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Leave it to The Vampire Diaries to deliver a terrific episode already filled with tension, emotion and intrigue, then kick it into another gear right before the credits roll.

It's almost as if the episode doesn't begin until around the 8:58 mark.

A week ago, Klaus manifested himself for the first time, possessing in the body of Alaric in the closing moments. Tonight, Elena ended "The Last Dance" with the requisite game-changer.

Theme of the week: How far would you go for someone you love?

Bonnie, apparently, will go the whole way and not think twice about it. While her "death" didn't stick this week, Ms. Bennett has no qualms about sacrificing herself.

The amazing thing is that the reverse is also true. Her desperate resurrection of Elijah shows that she'd rather put herself at greater risk than let Bonnie die killing Klaus.

Alaric / Klaus

While last week's episode, "Know Thy Enemy," threw so many new twists at us that it required considerable effort to make sense of it all, this one was more of a slow-builder.

For a half hour, we knew what was coming. Bonnie, Damon and Stefan were on the lookout, while Klaus, disguised as a lowly history teacher, was coming for Elena.

The only question was how, and whether the spell by his large witch friend Maddox would allow him to withstand Bonnie's powers and eliminate her as an obstacle.

This was his endgame this week, not torturing Katherine or revealing himself for Elena (although he did both). It was all about getting rid of Bonnie for Klalaric.

He accomplished that goal, too ... or so we thought.

Ultimately, and somewhat surprisingly, after a dramatic, spark-filled confrontation, she and Damon pulled a fast one on the oldest vampire in the history of time.

Klaus seemed to fall for this a little too easily, but I'll chalk that up to the limitations posed by taking over a human body and the desire not to push his luck.

[SIDE NOTE: Matt Davis was so awesome tonight. Nina Dobrev consistently does a great job portraying two characters, and it was fun seeing Matt try this out.]

Don't get me wrong, I almost bought that Bonnie kicked it, too. The battle wasn't quite epic enough for a girl with the power of 100 witches to go down in, though.

Plus, it's TVD. The rules change as we go, right?

It's somewhat unclear how Bonnie faking her death fits into the Salvatores master plan. Will she be more effective against him with the element of surprise later?

With Elijah now poised to rise again, will he join the team's bid to Kill Klaus? Or did Elena just allow a total wild card back into the mix when she removed the dagger?

We certainly know where one vampire's allegiances lie. The reveal of Damon's plot to dupe Klaus dovetailed with an emphatic, profound declaration to Elena.

Even his plan saved Bonnie this time, make no mistake, he said: "If it comes down to you and the witch again I will gladly let Bonnie die. I will always choose you."

Wow. His jealousy toward Stefan is always just beneath the surface, but these words - and those eyes - show his attraction to Elena is more palpable than ever.


How will it play out? Will Stelena remain intact throughout this season and beyond? Even amid all the mythology revealed in recent weeks, the romantic subplot lingers.

Overall, it was a strong episode with an eerie suspense surrounding Klaus and plenty of emotion as the characters reacted to forces influencing them and to each other.

A few other questions, thoughts and points worth mentioning:

  • Where did Klaus go? Pretty convenient for the death-staging plot that he peaced out so fast. Perhaps Kat's self-mutilation needed some supervision?
  • We've been promised deaths of three strong characters this spring. We've seen two in as many weeks now, but it's debatable if either counts!
  • The Mystic Falls mascot is the Timberwolf? Did we know that before? Speaking of athletic canines, when do you suppose Tyler will return?
  • While popularized much later by Tiffany and Pearl Jam, respectively, "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Last Kiss" were originally '60s hits.
  • Matt and Caroline: Not much to report in terms of plot, but great attire!
  • Damon has such great dance moves, doesn't he?
  • Nice AT&T plug, guys. Totally natural. 

What did you think of tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries? Discuss!


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Julie schmidt

I thought it was a pretty good episode. Not my favorite at all. The strength of 100 witches, up against the most horrible vampire of all time and all she does is flicker the lights over and over? Why was the having a brain bleed for a fireworks display? And Klaus disappeared to where?
I like Beremy, no need to go overboard with Damon and Bonnie NO WAY! I think Elena would go for Damon before Bonnie.




that ep was a mindf*ck!! unreal! dunno how they manage to keep it so gud evry week! like no other show out ther


