The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Know Thy Enemy"

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Wow. With everything packed into last Thursday's episode and so much left to come, it's safe to say our latest Vampire Diaries Round Table won't lack for material.

Below, TV Fanatic editor Steve Marsi is joined by staff writer Carissa Pavlica and newcomer Nick McHatton for an in-depth Q&A discussion of "Know Thy Enemy" ...


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?

Steve: The climactic scene with "Klaus" and Kat. The acting was sublimely creepy; I loved how he wasn't even addressed by name. As said in my review, this episode would have been a game-changer even without this twist, making it even more unexpected and effective. I also love Damon's frequent nonchalant reactions to seemingly huge events.

Nick: Klaus possessing Alaric.

Carissa: I honestly don't think I can pick one. I can, however, pick my least favorite. I have had it up to my forehead with Bonnie showing her great power by doing things like swirling around a bunch of leaves. I just rolled my eyes through that scene, as I have with many, many of the Bonnie scenes in the past. For the longest time her character has lost it's fit with the rest of the story. I rarely ever enjoy her time on screen any more.


Most shocking development: Isobel's death, Klaus' pseudo-arrival or Matt getting a real storyline?

Steve: The way is which Klaus "arrived" was amazing, and Isobel's death caught me off guard, but Matt's betrayal of Caroline was the twist I really didn't see coming, just because I had no idea what to expect from either character.

Nick: Matt getting a storyline! Prior to seeing the betrayal I thought he would be forever relegated to the back-burner.

Carissa: Isobel's death. I've never really liked her, and I hate when they give an angry, mean, seemingly irredeemable character some hope only to keep them off. There was so much we had yet to learn about her, and now we will not have the chance, at least not directly through Isobel herself. I would have liked her back story. 

What is Matt's agenda, and how far will he go after turning on Caroline?

Steve: He's grasping at straws right now, willing to lash out at anyone and anything. Once he comes to his senses, he'll realize he loves her, and there are benefits to dating a supernatural being. Increased strength and stamina, man. Think about it.

Nick: I think Matt's agenda is to bring Mystic Falls' power players into the fold (again), but if that is the goal it never ends well for them. I'm not sure how far he'll go, he has a lot to process. Vicki, Tyler, Caroline, his friends, the town ... that's a mountain of lies to get through.

Carissa: He's blaming Caroline for his sister's death. I don't believe he is thinking at all at this point. He's putting Caroline in the middle of everything and not taking the time to realize she was a victim, as well. Hopefully, he will come to his senses before he does something regrettable.

Least trustworthy potential ally with Isobel gone: John or Kat?

Steve: Kat. John was somewhat redeemed last week, but more importantly, Kat will kill or throw anyone under the bus so much more quickly. She's a vampire, after all.

Nick: Kat, she hasn't shown very many (if any) redeeming qualities. She's a true believer in looking out for herself. Especially since Klaus wants her and the moonstone. At least with John, when it comes to Elena, there are some blood ties, a cornerstone of the show.

Carissa: I'm going with Kat. She's never without a trick up her sleeve, and when John told Elena he would leave if that's what she wanted, I believed him.

Klaus on Vampire Diaries

What is Klaus' next move after possessing Alaric?

Steve: On April 21, we'll meet the non-Alaric version of Klaus (see our photo gallery from that episode). The circumstances remain shrouded in mystery, however. My guess is that through Alaric, he'll try to reach out to Elena, possibly offering her a deal while disguising his ulterior motives. Isn't that what everyone does on TVD?

Nick: I have no idea, honestly, there's always so much plotting going on. But my guess, if we can trust Isobel, is he's going to further his agenda with Katherine and the moonstone first.

Carissa: To show up in town. Rumor has it he has been cast, so I can't figure out why they needed to possess Alaric. It seems the plan has been in place for a long time, but as with so many things in The Vampire Diaries, they've laid out a plan that has me stumped.

It's been stated that three solid characters are going to die by the end of the season. Does Isobel count? Who will the unlucky three be?

Steve: This is a really open-ended spoiler, since the definition of "solid character" is very much debatable, and, as Nick notes and Carissa poses a specific theory regarding below, a death does not necessary mean the end of a character on the show. Stefan, Damon and Caroline are all dead as it is ... Isobel, Klaus and Elena? Matt, Bonnie and Katherine? Personally, I think a witch, a werewolf and a vampire will bite the dust. Thoughts?

