Rachael Taylor to Appear in Final Two Grey's Anatomy Episodes This Season

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Dr. Lucy Fields isn't going anywhere just yet. Despite being cast in the new Charlie's Angels pilot, Rachael Taylor's stint on Grey's Anatomy is far from over.

According to creator Shonda Rhimes, the knockout will return to Seattle Grace after production on the high-profile pilot wraps, in time for the season finale.

“We only really lose her for two episodes,” says Rhimes.

“She’s contractually obligated to us for the rest of the season, so she’s coming back when she’s done [with Charlie's Angels], for our last two episodes.”

Lucy and Alex

Next season, however, is another question. Rhimes fully expects ABC to give the Angels reboot a green light for fall, thus rendering Taylor unavailable for Grey's Anatomy.

“I would love to keep Rachael Taylor forever,” she confesses. “She is delightful [and] so talented. But have you seen the Charlie’s Angels pictures? Those three gorgeous women strutting across the world in those white dresses?"

"I can’t really imagine that that show isn’t going to get picked up.”

Neither can we. And maybe that's for the best for everybody, Taylor included. Because, as Rhimes points out, “We have 13, 14 series regulars on Grey’s already.”

How would you like to see Lucy's storyline end this season?

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I hate haters! I hope Lucy returns, she have a good chemistry with Alex! I also hope that Jackson, April and Teddy leave the show they are boring!


Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew need to be cut from the show, they really don't bring much to the storylines. But, Rachel Taylor should definitely not become a regular on the show either! I hated her acting and lack of chemistry with Alex. Alex needs someone new, and different from the typical blondes he seems to be going after.


Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew should be cut from the show, they don't really bring much to the storylines. But, Rachel Taylor should not remain on the show either! I hated her acting/ lack of chemistry with Alex. Alex needs someone new, but not her. Someone different from the typical blondes he seems to be going after all the time.


That would be daring to give Mark a new love interest more age appropriate to his age, here's hoping. Make Hunt ralise having kids is so important to him that he leaves Cris. Have Altman leave with Perkins. Stark should ask Kepner to leave with him when his year long contract is up. Oh if any of these wishes came true I would shocked


I agree with @helen, Shonda made a big mistake by making Kim Raver, Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams regulars ,Never Try, Never Know
but also hope Kevin Mckidd can leave, he's so talent actor who should do some better movie(e.g. Percy Jackson) or leading man role in TV (e.g. Roma ,Journeyman...)I feel sorry for KMK didn't get good storyline ,except PDST, Owen characterjust only cristina's husband, generally waste KMK's talent @Helen,@ Aries93,
"Cristina deserves better", ok then,curiously, who can complete with Sandra oh? Peter MacNicol( Dr.Stark)could be ok ? who was Emmy-winning actor or Eric Dane ( Mark seem need new lover)?


I have a feeling that Alex will be busy being chief resident nxt season. He's half expecting this relationship to not work out anyway


I'm very sad to hear that Lucy leaves again. I love Alex and he really seems to like her a lot and when I first saw Lucy I thought "I don't think it's a coincidence that she looks a lot like Izzy" and I was happy. Happy, because I thought he'd finally get his happy ending. When Lucy leaves and he's coming with her, I'll freak out, because I don't want him to leave. When Lucy leaves him, I'll freak out, because I don't want him to be heart broken again!


I think Dr.Richard Webber should leave first.He's so selfish not adequate to be a doctor.


OH my GOSH! Poor Alex! I mean, seriously, how many times can that guy be left by a pretty blonde? He's a good-looking guy, and it seems a little unrealistic that he'd be left over and over like that!


Not a fan of her character and she isn't needed as a series regular so perfetly okay with her not returning. They already have too many series regular cast members as it is and they can't even write for all the ones they have.

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