The Vampire Diaries Review: "Klaus"

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Wow. There's no other word to describe an episode that delivered so much mythology, but in a way that didn't come off as forced and certainly didn't feel like a letdown.

On the contrary, everything about last night felt epic.

Incorporating flashbacks without diminishing the drama playing out in the present, and revealing secrets that, incredibly, made Klaus seem even more dangerous and hard core, this may have been The Vampire Diaries' best episode to date.

Elijah on TVD

The episode bore the name "Klaus," and as good as Joseph Morgan was in his debut as the titular character, Daniel Gilles' performance as Elijah was one to behold as well.

Telling the real story about the oldest vampires in history, Elijah recounted to Elena how Klaus met Katerina and spelled out exactly what makes Klaus so darn important.

What made it so amazing was that unlike some shows (cough, Lost), the buildup to these revelations proved worthwhile. Seemingly impossibly high expectations were met.

Two weeks ago I called "Know Thy Enemy" a game-changing episode. It was a good one, yes, but I can only laugh now, as "Klaus" was the mother of all game-changers.

Let's break down the secrets Elijah revealed that not only altered the entire scope of the show, but made us more invested in TVD and its increasingly complex characters than ever:

Elijah is Klaus' brother. Interesting twist right from the start. Their mom had seven children, and are basically the First Family of Vampires. Every vampire came from them.

He didn't delve into how they became vampires (a story for another season), but this means there are five other originals! That alone is startling, and we're just getting started ...

Oldest. Vampire. Ever.

The Sun and the Moon curse is BS! Klaus concocted the Sun and the Moon curse and how it originated from the Aztecs, but it's not even true. Just part of Klaus' master plan.

I loved this because even though it undid so much of what we learned so far, it actually makes more sense. Why would Klaus care about the Sun and the Moon curse so much?

Vampires are doing quite well as it is (especially the originals). His agenda had to be bigger, and it turns out it is. The sun/moon thing is just a deeply-rooted, clever diversion.

He wants all vampires and werewolves on the lookout for the doppelganger, because she WILL reverse the curse ... the real curse, which is way worse and impacts only Klaus, since ...

He's half-vampire, half-werewolf! Seriously. Elijah reveals a stunner: his mother had an affair and Klaus' real father was a werewolf, making Klaus extraordinarily dangerous.

The witches wouldn't allow such an all-powerful supernatural being to exist, so they placed a curse on Klaus (and only Klaus) and his werewolf half has been kept dormant.

This is what Klaus is hell-bent on undoing, so that he may realize his true power and create an entire race of ... whatever he is. Basically, the whole world hangs in the balance.

Again, with all the mystique surrounding Klaus before we met him, it was a tall order for TVD to make him live up it, but last night accomplished that and then some.

Klaus must die during the sacrifice. The dagger covered in white ash won't work on him. A witch has to do the job during the sacrifice when he's at his most vulnerable.

However, because Elijah was in love with Katerina, who Trevor helped escape Klaus in 1492, he says he knows a way to perform the ritual without killing the doppelganger.

That's obviously good news for Elena, but on top of his history with Klaus, Elijah definitely harbors some resentment toward Katerina, and it's unclear what his endgame is.

Where You Think You're Going?

These bombshells only increase the pressure on Elena and Elijah to take him down once and for all, while her newfound ally drove a wedge in between Damon and Stefan.

The riveting Elijah/Klaus backstory would have been plenty for this episode, but it was woven in perfectly with the already-escalating tension tearing the Salvatores apart.

Differing views on whether they can trust Elijah was ostensibly behind the feud, but then Stefan put it all out there: Damon is in love with Elena, but he'll never have her.

Stefan adds that he has something Damon never will: Her respect.

This line understandably hit too close to home, sends Stefan flying across the room after Damon uncorks a vicious uppercut, and nearly ends in Andie Star becoming dinner.

Damon barely has enough self-control to stop. Amazing. Was Stefan right? Does Elena not respect Damon? Jealousy of his brother is one thing, but this really set him off.

Elsewhere, Jenna finally finds out the awful truth about vampires thanks to Klaus/Alaric (Matt Davis in another terrific scene). What do you think Jenna's next move is?

