Parenthood Season Finale Review: The Season of the Zeek

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As Parenthood had yet to be renewed, we received a relatively predictable and warm, fuzzy season finale. "Hard Times Come Again No More" could very easily serve as a series finale, if needed.

I highly doubt it’s going anywhere, being one of the top viewed dramas on NBC, but with new ownership at the helm, you never know. If it were to happen, I would not be worried about the future of the Braverman clan. They will be okay.

Amber in the Hospital

As I expected, Amber came out of the accident relatively unscathed, and looked a lot worse than were her actual injuries. Not surprisingly, even an accident that could have claimed her life didn’t change her attitude, and she went home with the same pent up anger that landed her in the hospital.

It drove me nuts that from the moment Jasmine made her entrance at the hospital, Crosby stared at her like a lunatic. It felt like he didn’t care in the least about why they were all there.

That he then followed her outside to talk about himself and their future, without regard to the current crisis, was just more proof that Crosby is a child in a man’s skin. Jasmine, however, didn't see him as I did, because by the end of the episode she was in his house, listening to his plans for their future. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Max’s Asperger's snapped Adam back to reality and almost drove Zeek to do something he would regret as Max had no understanding of the severity of the Amber situation. He just knew he was hungry.

The difficulty of dealing with a child who had no empathy and little ability to think about others was difficult enough, but Adam also had to deal with a boss who acted like an emotional imbecile. There was really no place for Adam to escape, as both his home and work gave him no emotional outlet.

My man Zeek, in the second half of this season, was amazing.

Zeek Braverman Picture

The way he took the reins and forced Sarah to recognize her talent was wonderful, just as it was he who managed to get inside of Amber’s head after the accident.

He was like the ghost of Christmases past, present and future in one swoop. Without a doubt, their talk at the impound lot was one of my favorites of the season.

There was absolutely no reason why the nasty pregnant person was hanging onto Julia with such fervor. Would a woman really do that with a stranger just because they are in labor? I’ve never given birth, but I don’t think I like people enough to do what she did. They really didn’t need those scenes to make their point, as even the accident would have been enough for Joel and Julia to decide to adopt.

I really wish Adam had had the balls to quit that crappy job before letting that little drug addled skater dude fire him. I wasn't not on board with his crazy ideas and I dddn't believe for a second the wunderkind ws going to take the shoe world by storm with one damn shoe.

Adam is so smart and talented. We need Zeek to step in, remind him he’s a Braverman, and a Braverman would never allow himself to be treated like that, and that he is capable and deserving of much more, including respect.

Adam and Kristina rounded out a really bad day with some really great news. Of course Adam would immediately expect the test was Haddie’s, but seeing that prom was just a week ago, it was just a tad early for him to jump to that conclusion. I gave him a pass based upon the day he had. Their reaction of crying and laughter was perfect, and summed up their marriage.

There was no doubt Sarah’s play would be a hit, but for some reason I didn’t expect Zeek to really play her father in the reading. It was fabulous! It seems that I am trying to say this was the season of The Zeek.

What were your thoughts on the finale? They didn’t leave many balls in there air, did they? I’d love to hear what you have to say, so please leave a comment if you have the time. Until next year (fingers crossed).. .Parenthood signs off!


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If the network has yet to decide whether or not this show should be renewed, let me just say they would be very wise to bring it back. It is one of the best programs on television and should be renewed without a doubt. My husband and I look forward to seeing it in the fall lineup. Come on NBC, get with it!


love your review! i agree with you about everything! i don't understand why Jasmine was there in the first place. She's not part of the family and she's not close with Amber or Sarah. I can't see them immediately calling her and asking her to come.


