The Good Wife Review: One Word Changes Everything

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It was election day on The Good Wife and though the case may have surrounded "Foreign Affairs" the domestic ones were far more interesting.

Alicia got blindsided. Was Wiley just fishing for a reaction when he came to see her? 

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Alicia was sitting there with her glass of wine having a private moment. Friends, family and colleagues were celebrating Peter's win. She had not only survived the eleventh hour television interview, her performance may have won her husband the election. And then with one name, her world crumbled.

If Kalinda had planned on telling her, she waited too long. Kalinda's a smart woman.

She had to know that if this secret was going to come out, odds were it would happen before the election. As the two friends stood by the elevators you could tell that Kalinda wanted to come clean, she just couldn't bring herself to do it.

With Wiley's casually uttered comment about Leela it all disappeared, Alicia's new start with her husband, her new best friend. It was all based on a lie. Alicia walked down that hallway looking as though she'd been sucker punched.  In essence, she had. 

Surprisingly the final scene, although wonderful, wasn't my favorite of the episode. That honor went to Will as he watched Alicia's interview. I was expecting him to view it in disgust or frustration. Instead all I saw on his face was admiration. He's not only attracted to Alicia, he respects her. 

Perhaps as Alicia's world falls apart, Will will take Kalinda's advice and tell her how fantastic he really thinks she is. I'd bet fantastic is the last thing she feels.

Although this episode certainly didn't need a guest star, I couldn't believe they had Fred Thompson play Hugo Chavez's lawyer. I never saw that one coming. Insert crazy dictator here for comic relief.

And enough with the 'in my opinion' judge. The gag went on too long. It's time to let it go.

The only comic relief I needed was in the looks Cary leveled on Kalinda. It was so amusing watching him try and walk the line between friendship and self preservation. "Don't tell her you slept with Peter before you put in a good word for me. OK?" Only Cary could pull that off and still make me like him. 

The highlight of the case for me was America Ferrera as Natalie. She's been a joy to watch and I've loved her awkward but sweet interactions with Eli. I was sorry to see her storyline come to an end.

So how does Alicia pick herself up this time? What's her next move? Does she confront Peter? Call out Kalinda? Or will she take her time and weigh her options? Watching this smart woman figure it out will be fascinating TV. I simply can't wait to find out what comes next.


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Would anyone like to tell us how could this show go on for maybe 2 more seasons as the Good Wife if Alicia drops Peter ?


@AngieSimm: The next new episode will be on May 3, and there will be two more after that, to end the season. (It all has to do with the number of episodes they produce for the larger number of slots, so some have to be repeats. That's their excuse anyway....) @Paula: You say your husband made ONE MISTAKE and you divorced him?? You're right, you did make a big mistake. That was really stupid. Nobody is perfect -- and if they make a mistake and apologize, you forgive them. Sometimes even a second mistake can be forgivable. But AT LEAST NINETEEN MISTAKES, and probably more? That's a different story entirely! Even if Peter hadn't lied that Amber was the only one (you can never trust a liar again), he cheated on Alicia with Amber, by his own sworn testimony, EIGHTEEN TIMES. That's not just a moment of weakness, when he was lonely on a business trip or something. That's him thinking, "I'm going to betray my loving wife and kids, and bang this hooker today. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again. And then I'm going to cheat on her again." EIGHTEEN TIMES he made the conscious decision to take her devotion and love for him and throw it in the toilet. Do you see why it's different, and why Peter is a dirty rat? What makes you think he's any different NOW? Because he was caught? Where do you think he is when he's not at home or at the campaign headquarters? (He doesn't have a JOB, you know....) So what if "it was two years ago"? It was wrong then, and it's still wrong now. The passage of time doesn't make it any less wrong.


Where is the Good Wife?? Not on last week or this week - what is going on? Don't make us wait . . . we will have to go elsewhere and don't want to! Throw us a biscuit, for gosh sakes!!! When is it on again . . . and whatever happened to it???


Why is everyone talking like this all happened in the last couple of weeks, it was over two years ago and Peter has shown that he has tried to make amends. Alicia is a big girl and knows what she wants to do, there are more people involved than just her.
The best thing to do stop listening to other people and focus on her family and distant herself from work.


I agree.
As a person who went through the same problem a couple of years ago I can tell everyone that by not listening to the whole reason and take a deep look at yourself you might make the biggest mistake of yourlife.
I divorced my husband because he made one mistake, then I started a relationship with a person who always made me fell good about myself. What a very big MISTAKE, he moved in with me and my 2 kids and what looked like true relationship went south in one hell of a hurry. Stay away from office relationships.
To make a long story short my ex-husband has remarried and now has 2 kids, my friends see him all the time an wonder why I ditched him. So 1 mistake doesn't mean the end take time to look in the mirror and think about what you can do about it. p.s Alicia knows this and what happened 2 years ago is water under the bridge, look at today and what has been going on since.


What a great show!
And what a tough audience!!
Peter, throughout this series, has been SUCH a gentle, repentant husband, yet most viewers would have him castrated! He's sorry, O.K?
Now, his one-night-stand with Kalinda (I believe it) I suspect was a complicated, not overly ethical or legal affair which would better be kept secret. We all know how persuasive Kalinda can be when she wants to, and it would appear that she had a past that needed to be buried. Although I'm not clear about her firing, it seems she got her new identity. He was played.
Similarly, Kalinda would rather keep this information buried than open this can of worms, for everybody's sake. (Although her anguish seemed to weaken her resolve, for the sake of her friendship.(And in the face of blackmail.))
Dr. Joy Browne used to always say that anyone who voluntarily discloses infidelity is an immature idiot who unnecessarily wounds their relationship. So what's Peter's mortal sin? That he lied when asked if this was his only affair??? P.S. (Am I the only one who cringes every time the Michael J. Fox character shows up?)


@ John Graydon, thank you, thank you, thank you! I completely agree. Peter is FAR from deserving of Alicia's love and mercy at this point. Will has flaws, all characters do, but he has cared for Alicia in a very respectful way to this point. I think he appreciates her WAY more than Peter did and could. I hope Alicia separates from Peter sooner rather than later. Where's her self esteem? Her self respect? She deserves so much more than he has to offer.


when did Alicia learn that Kalinda was Leela? anyone remember which episode that was.


I'M not the one who has a problem seeing reality......


Hey John take off your blindfold its time to smell the flowers.

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