NBC President Teases Wonder Woman's New Look

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First, a mockup of the costume Adrianne Palicki will don for NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot was unveiled. There was significant outcry from WW's considerable fan base.

Then, a second seemingly revamped get-up was unveiled. Fans were happier.

So did producers listen? Not really. It turns out NBC didn’t change a thing. NBC president Robert Greenblatt says the particular outfit sported by the superheroine on the Hollywood Boulevard set last month (below) was always in Diana Prince’s closet:

Wonder Woman Set Shot

The real news here? In addition to that and the “shiny” look unveiled in the original (and quite controversial) publicity still, there’s a third version that has yet to leak.

Greenblatt says fans of the original series will be pleased, too.

“There was an initial outcry about the long pants – you know, skintight pants as opposed to those little shorts [worn by Lynda Carter in the original],” he tells TV Line.

“But the shorts were always planned," the exec adds. "They are actually used in the final confrontation when she beats Veronica Cale (played by Elizabeth Hurley).”

“We haven’t made any changes. But it’s always good to hear the fans' feedback. I’d rather have people really passionately engaged, even if they hate something."

We'd say it's a safe bet he can expect this trend to continue. What do you think WW's third look will entail? And do you think Palicki can hold her own as the lead?

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    This whole project can nose dive into the nearest dumpster with a can of lighter fluid. It's a horrible prank by Warner Bros. and NBC on Wonder Woman fans. I hope it's a grueling financial loss for all involved in fudging up what was a wonderful heroine. You all suck!


    Im a HUGE fan of Adrianne Palicki she was amazing in friday night lights. I will admitt I wasnt even born for the first one but im not really into the whole comic book super hero thing but I will be watching because of palicki cant wait to see what she can bring.


    I'll watch.


    Being a longtime diehard Lynda Carter-Wonder Woman fan and hearing that fans like myself will be rather pleased with her final costume in the pilot, I can't wait to see how they explain the three different looks! But then again, Lynda Carter did don a diving suit, motorcycle suit and...shall I even utter it...a SKATEBOARDING SUIT! So far be it from me to judge this new version.


    “We haven’t made any changes. But it’s always good to hear the fans' feedback. I’d rather have people really passionately engaged, even if they hate something." Well, we hate it. You got your wish. And since after hearing our feedback you say you haven't changed anything, know too that our intention to ignore this heretical atrocity hasn't changed either. You can dress her in rags and replace the invisible jet with a broomstick, for all I care. I won't ever watch this show.


    The whole thing looks BEYOND CHEESY! Shouldn't this be on Nickelodeon? Seriously NBC?


    I think this will be one of the fall shows that will survive and thi will be the show that brings NBC huge ratings 10 maybe 12 million.