The Vampire Diaries Promos: "The Sun Also Rises"

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Next week on The Vampire Diaries, Elena tries to prepare for whatever Klaus has planned, Tyler faces his second transformation, and Matt and Caroline fight for survival.

These terrifying events quickly spin out of control, despite an unexpected act of courage. What do you suppose that means, and what (who) will be the consequences?

Damon also admits the truth to Stefan about a terrible new development they face. That likely refers to his werewolf bite, but there could be additional obstacles, too.

For a breakdown of where we stand right now, read our Vampire Diaries review from this morning. Now, here's our first look at the penultimate episode of Season 2:

What do you think will happen during the epic ritual next Thursday? Will any of the show's core characters be vanquished as a result of Klaus' grand plan to break the curse?

Follow the jump for an extended preview of "The Sun Also Rises" ...

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like for real that bite was the best but we want more
will i think elena will became a vampire i hope so it will be so good

David and sabrina 2014

This episode will truly become one of the shocking most surprising episode since season 1 episode 17. It's wow to see that Damon was bitten by a werewolf and everyone wonders who will save him. It seems kind of lame to have Klaus wanting to turn Jenna into a vampire. If Elena becomes truly dead, what will become of the Salvatore brothers? How will Mystic Falls change from Jenna becoming a vampire? What will Elena's friends think of this? There's only one way to find out by watching to see what else will happen. The season is rapidlly coming to end and I wonder what will happen to see what beginning there will be for the 3rd season. I'm just dying to find out what happens and just getting thirsty and hungry for more episodes. XD =)


best show ever.


Waiting for this episode is killing me!
Damon wise, I think we'll be left hanging as to his cure.
I dont think Elena will die, its too early in the series for her to become a vamp (if she's ever going to)
If there is still the story of three dying, do Isobel and Bonnies fake death count? Because then there's only one death to still happen (which would be Jules, I think).
If not I think Jenna is at real risk of dying. Her being in transition really shocked me. Everyone seems to hate Jenna (well, lots of fans do) but I personally think she's awesome. If she had been told about vamps earlier she'd have been a BAMF. But now I dont know what's going to happen, and it seems likely that her or John are going to die. I dont want either to, but I'd rather it was John. You cant hurt Alaric like that!


I think what she was saying is that everytime there's an episode, sneak peek, Delena fans ALWAYS start their reviews with "OMG NOT ENOUGH DELENA, WRITERS ARE LYING BLA BLA BLA". I would love to see Delena together, but I can appreciate the show without waiting for some Delena moments every second of the episode.Then again, it's not all Delena fans so, don't flip out on me.


what about the name of the song


im not gonna take up the whole text space explaining how damon isn't gonna die,and how damon and elena belong together.. ect:L but did anyone else realise that when the person put the rose on the grave,it was next to a gilbert grave? so that definatley means whoever dies is either jeremy, jenna, or john? because if elena dies there is no point for season3..unless she comes back,but ..hmm thats oh so unlikely..way too unexpected:L


kherington: Oh really you thought the same thing? HAHA. weird! I couldn't agree with you more, Stelena is stale! they need sparks or better Fireworks, because that's what Elena and Damon definitely have.


Tanis: u say "damon fans are ruining the show" what a ridiculous, childish b*tch and moan fest. Whether you're really up ur *ss enough to think people can't be passionate about whatever is crazy. Now, If you really feel threatened by opposing views please grow up. Do I think delena is endgame? Yea, so what?!! Do I think Damon is the most compelling male on the show? Without question. Why does that bother you so much? Check yourself honey because your the one with the problem. This is a blog, your gonna come face to face with other peepa views. If you can't handle it, don't look and damn sure don't reply. Spare us your immature whining, have a great day!


Superbianx: You described my thoughts entirely, weird and cool at the same time! ;). Ur on point, stelena is stale, delena and tyl/Car are awesome. Matt should die, Jenna might also.

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