The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Another Proposal"

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What do you do when you go out of town and leave your boyfriend unattended? Well in "Another Proposal" Amy sends spies to check in on Ricky.

Why is it that Ricky's automatic response to fear is to go sleep with different girls. I've noticed he is no longer in therapy with Lauren's dad and perhaps that's an issue that should be explored. I understand that Amy is paranoid, but it's also a big red flag for her to have so little trust for her boyfriend.

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Nora and George were absolutely hilarious. Their banter was well written and I'd like to see more interaction between these two. They might be the only two people on the show not obsessing about whether or not to have sex. They're blunt, open, and quite entertaining.

Whether it's Grace and Grant, or Madison and Jack, all these kids do is obsess about having sex. Yes, this is realistic, but teenagers also have other things to talk about. Surprisingly, yes it is true!! Poor Jack just wants someone to include him.

His parents took off and left him, he lives in his ex girlfriend's guesthouse, his girlfriend dumped him, and he basically has no friends. Writers please give him a story line!

Another duo who I happen to enjoy is Ricky and Ben. They act like they dislike each other but deep down they both know they relate to each other.

Anyone could have gone up to Ben and said "don't get married yet" but when it comes from Ricky you can tell he takes it seriously.

Adrian is in bridezilla mode and you can tell Ben is freaked out. Considering Amy's last minute proposal, to which we didn't see the reaction, I'm guessing Ricky is pretty freaked out too.

They all know they are young parents, should they also jump into being young newlyweds? A lot of questions hang in the balance. Stay Tuned!


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my name is vanessa im twenty one years old
and ive been watching the secrect life of the
american teenager since it started witch is three
years and i was eightteen when it started. i don't
care what people think about the shows and yeah
i understand that cast say the word sex alot at
first it got on my nerves alittle but i got over it so
again i don't care what people think about the shows
because all i gotta say is that the secrect life of the
american teenager has saved my life really it has
and im glad they made this show and i think the show
is worth to buy on dvd. and pretty i think they should
make another season of the secret life i don't know about
all of you teens but i don't ask my mom for permission
to watch the show because my mom knows what the show
is about and she said that is good for me to watch not
because what the cast do that is wrong no it's making
the right choice and it's what the cast go threw with relationships with the guys that's what for nothing else
so again i don't care what people think about the show
im still gonna watch the show and rather you all like it
or not they will make another season and i will watch.
i wanna thank abc family and the writters of the show
thank you very much the show has really really saved
my life i learned so much it really helped me alot thank
you so much abc family for allowing to show this show
thank you again so much and i can't wait for the next season of the secret life of the american teenager love
the show and can't wait for next year.


I agree with the whole sex thing.This show has taken it too far.Teens dont talk about sex that much,and definitely not with their parents that much or like that.I also think that Amy and Ricky WILL get married this season,and Ben will either chicken out or call the wedding off.Does anyone else think that Ben is extremely annoying.He acts like he's playing make believe.He wants to marry every single girl he goes out with...Its kinda ridiculous.The parents' reactions are kinda unrealistic.If i was to get married at 16 to a guy ive only been going out with for a while,my parents would shoot me.XD


This show has taken the sex topic too far. It's no longer entertaining.


As a teenager I am insulted by this show. In the beginning it was a good show that seemed to be about teaching teens to not have sex. It has progressively grown to be all about sex. Today's teens do not spend all of their time talking about sex, and while it's important to be open with your parents about sex, the way they portray those discussions is completely unrealistic.


My daughter watches this show. Last week I sat down with her for 15 minutes and watched it and all I ever heard anyone talking about was sex and STD's. Is that all the show is about anymore? I thought when this show started that it was supposed to show girls what NOT to do. My daughter is even getting tired of this show.


I've stopped watching the show because of all the sex talk. Today's teens are much more savvy about the world around them and I know their discussions are about more than sex. This show has really dumbed down today's teens and that's a shame. I hope the writers find some other story lines that don't revolve around sex. It would make the show a lot more interesting.

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