Ok, so I loved the episode. It didn't keep me at the edge of my seat, but it was awesome aswell. I tought what some other person said here, when I saw Damon asking Bonnie if she'll do anything to kill Klaus, I thought he meant to giver her his blood, even tough I don't really know how will that work out, in terms of powers. In any case, I knew she wasn't really dead. Then again, maybe he was trying to protect Alaric too. Wich takes me to the Klaus part, maybe HE DID BUY IT, keep in mind that no matter what spell protects him, he was still in a human body but with an Original mind. Subconsciently, to feel pain, would have at least scare him, and when he saw the opportunity, he flew away. Bonnie was death anyways. The question is, what about Kat now that he's gone... probably Maddox took her with him. Elena is kinda stupid, how could she revive that old vamp? With all this mess, I totally forgot Elijah's porpuse on the series... if someone can clarify that for me... I tough he was on the outs with Klaus. Maybe that'll be on our favour. DAMON WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! I tought he was drunk, but it turns out he was just... not that drunk? jajajaja. Anyways, I loved him. THE WHOLE EPISODE! Caroline, Matt and the Sheriff were just for the fill. But something IS going to happend and I think the Sheriff will die. Matt is just a stupid looser. AND I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT CAROLINE TOLD HIM ABOUT THE OTHERS!!!! SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNEW IF HE WAS GOING TO ASK HER TO COMPEL HIM! Stupid Barbie Vamp! You need to be more careful! All in all i loved it. Can't wait for next week episode!


Everybody is gonna die ! bt let it be three ok ? Elena (Remember Elena 'has' to die). I insist that she will die (though i dnt want it ) and den there are Caroline and Katherine . Yup Yup @@!!


and about Bonnie, I agree with the review, she doesn't seem to have that much power, I mean she's bleeding really rapidly...can't really see how Klaus has been fulled. I mean she's supposed to have 100 witches powers but if you remember well Jonas seems to have much power than her, in the sense it seemed much easier for him...and don't see any logic in it...but well, everything can't be perfect, even if sometimes VD is coming close to perfection^^
As for Caroline, I hate when she's not included in the whole thing! I prefered her when she can be her vampire self, I don't really care about watching her pretending to be human...even if I agree that this storyline can be good, as long as they don't kill her.


for once, I knew what would happen before the end of the episode! I am proud of myself xD
The "death" of Bonnie, I did buy it at all, even if I was wrong at one point: I tought Damon have given her blood and that she will become a vampire, even if I wouldn't have like it. And I was so sure that Elena was going to revive Elijah!! mainly because Daniel Gillies was credited in the beggining but still^^ I am SO happy about this! I just love Elijah so please, don't let him die! Not again! I am not asking for him to be a regular, but just knowing he still around somewhere and the possibility of his return would make me happy. I mean, come on! If they kill Klaus at the end of the season (big if), they cannot ged rid of two original at once! As much as I love the Salvatore, it will be pushing their luck^^ and if Klaus live and Elijah die, I will be the saddest person ever...well maybe not ever but you know what I mean^^


I've understood what you're talking about and I know Stefan is old enough and also man enough to take Elena's choice right...
but, at first I want you to remember 1 season when Stefan were telling to Elena about himself cooking in that moment, while Elena didn't recognize she is dating with a vampire...Stefan was telling her about Kathrine for the first time and her death and he sad smth like that Kathrine is dead but Stefan's life didn't end because of that...and now I think Elena and Stefan have such a great love story so who knows what will Stefan do?I don't mean suicide but it will be too painfull for Stefan...
and with my last message I meant that creators of this show couldn't leave Stefan all alone and I can't submit Stefan dating with someone else...
but I can imagine Damon with Bonnie or someone else...
We'll see...I hope that both of them - Stefan and Damon will be happy...


@Maria What will Stefan do? He isn't a child, far from it, he's hundreds and hundreds of years old. You make it seem like without Elena he would be nothing and what kind of relationship would that be if you aren't your own person before you're in a relationship? Damon doesn't have Elena now and yet he isn't off not doing anything and with no purpose and I don't think Stefan would be like that either. I think, since Stefan is good hearted, he'd let them be happy if Elena really did love Damon, which could end up happening. He'd let them be like Damon is doing now with Elena and Stefan, even though it would hurt him. Also you're assuming that Elena is the only one for Stefan, we don't know that, just like (to be fair) we don't know if Elena is the right one for Damon. This is just the second season, Damon could get over Elena or Stefan could end up developing feelings for someone else, who knows maybe he'll get tied up with Katherine again or he'll develope feelings for Caroline, or someone else I'm just saying nothing is set in stone and everyone should be able to be independent without "dying" if they aren't with another person. As for the brothers, I think they could get past the Elena issue regardless of who she chooses. It'll really hurt them, but they'll get through it. At the end of the day, they are brothers and they really do love each other.


This episode was awesome! I loved how Elena told Stefan she loves him and how sweet they were together! I love how he cares for her and was crying when she was. Their love is so amazing and so great to watch! Damon needs to get with Bonnie or something cause they looked cute together and forget about Elena. She belongs with Stefan!

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Let me be clear about something. If it comes down to you and the witch again, I will gladly let Bonnie die. I will always choose you.

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