Nikita Review: "Girl's Best Friend"

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On this week's episode of Nikita, "Girl's Best Friend," Twilight’s Edi Gathegi guest starred as a playboy, terrorist son of a president.

I have to admit that I was a bit angry at the show for playing a trick on viewers, as I found myself saying ‘I knew it!’ when it was revealed that Nathan was part of Division.

However, it turned out to be a dream.

Jaden and Alex

Every week this show comes up with more impressive hiding places for detonators. It was good to see Michael show some independence, even when in cahoots with Nikita. You can’t expect him to listen to all of her instructions.

That Swiss chick Anya really gave Nikita a run for her money. As discussed in my interview with Maggie Q, she does all of her own stunts, so you know she got some bruises from that fight. This show was definitely not lacking in the action department.

I’m not fully invested in Jaden’s character, but I’m glad we now know how she ended up in Division, and I can understand why she was more than happy to kill Kalumay.

She scares me, as she is truly on Percy’s side with this. She’s a killer by nature, and a damn good shooter. Also, I don’t believe Jaden would have saved Alex had the situation been reversed.

This show also needs to make up its mind about whether Alex will leave or not.

The mission feeling ‘right’ seemed like a cheap way to keep her in the show (not that I’m voting for Lyndsy Fonseca to leave the show). The original reason Alex was going to leave was because of the direction she saw herself heading in… how did that change?

She saved Jaden, yes, but it was because she thought of Nikita. WWND? (What Would Nikita Do?) has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

I wasn’t fully satisfied with this week’s episode, but next week it looks as if Nathan will actually find out what Alex does.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Do you agree that the show seems like it’s trying to make up its mind about Alex being in Division? Discuss!


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if it was alex the people wouldnt last because nikita taught alex and alex would kick their asses she is skilled even if she did die nkita would go down their and kick their asses and jadens too


I loved this episode and I loved the dynamic of Nikita, Micheal, and Alex working together. IT was great and it was obviouse it was a dream.


I also did not like this episode this much and is glad that Alex decided to save Jaden instead of running.


omg this is really silly but i only just realised after LC's comment that Owen is Devon Sawa.
I had posters of Devon Sawa in my bedroom like, 12 years ago!!!!! how he has grown!!! haha


Cummon...the opening of the show wz obviously a DREAM! I honeslty liked the episode. It wz suspensful. More kept me wanting to see more. There. I like how mikita acts as parents to alex. Thatz adorable. Tho yes there wz some parts that I didn't like but the episode wz still awsum! Can't wait for next week


Still the best action show on TV, period ! (ok maybe 2 show from USA too!)


Wasn't good but it wasn't great. They've definitely had better episodes-- especially those involving Devon Sawa!


Why on Earth would you be upset about the dream sequence. It was so surreal that it couldn't possibly have been part of the plot. It was obvious it was a dream long before they showed Alex waking up. Come on! Secretive Alex who's been trained by her father, Nikita, and years of experience hiding her entire history just happens to blurt out everything about her situation? Jaden who just happens to stand outside Alex's apartment all the time even though she wasn't yet an agent never mind one with the necessary clearance and couldn't have left Division headquarters? The fact that the writers put a scene like that at the first few minutes of an episode instead of drawing out the dramatic potential like they did with every other reveal? You didn't find that at all suspicious? Really? That trick? Why don't you give the writers of Nikita a little credit next time.


I agree that this week's episode was a little disappointing. So we had Michael & Nikita moments (face it, that's what we want most from the show), guns blaring and like always - confirmation that Percy is absolutely incapable of doing anything for the greater good. But something was lacking for sure. I reckon it's time Amanda and Birkoff got a bigger part in the story too. That's what I'm hoping to see in season 2! How Amanda came to be what she is and was there a good side to her prior to division?


I was a little disappointed with this episode. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. I think I can see the direction this is heading and I'm not sure I like it if it means that Nikita will lose her kick arse status so Alex can seem more independent and in control. I like the focus on Alex here and there but if they push Nikita into a worried mother role with Michael by her side, so Alex can look stronger and independent, then I'm concerned the show will lose its edge. I could be jumping to conclusions here, but I hope it doesn't go down that road since they've already put Nikita and Michael together and it's a bit much to have Nikita act like an old married couple with Michael and a concerned parent with Alex. I like the more dark humour type episodes with plenty of action and Nikita being put into positions where she has to think quick, rather than spending most of an episode talking into a walky-talky, scanning the parameter and having bad lines.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Amanda: Alex, I trust you'll remember the lessons we've shared here.
Alex: I will always treasure them.
Amanda: I thought so.

Michael: Nikita that is too risky. So that's how you want to do this? In the middle of a Division operation?
Nikita: Kind of makes it sweeter....not the point.