No Ordinary Family Review: The End is Only The Beginning

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Now that's how you finish a season! If only the series had started off this strong, we might not be staring likely cancellation in the face.

I was absolutely riveted throughout "No Ordinary Beginning." Everything the season had been building towards came to a head, including the first family power team up. Finally, each of the Powells had a moment to prove formidable in his or her own right, from Daphne's near-mental throwdown of a particularly stubborn guard to Stephanie speed thrashing a room full of armed sentries to J.J.'s geometrically-correct toss of a hypodermic needle into the eye of his father's would-be killer.

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J.J. in particular showed himself to have his father's fortitude when standing up to GlobalTech CEO Helen Burton the way he did. Though I can't suppose it would take super intelligence to feel superior to someone so out of touch that she actually brought in circa 1981 video games, including Centipede, to entertain a 15 year old child of today.

The final showdown between King and Jim was epic, and one I'd been waiting for all season. Dr. King's revelation that he can't die, thanks to the trusty trilsettum, came as no surprise as I've been touting he had some kind of ability since early on in the season. What was a surprise, though, was that he had developed every ability that the Powells possess. A little convenient, but Stephen Collins demonstrated here, more than ever, that he makes for one menacing villain so I'm not going to quibble over something so minor.

If this isn't the end of the series, it definitely appears to be the end of King (I see no way he can come back from a skull-rotting bout of insta-cancer) so I take my hat off to Mr. Collins for chewing every morsel of every scene he had all season. Well done, sir.

The ending definitely set things up for what could be an exciting second season, with George developing an unrevealed ability of his own after that plane crash (what do you want to bet it's flight?) and the eighty some odd criminals all with now-permanent powers.

I don't know about you, but having the Powells provide support to the government as they hunt down these super villains definitely entices me, even if we didn't exactly find out how the NSA came to know of their abilities in the first place. And despite the earlier hinting of a possible George/Katie romance, I'd actually like to see Katie and Joshua as they attempt to raise a super-powered baby.

Should the ride end here, I'll be sorely, bitterly disappointed. No Ordinary Family started out a story of a family who had lost their connection, but ended with them stronger than ever before, proving that no challenge is too strong for any family to endure, as long as they have faith in one another...and, of course, a measure of super abilities don't hurt.

Whatever happens, I have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Powells and seeing their journey this season. I applaud the work done by Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz, Kay Panabaker, Jimmy Bennett, Stephen Collins, Autumn Reeser, Romany Malco, Josh Stewart, Rebecca Mader, Lucy Lawless and everyone else involved in the series.

Here's hoping for a season two.


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Why did they end this series it says on wiki cause of low ratings but everything I look at shows good ratings! I hate that they do this they keep stupid shows and let go of the good ones!!! And most of all not knowing whats to come about with the baby and Geroges powers!


I know it's a little late and that they have already desided, but anyway.
WE want NOF back!!! I just love it and at that ending of season one... It obviously just made everyone more curious what's with George and "superbaby" and how the family would work together... I relly don't like that this show is being canceled and I don't understand why it actually was (yes, I agree, lots of other really boring shows, who are all quite similar, are still on... -.-). PS: Sorry for grammar mistakes, I'm not native english speaker and I'm only 14 years old. :P


SO WANT THIS BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't believe they cancelled this show with all the other garbage on TV. Every channel has cop, lawyer, "reality", dancing, etc... shows on. This was one my family enjoyed......BRING IT BACK!!


Bring No Ordinary Season 2 on TV! !


I demand a season 2! There is an 11 yr. old, parents, and an 8 yr. old in my family, so a wide age range. The 11 yr old girl would wanna watch shows like Once Upon A Time or Psych, while the 8 yr old girl would wanna watch shows with talking animals and Barbie or whatever. Then the parents...well they difnt really care cause after the kids went to bed they'd watch whatever they wanted. But this show was one of the few shows my family could agree on! And we would all really like a season 2 please!


Why have a perfect season finale if they cancel NOF after, lots of viewers want it back on!!! My brother and i watch it all the time and when we want to know what George's powers are, ABC would cancel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I, just as the millions that have googled 'is no ordinary family cancelled', feel deeply saddened by the news that this amazing show was wrongfully cancelled. I agree with Sam who said, on July 8th, 2011, that the most likely reason the show got less viewers than expected was because the time it was aired. I enjoy this show especially because I am a teenager in high school and I feel a relation to J.J. Because of the actions J.J. made to win Natalie over, it inspired me to do something similar, which resulted in my happy relationship. Seeing that this show is being cancelled has made me, I admit, shed a tear because the feeling of anticipation and excitement this show has given me every episode without fail is a feeling that I don't want to lose. As J.J. would say, cancellation of this show is 'blasphemy!'


It is a really good show and if it doesn't get a second season I might actually cry. Who ever doesn't like this series should dig themselves a hole, jump in and bring the dirt down with them because they are not worth the effort of burying.


What is georges powers

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