The Music of Rebecca Black: Coming to Glee!

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Britney Spears. Madonna. Lady Gaga. Rebecca Black.

You might say that being covered by Glee is a sign that a musical act has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Some don't want that distinction, but so be it.

In this case, however, you might wonder if Glee is going too far in pursuit of the newest, hottest trend. Although this particular trend has great comedic potential.

Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” the viral, this-must-be-a-joke-wait-it's-serious sensation that has been viewed 100 million times on YouTube, is getting the Glee treatment.

Glee Black

So many PSAs to be written around Rebecca Black a cappella ...

The unlikely "hit" song, which some critics consider among the worst in the history of human civilization, will appear an upcoming Glee episode that centers around the prom.

Going the honors on "Friday" will either be Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet and Mark Salling, or Salling and returning guest star Jonathan Groff (as Jesse St. James).

What do you think? A fun (fun, fun!) move by a fun show, or another sign that Glee has abandoned whatever writing standards it once had in favor of cheap gags?

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No!!!! It better be for comical relief!!!!!


The song/video are funny for about 10 seconds until you realise she wasn't joking and then it's just pathetic, sad and annoying. Glee shouldn't waste their time with the actual song, just make fun of tween idiots making crappy songs and thinking it'll make them the next Bieber, that'd be more funny than directly redoing this 'song'.


1 song does not make a season. If I quit watching Glee everytime I did not enjoy one of the songs. I would not have made it past the 1st episode of the first year. Lighten up and just enjoy the show.




WTF???!!! That song is freakin' awful. We all know the order of the days and Black sounds like a dying cat. What a waste of time and effort for the Glee cast. So I guess RM is covering all the crappy singers now. URGH!!! I so MISS season 1.


are you serious ? reallly ? well i get that Glee makes all songs sound better but come on ! What happened to the old Glee , we want the season 1 kind of awesome epis back !


We all know this song is downright terrible. Black sounds like she's being autotuned even when she's singing live and the lyrics are just rediculous. However, it's funny as hell and dam catchy. We listen to it in my office every week just for a good laugh (let me point out I'm the youngest person there and I'm 26). That being said, I would totally expect a high school Glee club to find an excuse to sing this song. Not because they think it's a good song but just for the fun of it!


Well, I agree totally the Friday is the worst songs in the history of music, but I also agree that Glee makes WAY better versions of the songs they sing. Which is why I ALMOST didn't mind listening to them sing JB.


oh plz no. i hate this song. ugh, i dont need to hear my least favorite song on one of my favorite shows...UGH!


Jonathan Groff better not get anywhere near this song. I love him, but it would just be weird if Jesse sang it. If SAM sang it, I think it could be really funny. He's so into singing the most popular songs, like Bieber. And he's such a dork, it could be hilarious.

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