Sons of Anarchy Season Four Scoop: The Future of Jax and Tara

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Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has offered us a glimpse at season four.

Already having teased a "reboot" for the FX drama, the producer told Entertainment Weekly season four will pick up 14 months after events from the November finale, but fans shouldn't expect him to use flashbacks at any point.

"You’ll learn through story and you’ll see visually. I think a lot of it will be filled in throughout the season," he says.

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A major part of the Sons of Anarchy story is based around Jax and Tara, of course. What can we expect out of these two? Do they have a future?

“[The beginning of the season is] really about both of them figuring out what’s going to happen and making a decision about what’s going to happen," Sutter says. "I think it’ll be about how one foot out the door, one foot in, doesn’t work anymore. I think this season, a lot of that fluctuation will come to a head and a decision will have to be made.”


I'm addicted! I started watching 2 months ago. I found season 1 and 2 on Netflix and watched season 3 last month. This is the best series on tv since 24. To the powers that be, please keep this series going for a LONG time.




i think that you should use the same people in the episode4
bcause if you change them it wont be the same.
and yes i luv the series. its a shame its taking you guys this long to start on the next episode,but hey what ever you guys decide to do just keep tara n jax together,she makes a very good mother for abel.cant wait for the next episode to come out,yeah!cant wait.counting on it,keep it coming.


We can't fucking wait,September is almost here!!!! SOA is the show we agree on


Holly shit blown away!!! Hands down awesome,congrats Kurt Sutter on a masterpiece,and thanks Fx for making this happen.Please don't stop making this series,I am truly addicted thanks SOA ,Samcro is da shit!!!


Outstanding series! I hope it continues for a LONG time!


Samcro you rock! Jax and Tara are perfect for eachother. The actors really know how to get into character. So very happy that FX has decided to keep this series, can't wait to see this coming season in September. Awsome show and story line, would love to be able to get colors.


This is by far the best show EVER on tv! I'm head over heels for Charlie he is the best looking actor I've ever seen! I would be heart broken if jax & Tara break up please please don't let that happen! Keep up the hard work samcro cast u all rock!


This is by far the best television series ever!!!!!!!!!! It is the next big thing since the sex&thecity series. I hope it lasts longer than satc did.


If Jax and Tara break up the series will suck So Tara & Jax 4 ever

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