The Good Wife Review: One Word Changes Everything

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It was election day on The Good Wife and though the case may have surrounded "Foreign Affairs" the domestic ones were far more interesting.

Alicia got blindsided. Was Wiley just fishing for a reaction when he came to see her? 

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Alicia was sitting there with her glass of wine having a private moment. Friends, family and colleagues were celebrating Peter's win. She had not only survived the eleventh hour television interview, her performance may have won her husband the election. And then with one name, her world crumbled.

If Kalinda had planned on telling her, she waited too long. Kalinda's a smart woman.

She had to know that if this secret was going to come out, odds were it would happen before the election. As the two friends stood by the elevators you could tell that Kalinda wanted to come clean, she just couldn't bring herself to do it.

With Wiley's casually uttered comment about Leela it all disappeared, Alicia's new start with her husband, her new best friend. It was all based on a lie. Alicia walked down that hallway looking as though she'd been sucker punched.  In essence, she had. 

Surprisingly the final scene, although wonderful, wasn't my favorite of the episode. That honor went to Will as he watched Alicia's interview. I was expecting him to view it in disgust or frustration. Instead all I saw on his face was admiration. He's not only attracted to Alicia, he respects her. 

Perhaps as Alicia's world falls apart, Will will take Kalinda's advice and tell her how fantastic he really thinks she is. I'd bet fantastic is the last thing she feels.

Although this episode certainly didn't need a guest star, I couldn't believe they had Fred Thompson play Hugo Chavez's lawyer. I never saw that one coming. Insert crazy dictator here for comic relief.

And enough with the 'in my opinion' judge. The gag went on too long. It's time to let it go.

The only comic relief I needed was in the looks Cary leveled on Kalinda. It was so amusing watching him try and walk the line between friendship and self preservation. "Don't tell her you slept with Peter before you put in a good word for me. OK?" Only Cary could pull that off and still make me like him. 

The highlight of the case for me was America Ferrera as Natalie. She's been a joy to watch and I've loved her awkward but sweet interactions with Eli. I was sorry to see her storyline come to an end.

So how does Alicia pick herself up this time? What's her next move? Does she confront Peter? Call out Kalinda? Or will she take her time and weigh her options? Watching this smart woman figure it out will be fascinating TV. I simply can't wait to find out what comes next.


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Love and respect from a single guy to a married woman is crossing the line and is heading to total disaster of her family. You people keep refering to the present like today, everything happened two years ago with Peter, today is all the line crossing by Will thats makes a big difference in what he's about no morals.


@ Annie, one interview where it is stated that the title is meant to be taken with a grain of salt and irony is part of the season 1 dvd-box. @ Annie, can you please explain to me what Alicia did wrong in her marriage with Peter? B/c you seem to suggest that part of the fact that Peter was cheating on her was her own fault! And that seems ridiculous to me. Further my point is not that I hate Peter but that I don't understand people who are totally willing to defend him and make Will the bad guy. Will is not a saint (like no one on the show) but he has always shown nothing but love and respect for Alicia and no matter how you people try to deny it Peter did NOT.


I completely agree that Will has his demons and hitting on Alicia was probably not the most moral thing to do. But that being said, I don't know how you can defend Peter with his 19 (that we know if) incidents of sex with someone else, while bashing Will for telling Alicia how he feels about her. Last time I checked, Peter was the one who was married, not Will. And after the whole voice mail incident, when Will thought that Alicia made the decision to not be with him, he completely honored that. He never even mentioned it again, and probably never would have, until Alicia had that voicemail conversation. He always treated her with kindness and respect, despite the fact that he was heartbroken.


Wow, there sure are some slow learners on here! I keep having to repeat myself. If you self-deluded dreamers actually think Peter has reformed and that WILL is the bad guy, then I expect you'll also make a bloody mess of your own lives, because that indicates you have no common sense at all, and that you'll most likely be making bad choices yourselves. It's just incredible how many of you somehow think Will is the adulterer. You clearly don't even understand what the word means. Did you miss that Peter has cheated on Alicia, by his own admission, AT LEAST nineteen times?? Weren't you paying attention? THAT is adultery. Will is with someone else now, and even before, he had never done a thing to pursue Alicia. Your fevered imaginations are making you see things that aren't there. Speaking of words you don't understand, you need a better dictionary. IRONY (second definition): "An event or outcome contrary to what would naturally be expected." As I ALREADY EXPLAINED, the title is ironic because gullible women (like yourselves) seem to think that, if they stand loyally by their man no matter what, they'll be happy for the rest of their lives. Well as this show might have illustrated for you, if you choose to marry a lying, cheating bum, what you get is humiliation, degradation and disappointment. Which part of that is so hard for you to understand? (And Valerie, unless you actually think John is a woman's name, it's clear that you thought that would insult me -- which tells us that you have a low opinion of women if you would think so. Sort of like you must hate Alicia to think scummy rat Peter is all she deserves....)


Sorry, posted before finished with previous post. I never saw where writers mentioned title is ironic. But if they did, what does that tell us then about "the good wife" if they are using the word correctly??


Also, the words irony and ironic are just about the most misused and misunderstood words in the english language. Irony is the use of words to express something different from and most often the opposite of their literal meaning.


You know, marriage is a two way street. When things such as cheating happen, it is rarely just that the person who cheated, is just a low life rotten egg. Almost always the other partner plays a part in this too. And it is a polyanna attitude to think that cheating doesn't happen on both sides, and one or the other or both partners cheat in a huge percentage of marriages. As someone else posted, it is not always the best thing to do to rip apart a marriage because of it. But some on this board think that is what Peter is, has no redeeming qualities at all, just a rotten evil man. His kids don't seem to think so. They love their dad. You can't fool kids especially the age of these kids. I know. I had a rotten mean drunk of a husband, not a cheater, which is much worse than a cheater. His own kids knew what he was without being told and could not stand him. What this show is about is who these people are now. Everything we know bad that Peter has done is in the past. He is not out cheating with anyone now. I'd hate to have some of you on a jury, innocent until proven guilty. We have no evidence Peter is cheating now. On the other hand Will Gardner IS and WAS most definitely trying to commit adultery with a married woman. He would leave his girlfriend in a heartbeat if Alicia gave him the nod. He would willingly tear apart a family and hurt her two children. Relationships based on cheating never succeed in real life.
Will Garnder is a snake in the grass. We have seen it. He is a liar, sneak, two faced back stabber. How about how they forced the new partner out. He does what is necessary to get his way and protect his own interest. Ah but this is a TV show, and the writers keep certain options open by not revealing lots of details early on so that they have many possibilities later on. The fate of all is the whim of the writers,producers, directors, etc.


Thank you Mrs Graydon you tell a great story.


@ John, and again thank you, it amazes me how many people seem to misunderstand the title of the show. You're right the writers stated more than once that the title is meant to be ironic and the show is about Alicia's journey after the scandall broke, it does NOT mean that she has to stand by her husband no matter what and be used as a doormat.


"Would anyone like to tell us how could this show go on for maybe 2 more seasons as the Good Wife if Alicia drops Peter ?" That's easy. Just don't let the title fool you. The writers have always said the title was meant to be ironic -- as in she behaved like a "good wife" is supposed to, standing faithfully by her husband's side. And what did she get for it? Humiliation, embarrassment, and degradation, because the man she loved was not the least bit faithful to her. The show could go on for YEARS more, showing us how such a woman is able to manage on her own, and be accepted as a skilled lawyer and professional, who has a more worthwhile role in life than just cleaning up her husband's messes.

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