Klaus Comes to The Vampire Diaries: React Now!

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We didn't know the whole story on The Vampire Diaries until we knew Klaus' story.

Tonight's episode, bearing the name of THE original vampire whose presence loomed over the show for months, finally revealed his long history with Kat - and what he looks like!

What did you think of "Klaus"? Our official episode review will be live soon. In the meantime, sound off in our Vampire Diaries forum, leave comments below, and vote in our poll.

UPDATE: Read our Vampire Diaries review here!

Klaus at Last

What did you think of "Klaus"?

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Elijah is amazing. Telling Katherine he reminds her of someone. Is there any possibility that Katherine is the doppleganger of Klaus and elijahs mother. But wouldn't that be weird.


So where to begin?
Um Elijah…. We all thought he was bad? Yeah right you ain’t seen evil until you’ve seen KLAUS! Now you KNOW why Elena had to resurrect Elijah. BTW I do not think it was a coincidence Elijah is back from the “dead� and REAL Klaus appears for the first time on EASTER WEEK!!!! Very clever writers!! Very Clever indeed! 1st shocker - Elijah & Klaus are BROTHERS?!?!?!!? CRIKEY!!!! I guess they’re the Salvatores of the 1st century, lol… I loved their dynamic. And I am glad Elijah is back because now they have a scoop we never expected. To know Klaus like a brother knows him is a big advantage in their battle of good vs. evil.. or bad vs. badder? Also, are they the only 2 siblings to survive in that family, because as Elijah said there were 7… what happened to the other 5? 2nd shocker - The sun & moon curse is a FAKE! I guessed this so it was not as shocking, but I only guessed it like 15 minutes before they actually said it so it’s not as impressive as it sounds, lol. Still if the curse is a fake how come vamps can’t walk in the sun and werewolves can only transform on full moons? I mean it has some truth to it… (compulsion theories aside).
Jess, what you say above about the full moon IS true there have been millions since then & now, but the pieces had to all be in place:
they needed a witch, ok they’ve all had that for a while, but read below for more on this,
they needed the moonstone (? do they still need this for the real curse?? Because if so, did Klaus & Elijah have it back in medieval times? I didn’t see it) – they’ve only recently found that.
Most importantly they needed the human doppelganger (they had her in the 1400’s, Kat, but lost her once she escaped and then she became a vamp so that was the end of all hope, until ELENA which they only recently found. So yeah there have been full moons but only now do they have all the pieces of the puzzle. Something tells me our not so friendly werewolf friends (aka Tyler, Jules & maybe a little gang) will be visiting us on the next full moon!!! And on that note I think we need to know the werewolf backstory as well… Where did they descend from? Was Klaus an original werewolf as well as original vamp? I don’t like the wolf storylines for some reason they bore me, but I do want to know the story behind them. 3rd shocker – KLAUS IS A VAMP/WOLF?!?!???!?!?!?! What the BLOODY ‘ELL?!?!!??! The British has stuck get used to it, lol….. This I did NOT ever see coming. I don’t know why not, I just never thought it was a possibility. But then again when you make up a show as it goes along I guess you can invent anything… But believe it or not this revealing fact is actually the worst thing that could have happened to us. Because him being a vamp/wolf just ended the whole show for us!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU WRITERS!! ASSHOLES!!!! I am a little pissed! It will take a long time, but that’s it it’s done! VPD has just killed itself! �
Ok let me explain… Klaus being a wolf descendant is a bad guy, his werewolf side became dormant once he became a vamp (another bad guy) because witches (nature’s police) cannot let one being possess that much evil power. Hence the real curse they put on Klaus. Now if the witches placed that curse then there is no way the curse can be broken. Witches are meant to protect the earth they cannot let that thing run loose and have all that power over the world. He will need a willing witch… and his little witch Greta, which seems to be the one with all the power (we saw this because they had to bring her in from God knows where to do this because the dude witches could not) is Luka’s sister who was kidnapped by Klaus meaning she is there against her will. And once she finds out Jonas & Luka were Elijah’s witches then she will be sensitive to his side. Granted she will be pissed off when she finds out the Salvatore’s killed her dad & bro and her hate for the Salvatores once she finds out will fuel many a bad day for our little Damon & Stefan, but eventually she’ll come around because witches are ultimately good & she cannot let Klaus get away with being the freak of nature that he is. Greta is the main puzzle piece to him getting away with it or not and I think ultimately she will not go through with it. Meaning Klaus will eventually be killed… end of show… Ok so now for the love triangle which keeps us on the edge of our seats…
Damon – He is a ticking time bomb. I don’t know if you’ve noticed his pattern… He is bad and starts working his way towards good, does a few heroic/good/human deeds that make us love him and swoon and everything… he is on top of the world and shows us his emotionally human side, his heart of gold which will do everything for the love of his woman… THEN the girl he is loving or lusting over disappoints him, whether on purpose or through no doing of her own - in the case of Rose she dies, in the case of Elena she numerously shuts him down… This makes him snap… he feasts on the 1st female he can get his hands on and then he goes on a murderous hunting spree…. I love you Damon but they need to change him up a bit… Surprise me!
Stefan – He was great yesterday. I liked seeing him get so protective of Elena. But man, your bro is in love with your woman… don’t be such a pushover!!! Fight for her! Make some demands! Yesterday he started showing what he is really made of so that was great!!!! Elena – I liked her in this episode. She has some balls to bring Elijah back like that with no regard to the consequences. He could have been on a bad trip and killed her right then & there especially knowing his feelings for Kat… His confusion when she awoke him was GREAT acting on his part. And I loved the way they handled the not being invited into the house but he was already in there so he had to get out cause it was killing him angle…


@Maria: I was giving an over-all review of the entire episode. I am not about to begin a Stefan-Damon tug-of-war with you. Please! Just chill. I am interested in the entire picture. Not just Stefan or Damon and their love for Elena. And stop retaliating to everything Delena fans say. OK? We have a right to voice our opinions.