Finally, the real Klaus shows up in Mystic Falls in a thoroughly creepy coffin-like box (the man knows how to make an entrance) as his entourage de-possesses Alaric.

One last twist here that was practically glossed over? Greta (Luka's sister) is part of that witch entourage, and seems happy as can be. Wonder how long that will last.

Overall, a stunning episode I can't help but give 5/5 stars. Between the vampire lore and the Salvatores' feud boiling over, I don't know what more it could've offered.

A mythology-heavy installment like this could have fallen short so many times, but it used the characters so flawlessly and if anything, the secrets raised the stakes. 

We turn it over to you, Vampire Diaries fanatics. What was your favorite part of "Klaus" and where do you see things going next week? Comment below!


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EPICLY AMAZING EPISODE as usual. Gasped so many times! Omg i LOVE damon!! he has changed the most, stefan only said that elena had his respect to either bate damon or he seriously doesn't know how elena is when she is with damon. I'm so proud of damon for letting andie go. Just want to say how amazing nina was with katherine and elena - kat's dance totally cracked me up, so funny! to see elijah and elena working together was cool and i'm actually wondering if elijah could be a possible distraction?? klaus is freaking SCARY, great casting. and jenna finally knows the truth!! no caroline or bonnie/jeremy this episode. look forward to tyler coming back!!!!! Team DAMON, if elena won't leave stefan i'll have you (in my bed) *cough cough*


I have an awful feeling like damon is going to die.
The last dance- dancing with Elena with then next episode being called something like The Last Day?
And now the last day with him going rogue!?
The writers have also creativly made it known this season of damons secret- that he longs to be human. Seriously think about it. D;


Elena does respect Damon. Stefan is so wrong there I actually sighed when he said this to Damon, cuz it was so blatantly incorrect. Elena is always asking Damon to be the better man "C'mon you're better than this....You're so close....I care about you.... Be the better man Damon....C'mon Damon, that's a lie. You care. Thankyou. for looking out for us. for me."
She believes he can be better than he is, that deep down he is good even if he doesn't realize it. And she respects the passion he has for all the things he cares about. And she also loves him-as a friend- because he was in Elena's list of loved ones to protect in her deal with Elijah.
She does respect that undercurrent goodness in him because otherwise she wouldn't be so convinced that Damon can be the better man if he just tries. And for God's sake, Damon stepped up and saved Bonnie's life, you're telling me she doesn't respect him for that??
I agree!


Watch the Rose episdoe again, it explains how Trevor found out about the sacrifice ritual, how cuz he loved Kat, he freaked out and told her about the whole deal and then how he helped her escape and how Rose got mad at him for putting their lives in danger. And how Kat killed herself and became vampire didn't care that it basically meant Rose and Trevor would have to run from Elijah and Klaus all their lives.
Poor Elijah didn't say anything. Unless of course they reveal something in further eps.


Thank you Bobbie Whited!!! that was my thought too... even though I love the vampire diaries.. a werewolf/vampire creature ?can you say Underworld?


step aside damon and stefan here come klaus and elijah...actually damon can stay ;P


Hope Elijah will come to his senses (and hopefully Elena will come to hers)and try to protect Elena. Looks like he's got a soft spot for her. Or better yet, someone (Damon seems like the best candidate) someone will put vampire blood in Elena(she does not have to turn yet), as a threat to both Kluas and Elijah.


10 stars for this episode! It was AMAZING!!! First of all, I have to say it. Klaus is friggin' hot! Ok, got that out of the way. What were we talking about?


Soo happy Elijah is back, I love his character. Episode was really good and am happy to see Joseph Morgan can hold his own. Very happy with Matt Davis he is a wonderful actor and it is about time he had a chance to shine. No more team oblivious human I guess.


AWESOME EPISODE!!! Only thing I'm confused about is how compelled Andie is. Did Damon compel her not to tell anyone about vampires or did he forget? Cause that would be BAD! Before he almost killed her she might have kept it a secret but now I'm not sure anymore. If she isn't under compulsion I wouldn't blame her for telling someone about what's going on.

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