Rachael Taylor to Appear in Final Two Grey's Anatomy Episodes This Season

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Dr. Lucy Fields isn't going anywhere just yet. Despite being cast in the new Charlie's Angels pilot, Rachael Taylor's stint on Grey's Anatomy is far from over.

According to creator Shonda Rhimes, the knockout will return to Seattle Grace after production on the high-profile pilot wraps, in time for the season finale.

“We only really lose her for two episodes,” says Rhimes.

“She’s contractually obligated to us for the rest of the season, so she’s coming back when she’s done [with Charlie's Angels], for our last two episodes.”

Lucy and Alex

Next season, however, is another question. Rhimes fully expects ABC to give the Angels reboot a green light for fall, thus rendering Taylor unavailable for Grey's Anatomy.

“I would love to keep Rachael Taylor forever,” she confesses. “She is delightful [and] so talented. But have you seen the Charlie’s Angels pictures? Those three gorgeous women strutting across the world in those white dresses?"

"I can’t really imagine that that show isn’t going to get picked up.”

Neither can we. And maybe that's for the best for everybody, Taylor included. Because, as Rhimes points out, “We have 13, 14 series regulars on Grey’s already.”

How would you like to see Lucy's storyline end this season?

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Just replace her with a similar looking blond actress and continue the story line. It is too sad to see that doctor go thru another loss. Enough already.

Gaby ee

I have nothing against her character, but as Shonda pointed out, there are already a lot of series regulars. The show can't give coverage to all the regulars as it is right now, and adding a new regular would only make matters worse.


I think it's unnecessary to bring her back. She's not going to be back for next season anyway, so why even bother now with the final two episodes if it's just gonna bring Aex heartache? Plus, it's quite obvious that Lucy doesn't have the skills needed to be a good OB/GYN.

Doe rae me

Well at least Rachel should fel confident that she has a job, even if Charlie's Angels does not get picked up, or fails to thrive. I really hope we see Alex find someone. I am a little disappointed we didn't see more happen between Alex and April, and hopefully Lucy leaving will allow for the writers to revisit that.


Thumbs up soso!


I think she'll get mad of the Chief for bringing Eddie and she'll feel that there is no need of her to be in SGMW Hospital and she'll leave


Weren't we told by Shonda that the cast was full and no more additions were needed? Perhaps we'll be surprised the end of this season and a cast member could leave?? If Altman's refusing to teach Cris and therapy guy turns up and asks her to leave I would not be at all upset. Then we could replace her with Lucy. Kepner doesn't add any value to the GA storyline, I'd vote for her to leave with the oddity that is Stark.


Okay so, Lucy needs to stay for Alex's sake. Let that man be happy for a change. Mark should've been the one that went through the windshield but not survive. Seriously, just when I think that character can't get any lower, he takes bastardness to a whole new level. He has absolutely no redeeming quality. Why Lexie loves him, who knows. But she has been admitted to psych before. That could explain it. And I wish we could keep ghost Callie. lol She's much nicer than the real one.


Alex had his heart broken too many times. I think this time he's going to be the one that hurts the loved one and she will leave in tears. I would like to have him finally take April's virginity like he was about to do in november (that could be a good twist in the finale, and April would finally find a pourpose in this show)


this is good news, I love her! Lucy and Alex are great together!

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