether he shot Helen to kill or just injure, Justified has proven once again that this show is not afraid to mix things up. They kill off Coover two episodes ago, and now they're going to have Dickie murder the maternal figure of our protagonist?  That takes guts, my friends.

Back to the stick up by Boyd, Devil, and the Arlo Givens, has anyone ever been so pleasant during a hijacking? It's so great that he's not just there to steal the weed, but to steal the business, so he has to make sure that he is more than cordial to the mountain man from Tool Time.

After Dickie made Arlo at the stick up because of his limp, it occurred to me that there should be better criminals in the area for Boyd to recruit. An elderly man with a gunshot wound? Another dude in a wheelchair?  And Dickie getting a big man that can't shoot or fight?

What kind of criminals are they growing down there in Harlan County?

Over on the other side of the law, Deputy Tim Gutterson once again graced us with his presence. In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic a couple of weeks ago, Jacob Pitts referenced his increased screen time stating, "I had a lot of fun doing that particular episode."  It was easy to see why.

The dynamic between Tim and Raylan is always great, but watching Tim get disgruntled about babysitting his co-worker, having to buy ice cream in the morning, and reciting lines from The Bodyguard, made it that much more fun to watch. The only thing that would have made it better is if he actually had started singing the Dolly Parton version of "I Will Always Love You."

And finally there was the Raylan plot line. After watching the Previously On before this episode, it seemed much more obvious than I originally thought that it was indeed Gary behind the hit from last week. And until Raylan found out that the lawn urinator worked for a company owned by Duffy's wife, he also couldn't figure out who had called for the hit.

So what is Gary actually going to do?  Will he leave town?  Or the country as Raylan suggested? If he does indeed get out of dodge, I commend Raylan for taking care of this without putting Winona through more turmoil.  If he sticks around and makes things difficult for her, I think Raylan would have been better off just killing everyone in the trailer. Just kidding!

"Full Commitment" once again impressed me. What did y'all think of the episode? Do you have any predictions for how the final two episodes of the season will play out?


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Did no one notice the swastika tattoo on Boyd's arm? It think it was shown so predominately in order to cememnt Boyd's true self as a bad guy. Didn't we all want to see him turn his life around, really? Everyone except Raylan, he knew all along that Boyd was never going to change. I too thought the story with Gary was somewhat weak. It had great potential but then ended quickly.


Great episode. But how did Winona manage to remove her nail polish in the ride home from the Marshal's office?? :-)


I knew Helen was going to die when she Ava that advice. When Raylan gets his revenge, he's going to resume his hunt and try to bring Boyd down. I must say I expected more from Ava and I see Johnny becoming a problem for her and Boyd.


So was the hit on Raylan or was the hit on Winona? If it was Winona then Gary would be beneficiary of her insurance? Or was if Raylan got killed, Winona would of have to share the insurance with Gary and he was trying to get that agreement at the divorce meeting?


I can't see Gary going out with a whimper. The comment he made in the living room about his imaginings of Winona and Raylan, and his nature being that of a Weasel, I think before the season ends, Gary will make a comeback. Dickie is Mag's son. With him, everybody will have to pay.


Bob- Yeah what is up with that? I thought cable shows were supposed to be longer, not much shorter!


The Gary storyline was interesting, but not sure how it relates to the main plot. I'm hoping it reemerges in the next two weeks and complements the finale. However, Justified tends to spend too much time with ancilary storylines that frankly are boring; i.e. the Life Within and the episode with Larenz Tate. Gary is a worm and a great addition to the overall show. Killing off Helen was foreseeable and I think sets up a fantastic finish for the year.


I thought the Gary plot line was pretty weak, I guessed it was him right after Raylan took care of the two guys after him and Winona. It just didn't add anything to the season arc except for shifting Tim and Rachel further away from Raylan which probably could have been accomplished differently. I liked the episode but with the season winding down I was definitely hoping for a bit more to happen.


This Episode was 37 minutes - They are really cutting it with too many commercials.


I thought this episode was excellent just like the last two. Every episode is getting more and more intense building up to what I think will be an extraoridnarily epic finale. Every twist and turn is so brilliantly calculated that not only do they not hurt the show in the long run they make it significantly more exciting. I cannot wait until next wednesday to see what happens next. Justified continues to impress and has become one of my favorite shows of all time.

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