Nick: Thinking about this always makes me sad because I adore all the characters. But, at least in Vampire Diaries dead doesn't always spell the end. I doubt Isobel counts since the show loves to up the body count but I'll incorporate it into my guess anyways since it makes the pain go away. My guess for the three solid characters are Isobel, Katherine, and Klaus. 

Carissa: I think Isobel counts. John already died... does he count? The only death I seem to have confidence in is that of Elena. I think she's going vampire. We won't know that until next season, but she will die at the end of two. I cannot stand to think of it, but I think Caroline's mom and Matt will think they are doing the right thing by killing (or trying to kill) her, as well... I just hope she kills one of them first. Maybe Matt's big story will be his death. I can dream!

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Wish list of the three characters who'll die? With Isobel: 1. Isobel
2. Bonnie
3. Matt Without Isobel: 1. Bonnie
2. Matt
3. Elena


Did you guys see that this time, we've seen a witch who wasn't black. Finally !


The Bonnie hate annoys. Ppl talked trash about her when she was against the Salvatore Bros. Ppl talk trash about her now that she is on the same side as them. She can't win. She is personally one of my favs but if the creative powers that be are listening to all the sites that rail against Bonnie, I wouldn't be surprised if she was one of the ones to get axed at the end of the season. Shame too, because she's kind of awesome and the only character (other than Elena) that has chemistry with all the other characters on the show.


I think it is Elena, Katherine and Klaus... They always loosly stick to the books... I just hope they start with Shinichi and Misao soon :)


I think Katherine shouldn't die. Everything started with her and if there wasn't her the story wouldn't make any sense.


Huh. I miss the old team. Matt Ritchell? Helloooo?
I think Tyler, Ric, and Kat will die. They have used Kat plenty trust me, that story line is really getting old. Tyler because the dude doesn't really have decent acting chops- although I'd like to see a relationship between Tyler and Car.
If any of the above get spared then it might be Matt, John, Klaus. It could also be sherriff forbes. The only characters that are entirely safe other then the salvatores and Elena are bonnie, Caroline & Jenna whom I'm very sure are gonna
make it. One has a lot of potential growth left, another has
shown so much great potential that the writers aren't gonna
touch her & the last is so trophy guardian that her going will go over with a yawn. I have a feeling though that Klaus will survive the
I was sad to see Isobel die. In the most ridiculous ways I could relate to her. I think the previous scenes she's had with Ric have been very memorable.
"I wanted this. I needed this. & I'm going to regret it forever."
"You are not going to remember this."
"I loved you. I did. & when i think about what i gave up, it hurts. Now your hearts free of me. It's easier this way. Goodbye Ric."
I find that almost as touching as Damon's ILY to Elena. Isobel had compassion- I hate that she died.
Interesting ep. Looking really fwd to the next one.


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Kat finding the moonstone in the soap bowl! Who does that? "It's in a safe place" No damon it isn't! And then damon topless and throwing a hissy fit!


My guess: Isobel, Alaric, and Katherine are the three. If not Katherine I think there's a good chance of Jeremy sacrificing himself for Bonnie. Regarding Matt's storyline, perhaps he's clearing the way for Tyler and Caroline to get back together? Those two have great chemistry.


I DON'T WANT ALARIC TO DIE! (And yes, I'm screaming, thus the capitals.) Come on, he's the only friend Damon has. Kill Matt instead! I no longer want him for Caroline. LOL. I don't know, he's cute and all but every time he's on the screen (in this episode), I am so annoyed. It's good that he has a purpose now, but meh. I don't want Alaric to die! Ooops, I've said that already. Anyway, I felt really sad when Isobel died. I love how she ended up saving Elena and giving Katherine to Klaus. My most favorite scene in this episode besides Damon shirtless, is Klaus possessing Alaric. He was so creepy when he talked to Katherine. Also, Katherine's terrified face: PRICELESS. If three characters are going to die, I'd have to say it would be Katherine or Elena, Klaus, and Bonnie. DIE BONNIE, DIE! You should die instead of Alaric. LOL.


Also I liked Isobel she could have been like Drusila from Buffy, showing up every now and then to stir up drama then leave.

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