Love this show! Deeply. And this episode did extremely well in the ratings, so I'm extremely confident it will be renewed. Obviously, we'll all feel better when it gets an official pick up but it looks good. I've been a little befuddled by some comments, both in this article and others I have read, that people feel the show will not be coming back because the finale tied up loose ends. WHAT?!?!?!?! You all know tv doesn't work this way. If it did, then shows that are on the bubble of being renewed should just write a ton of cliffhangers into their season finales and then the network will renew them. Right? WRONG! So many shows have had tons of unresolved storylines and then been canceled. Also, so many season finales have been lovely (and would have been okay as series finales) but the show came back with new storylines in the fall. The big thing, though, is to remember that Parenthood's season 1 finale ended with even more resolutions than this season 2 finale. I mean, please, the entire family walking arm and arm after attending Drew's baseball tryouts? Zeek serenading Camille to win her back? This also could have worked as a series finale, but it wasn't. The Bravermans came back. And you know what? They knew they had been renewed when they shot that season 1 finale. So, yeah, just because the Bravermans were left in a pretty good place has nothing whatsoever to do with it being renewed. Personally, I think Adam being fired and then finding out Kristina is pregnant is fodder for a ton of interesting plots in season 3. Where will Adam work next? A new baby is a huge financial consideration, so I'm not content with the show leaving Adam jobless. See, we do need a season 3!


We LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and we don't even have kids. Everyone can relate to and fall in love with these characters. And the acting and writing is SUPER Superb!!!!!!! It better be renewed or I might stop watcing NBC!


Please don't cancel this show !
One of the best shows on NBC !


in re Susan Harris - The "alternative to birth" as you chose to put it, was covered .. just rewatch the episode, listen to her hesitation and read the facial expressions .. however, it was immediately dismissed by both as not the best option for their particular scenario. The fact that the writers did not dwell on it, is most likely because the characters were supposed to make a choice and move on. I think there are only so many social issues the show can address at any given time. Note that they did not choose to bring up the healthcare debate while in the hospital for instance. What's next, "they didn't tackle the problem with illegal aliens and the issue with public unions!!" ?
Plots cannot encompass absolutely option and outcome, and quite frankly - that is not what most TV shows are really for. Parenthood is not reality ... As for season vs series finale ... they pretty much terminated all sources of anxiety and controversy which is what made (makes) this show special .. coming to terms with an affair, with a handicap, teenage sex, potential pregnancy, interracial relationships, substance abuse, fertility problems, adoption, female midlife crises and on and on and on. The only things left untouched was the strained relationship of the parents - recall the artist affair and the hiding in the barn etc. They never really hit on that in this episode, but then again that is not enough to keep a series going. In my opinion, the series finale has just occurred and that we are not going to see my favorite show continue ... waaah


My family absolutely loves this show. We also have a child with special needs and it is so refreshing and needed to have this type of "real" family drama on television today. I will be very sad if it is not brought back for another season. I imagine with the cast it employs, it is not inexpensive to produce. It is, however, worth it. This quality art form is a dying experience and my fall season will be lesser without "Parenthood".


Big problem with ending!! Why no mention of an alternative to giving birth??? Or are we to believe that Adam and wife are devout pro-lifers? Is abortion SUCH a taboo still that writers aren't allowed to mention it as an option?


I love this show, and watch it every week. I do get the feeling that they made the season finale ready to be a series finale. They left very little cliffhangers at the end, but if it was a series finale it ended very well. I am hoping they do renew Parenthood. I make sure I am at home watching this in HD. I work and subscribe to DISH Network and have their HD package. I get the most HD in the industry and it's free for life. I love that I can watch all my favorite shows in a crystal clear picture. Lets all hope for another great season of Parenthood.


I have to say, you are wrong about Crosby. The way he acted from the moment Jasmine entered, was as expected. After all, that was HIS life, he loves Jasmine and all he wanted was to win her back. Especcially a dramatic event like the accident would only intensify that. So it was well played out. And after he told Jasmine he wouldn't pursue her any more, she realized she didn't want that final thing, for them to be totally over. Sometimes that is what it takes to realize those things. Also, the Julia/birth story: also right. Those things also happen and shift our thoughts. We might think that is what we want, that we're happy with what we have but the simple thing of holding a new born could reveal the hidden yearning for another baby. I only would have hoped they would try a surrogate first. There are more options besides adoption, so that was a few steps too far if you ask me.

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