OMG: Blake Lively Colors Her Hair Red!

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Blake Lively with red hair? Never thought you'd see that, did you?

The Gossip Girl actress transformed her famous blonde locks to red for the Time 100 Gala at Lincoln Center in New York this week. Little Mermaid-esque! Take a look at Blake's new style below, contrasted with her on set a Serena last month.

Do you like the change? We're guessing it's not permanent:

Blake Lively With Red Hair!
Classic Blake as Serena

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She looks good in both picture, I think. She's really pretty. She could be bald and look good.






What is the problem of her showing her boobs? they are pretty, it would be a problem if they were ugly boobs...and if she shows them she pass for a slut, if she hides she pass for a hypocrite, there is no scaping mean people!! And I'm also a big fan of Dita Von Teese, so, no boob-issues over here! :D


she looks very ugly.


Always so not classy, almost showing her boobs again. Not a gifted and talented actress, just overrated.


I prefer her as a blonde. She looks so much older as a red head.


I hope she has a back plan for dyeing her hair red because i'm friends with plenty of hair dressers and red is the hardest pigment to get out of your hair. she escentually will have a redish tint until the hair grows out if she goes back to blonde.


She really looks like Ariel to me. Haha fantastic as always


I prefer blonde but red looks good,too


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