I totally agree with Kayla.
Took the words ryt outta ma mouth!


When I started Watching the episode I was thinkng in my head I hope this is going to be good and I think it was it had a lot of back story which I love to see. And Was it me or was there a look from Elijah when he look at Elena I know Nothing will come out of it but it got me smiling all though the episode . Can't wait for next week.


Of course Stefan reacted like this and has said all this words to damon!what do you want from him?!he reacts like this because he wants tO save their love with Elena,he wants to keep their beautiful little world and does not wish damon to destroy everything what Stelena was building for a long time!I would be keloid too on Stefan's plane and I am sure you would react the same way!so thinking that the fact Stefan told Damon all this things and that he reacted like this doesen't mean he's a bad one!also Damon reacts not like very good person,he wishes to ruin stelena's relations,he desires a woman of his brother!that's I think is not normal too.so I think that Stefan's reaction was right and I dare to say that each man would do the same to protect his relations with the woman he is in love with!


First off lemme jus say that this is definitely not the most brilliant storyline. But, having said that, it is-and I cannot deny this-the most gripping show running on TV right now. The writers have delivered on the build-up this time round, and 2.19 was not a zero-deliverance no-show like 2.18. Elena did it again! Yay! But can we trust our suave, dapper Mr. Elijah? Remains to be seen.. She is one brave chick! She revives Elijah and induces a feeling of trust and one-upmanship in this dangerous vampire. He is the only one who knows how to save the doppelganger. This is like a catch-20 situation…Elena does not really want to trust him, but she has really no choice. I loved her you-need-me-I-need-you line. Its shows Elena is not given to begging for her life, EVER. I get the feeling, that Elijah will leave no stone unturned, to get his revenge on Katherine. Is it just me, or Ian is looking more and more gorgeous with every passing episode? Jeez…I can’t take my eyes off his glowering eyes, his beautiful lips, and his sculpted body. He is a living breathing Michelangelo delight, if I may say so. He looks so hot, in every frame, in this episode! Even if he is 32, he looks just the opposite of it-23 that is! Damon -Stefan bromance phase over? Stefan acting a total DICK… I am so glad that Damon is finally stepping up to stake a claim on the woman he loves. Stefan on the other hand, has fallen a few notches further, in my eyes, making it all the more clearer, that Damon is the one with a heart of 24-carat, solid, virgin gold. Stefan is not (in fact, never was), as noble as he wants Elena and the audience to believe. His jealousy took the better of him today. Damon glowers and tells Stefan “You should be thankful she (Andie) is here. She keeps me from going after what I really want.� And this is where EPIC EPICNESS begins. Stefan also shows how selfish he actually is, when he tells his brother, “You can be in love with Elena all you want, if it means you will protect her. But I have the one thing you never will. Her respect.� This drove Damon mad, and eventually, to almost killing Andie tonight. Who’s the better man? Damon sunk his teeth into Andie’s throat, and when he did, trust me I shut my eyes for fear of the worst. I really did not want him to kill tonight. My fears were not confirmed though, and he rose to the occasion, to be the better man that he is. Hats off Damon! Great show of character! On Klaus.. As expected, he is demonic, a smooth-talker, and a dangerous predator. Apparently, he is even invincible. Couldn’t expect any less, when he has been around for like a thousand years! Great casting by the director. It could not have been better. But now the question is how will they kill this monster? Three cheers for Dobrev.. This girl played three characters with élan today. The old Katherine (complete with the childish innocence of the olden days, and the perfect pronunciation), the new, sexy Katherine (who showed off her moves to perfection-how could she be behind when Damon showed how sexy he is, last episode?), and the girl-next-door Elena. We absolutely have to love Dobrev. Congrats to the whole team! Right from the filming, to the acting and the costumes, it cannot get any better. The whole episode has either been shot in sepia, or in grayscale, thereby enhancing the feel of it. I just loved how they frosted the flashback frames, and also the concept of the story-within-the-story. Innovative is the only word I can think of. The way Klaus entered was just spectacular and done to perfection-the crowds at the party (1492) slowly parting to reveal him. Food for thought I was confused when Elijah tells Katherine in the flashback that he reminds her of someone. So how many Elena look-alikes were/are there? If Elena is Katherine’s doppelganger, who’s was Katherine?


Tyler come back! :)


@Brenda Lee I dont think anything will become of Elena and Elijah, Elijah is a guest star, he isn't a regular and he looks way older than her and it will look kinda wrong, Jenna would probably tell Elena that she'll press charges since Elena is underage lol I do think something could become of Katherine and Elijah though since Katherine did have a connection with him when she was human so those feelings were actually pure, one of the purest she's felt since she wasn't a vampire when she felt them. Who knows what will happen, but with Stefan and Damon she has her plate full. I just don't see Elijah and Elena hooking up at all.


I think something is steaming up with Elena and Elijah. I saw the way Elijah looked at Elena. She is also seeing a passionate side in him. I see sparks flying at some point. It is obvious that Elijah was in love with Catherine. But, can he control his feeling when he looks at Elena? I think not. Plus, wouldn't this be a twist?


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