The Vampire Diaries Promos: "The Sun Also Rises"

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Next week on The Vampire Diaries, Elena tries to prepare for whatever Klaus has planned, Tyler faces his second transformation, and Matt and Caroline fight for survival.

These terrifying events quickly spin out of control, despite an unexpected act of courage. What do you suppose that means, and what (who) will be the consequences?

Damon also admits the truth to Stefan about a terrible new development they face. That likely refers to his werewolf bite, but there could be additional obstacles, too.

For a breakdown of where we stand right now, read our Vampire Diaries review from this morning. Now, here's our first look at the penultimate episode of Season 2:

What do you think will happen during the epic ritual next Thursday? Will any of the show's core characters be vanquished as a result of Klaus' grand plan to break the curse?

Follow the jump for an extended preview of "The Sun Also Rises" ...

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Maria lov2blov

It really becomes to be a Damon show!look at the promo:he's almost in every shot and for Stefan there are only 2 or less seconds left. I like Damon and the way the writers shows us he's changing but come on!it's a bit weird now that he's storyline is the main line. I can understand that it's mad to show his transformation to a better man but there are so many ways to show both of brothers! Of course if you see Damon in each shot with his phrases and jokes you will forget about Stefan existing in the same show.I think that's not's becoming really weird and unfair. I love Stefan so much and I don't want him to be unappreciated...


First of all: Amazing trailer. Second of all, this is not "The Damon Show", in the books -and in the series- he IS a very important character, so of course at some point they were going to center the episodes on him. He's the tortured soul, the one who wants to be good. Stefan IS good, we know that and in season 1 he became bad, when that happened, they focused the episodes on him. If you don't show variety, the whole series goes to hell because it will be boring. That being said, I think it will be awesome if Damon becomes human. It would totally rock. I don't know who will die or not... I'm clueless. About Jeremy and Bonnie, well, aren't they away? I mean, this all hapened on JUST ONE DAY, don't forget that. No one must have bothered on calling him, with everything going on... I guess that if he had known, of course that he would go with his sister. But maybe no one told him just to keep him safe... In any case, can't wait until next week!! See yaaah!


Some of the Damon fans are seriously ruining this fantastic show. I'm not on any shipper side except the side of every actor and actress who work there butts off to give us this great show. This show is more then just about Damon. You guys say you are the most fans. That's just BS. We, the morjoraity of the fans support the ENTIRE SHOW!!


Please tell me NONE of the main characters DIE!!! This will be HORRIBLE !!!!


Maybe Greta might be a part in this - possibly she might save the day with Bonnie? I hope so!


Yup! I strongly believe he is gonna turn a human now. He will drink the elixir and rise from the dead again. This time to become human.
Cant see Elena becoming vampire though, would be way too simple for vampire diaries
Did not like the fact that klaus was so easily fooled twice(bonnie's death and now katherine)


Am I the only one who saw John in the promo? Yeah, Jenna might die, but isn't John a pretty obvious choice? And question to the writers: WHERE WERE JEREMY AND BONNIE? Did they just not exist on this last day? And how come Jeremy is more bothered about Bonnie than his sister? This was a BEYOND incredible episode, don't get me wrong, and I love TVD, but what happened to blood is thicker than water? C'mon, Jer, show some support for your sacraficial sister. At least attend the ritual, or appear in the episode.


@ Mila: you're totally right


Is Damon going to die? I am goin 2 cry if he does.. I think they will find a way 2 save him since he is a major character. Will Elena acually turn in to a vampire? I think Katherine will pretend 2 b Elena wen she is with klous n ELena will run away, leaving Katherine 2 die.


The person is buried next to a Gilbert; which does not necessarily mean a Gilbert is going to die. Jenna could be buried next to her sister, John could be buried next to his brother. Or it could be someone entirely different buried next to a Gilbert.

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