One Tree Hill Cast Members Re-Upping For Season Nine?

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Bethany Joy Galeotti has officially signed on for a ninth season of One Tree Hill.

If there is a ninth season of One Tree Hill, that is. The perpetual bubble show has yet to be renewed, the fact that Galeotti has reupped her contract does bode well for it.

Sophia Bush also Tweeted Monday that she and co-stars Austin Nichols, Robert Buckley, Lisa Goldstein and Jana Kramer have each inked additional one-year deals.

“The writers have GREAT plans" for Season 9, Sophia promises.

Brooke and Haley

Meanwhile, the series’ leading man, James Lafferty, has yet to sign back on but a source close to the situation says if OTH gets picked up, he'll be back at least part-time.

Even the departed Chad Michael Murray teased the Twitterverse on Monday.

“Return to OTH? I don’t know. Maybe next season for u guys," he wrote. "I Love that Lucas is missed. Give [series creator] Mark Schwann the credit. He built him.”

What do you think? Do you want to see OTH back? WILL it be back?

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I totally agree with Alex. I started watching OTH on Netflix. Loved the show but some of the writers had there head up there ASS!. The lucas story was over played and some of the actors can't act. Sure sex and drama sell but how much. The writers made several of the Female actors look like whores. It was all about who could have sex with who. Writers made it look that the Girls were to easy. What does that say to the younger crowd. That sex is Ok? Sure sex is one of the greatest thing a Human can have. The Music was great and it was a good addition to OTH. I did get sick of Lucas and hie earth size ego. maybe that's why Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) divorced tha ass in 2005 after 5-6 months of marrige. Sophia Bush is an amazing actress. She is one of that kept me watching. If Sophia was not on OTH i reall think the series would not last longer then 4 years. 9 years is a long time for OTH. Let it be a show that had a great run. Besides It's time to move on. Some of the Actors have others dreams to go after.


obviously well want it back !
i want tooo be on as long as possible!!


i've watched this show since season 1. never missed an episode. i dont know what i would watch if this ended. hopefully there is a 9th season. & to make it better lucas and peyton coming back makes it better.


YES PLEASE season 9!!! i've been watching since the beginning!! give brooke a baby or a foster kid or adopt a kid!! also love that naley is growing. always wanted jamie to have a sister. currently just bought season 7 - since i'm in australia!! thank goodness for your site, at least i'm relatively up to date with spoilers for season 8 and hopefully season 9.


I have watched TREE HILL from the very beginning,so please keep it going.


I'm catching up on episodes right now and in all honesty I'm not sure there's any point to another season except to tie up loose ends, ie the Kellerman storyline maybe. If it weren't for this particular bit of plot I'd say is there really any point to another season? It would have to be a lot better than than last two have been. If Lucas (and Peyton??) come back then I might be more inclined to tune in. As of right now, I'm not sure I can be bothered getting through the rest of the episode I'm watching right now - but that's just my opinion and don't get me wrong I do like this show I just feel like there's not much more to be said.


I really want season 9! Also Nate and Haley! It will be better to have Lucas and peyton around as well! :p


One Tree Hill is a great show and I am hoping upon hope that it will come back for one more season, just to end it hopefully with all it's beginning characters, I hope Moria and Paul and all of them comeback for the finale. I have loved OTH from the beginning and will love and watch it with my grandchildren when I am old and gray( Young and not gray now)....


I think there definately should be a season 9 please, and please bring chad and hilarie back with sawyer! Although OTH is really good , it's not as good as it was with lucas and peyton!


i'll be watching again OTH if they bring back leyton!!!!!!!


One Tree Hill Quotes

Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood, it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.


Peyton: Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know, it's the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who's standing next to you?
Lucas: Umm, Kate Bosworth.
Peyton: Luke, come on, it could be anybody you know. Your mom, Haley...
Skills: Your boy Skills.
Peyton: Who's it gonna be?
Lucas: Brooke.
Peyton: Alright, if that's what you really want, then I have a way for you to get her back.