NCIS Scoop: Whose Eyeball Was That?!

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So says Pauley Perrette (Abby) on Twitter. Wow. As if the ending of this week's NCIS wasn't (forgive us) eye-popping enough, that's quite the scoop from P-squared.

Perrette Tweeted that piece of knowledge as part of CBS' Tweet Week, and it certainly puts a disturbing, mysterious twist on the startling discovery Tony made.

Abby Shot

In case you missed it, the episode concluded with the "P2P" sending a message to Ziva and Tony, who end their day at a bar, having failed to apprehend the serial killer.

After Tony surprisingly tells Ziva to ease up on Ray, the bartender delivers a drink from a patron who's since disappeared. Inside one of the ice cubes is an eyeball.

So whose eyeball is that, and on a related note, who's the P2P Killer?

Might he (or she) be someone we know as well? Discuss below!

FUN SIDE NOTE: Pauley also Tweeted that the baby doll used to lure the victim on Tuesday speaks with a computerized voice - one done by David McCallum (Ducky)!

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the eye ball may belong to Jenny Shephard


I'm pretty liberal, but in Hollywood's mind is every SecNav a scumsucker?? And is Tony "once a traitor to Gibbs always a traitor to Gibbs" the focus of another season? This has gone from an "A" show to a "C".


This is the 21 century not the 60's. Reruns are not in. Enough is enough


MrCreepyVoice: they went to hawaii after a body was found. so that would be after the altercation where cort lost his eyeball and jonas brought it back. totally feasible.


the "mike franks" part was wrong, it didnt follow the story line...Franks left mexico in season 7, his place was burned down and he went to Isral with his grand kids...Vance gave him the tickets in his office and then got a text from Ziva's father saying "we got him"....Cort had the black eye patch a few ep's ago so he lost the eye a while did the eye turn up in the drink BEFORE they went to Hawi if he lost it over there? Did the writters go on strike?


That was an absolutely terrible episode. Not only because they gave everything away in the first 3 mins., but all in all after all the hype, it was a pure bomb.


new ep starts in 3 mins......I hope Im right and win the free t-shirt Abby wore in the opening credits... you know the one ;)


The envelope contains those fbi crime scene do not enter stickers tony stole & pulled out in a previous episode.


So they release a 1:30 sneak peak video. They did start this hype by saying lots of death in the end (and there are more than 2), they show gibbs being talked to by franks who is not there when he sits down. So we get to hear and see gibbs' gut talking to him. So the body they find is franks, that goes w/out saying, but from the preview and gibbs closing the m.e. door, after seeing the fight scene in which you can clearly see someone getting stabbed when they go down, someone on the team gets it, it has to be since when they go out to the body, it's daytime AND the road they are parked on is different. The fight scene is at night, in the rain, and on a different street. It's tony who keeps talking about the rain & takes the umbrella, he gets it in the fight, which is fine, time for someone new anyway. The promo pics for 'pyramid' are accurate, except it's going to be one of those '24 hours earlier' scene compilations. And oh btw, ziva is shot & injured. - G.G.


anyone know what was in the envolope taped to the bottom of tonys desk draw at the start of the Balt ep?....he didnt see it when he was looking for his phone

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