Mary McDonnell Promoted to Series Regular, Rumored to Lead The Closer Spin-Off

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Mary McDonnell has received at least one promotion.

The veteran actress, who has been recurring for years on The Closer as Captain Sharon Raydor, will become a series regular on the show's upcoming final season. But that's not all.

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With a spin-off to the TNT hit all but guaranteed, sources tell TV Line McDonnell stands a good chance of headlining the new series, which will likely be titled Major Crimes.

More information will likely spill out as The Closer airs its extended concluding set of 21 episodes:10 this summer, five in the winter and then six next summer.


WHAT?!?!? Mary McDonnell always plays a jerk. Her voice sounds like the snake in Harry Potter. I think the only way this show survives is that the detectives decide to just yeah-yeah Capt. Raydor and then solve everything behind her tight-ass back.
Brenda Lee, we will miss you so much.


Capt. Raydor aka Mary McDonnell was my only reason for watching Closer past the fist season. I love the character and can't wait to learn more about her and I am thrilled that MM has another series AND the potential to lead yet a third. She's an amazing actress and does everything well. I think I read somewhere that the episodes with Capt. Raydor are some of the highest rated for The Closer, so it's a win-win all the way around. TV gets an amazing actress for every episode, fans will tune in to see her bring a sassy, fresh voice to the show regularly, and Mary McDonnell will have yet another critically acclaimed credit for her CV.


About time Mary McDonnell is the lead for her own show. But I hope Kyra still maintains her role as producer. The closer was a great show because of her.

Sue ann

I can only see The Closer when each season's DVD comes out, as I have antenna television only. The character Ms. McDonnell plays is not one for which I would buy a DVD. When Brenda goes, so will my attention. Captain Raydor is a very unpleasant individual, and I have to put up with the ones in my real life. Not going to be wasting my time watching a television show formed around one. It is unfortunate, as I have a great deal of appreciaton for Ms. McDonnell's work, usually. It is the writers' take on the character to which I object. She was created to be an antagonist for Brenda. She did it well. Nasty person.

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