The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Last Dance"

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Wow. Between Klaus possessing Alaric, Bonnie's "death" and Elena's desperate move, we've got plenty to discuss in our weekly Vampire Diaries Round Table Q&A.

Below, TV Fanatic managing editor Steve Marsi is joined by staff writers Carissa Pavlica and Nick McHatton for an in-depth discussion of "The Last Dance" ...


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?

Steve: 1. The first scene with Klaus and Kat, which told us a lot about what kind of guy he is, even in unfamiliar surroundings. 2. Damon's dance scenes and his emphatic proclamation that he won't let Elena die really caught me off guard.

Nick: I love the scene with Bonnie and Elena bumping into Alaric in the school halls and figuring out he's Klaus. The amount of facial expressions the actors go through is fun to watch.

Carissa: Bonnie finally getting to use some real powers in her attempt to stop Klaus, even though she knew it was Alaric's body she was damaging. So much better than blowing leaves around.


Did you believe Bonnie was dead?

Steve: I was almost fooled (Damon's plan was pretty darn good), but it just wasn't quite dramatic enough for an all-powerful witch. Klaus also took off really fast afterward, and you know what happens when bad guys do that. Plot twists!

Nick: Not for a second. Especially after Damon asked Bonnie if there was a way to increase her odds. But, like you said in your review Steve, Bonnie's "death" didn't feel epic enough for me.

Carissa: Yes, but I never believe someone is dead dead until they don't come back. I figured it was a spell of some sort when Damon stepped in, but I was also hoping she was dead long enough for her to be one of the three who die. Because, hello - we're running out of people I want to disappear!

Stefan worries about collateral damage and the lasting implications of his actions. Damon feels that the end justifies the means. With whom do you agree more?

Steve: The brothers' respective responses mirror the personalities we've seen portrayed and crafted over two seasons, which is a sign of strong writing. I love Damon, but I'm more on Team Stefan. Damon's justification for all actions that save Elena is simplistic. Stefan wants to save her, too - but with as little bloodshed as possible.

Nick: Both Stefan and Damon have valid points and if this wasn't a supernatural show I'd be more inclined to agree with Stefan, but it is and I side with Damon. Team Elena has very limited time and resources to protect her. Evening the playing field requires tough decisions that need to made and Damon seems to be the only one who actually realizes this. Not to mention he's fully on board to sacrifice anyone and anything if it means protecting Elena.

Carissa: I'm somewhere in the middle. There are a lot of things we don't do (in the medical field, for example) that would save lives based simply on principle. If one person dies, and you save a thousand, is it worth it? Yes. Even if that one person was the most beloved person of all time. Hmm... that kind of reminds me of Christianity.

Resurrecting Elijah: Smart or stupid?

Steve: I have no idea and Elena doesn't either. But with Bonnie almost eager to die to protect her, she was desperate and willing to take a chance with what's behind door #2. I mean that as a figure of speech. The dungeon doors aren't numbered.

Nick: It's smart for Elena if her deal with him still stands. Just how far Elijah is willing to go for her, especially with his warlocks dead, remains to be seen. In the end I'm going to guess it's stupid.

Carissa: I honestly don't know. Does he hate Klaus enough to protect Elena from him? It didn't feel like a lot of thought went into the decision, and by the end I was confused as to whether it was Elena or Katherine running around. Doh!

Alaric / Klaus

Best performance of the week: Ian Somerhalder or Matt Davis?

Steve: I've already praised Matt in my review, so I'll be contrarian and say Ian. He was INTENSE this week! His feelings for Elena were always thinly veiled, but are becoming more and more obvious and harder for him to process. Somerhalder is brilliant as the driven, perpetually tormented, increasingly-passionate Damon.

Nick: They both did great work this week but the win goes to Matt Davis. It's a lot of fun watching the same actor play two different people and he did it admirably. It was fun watching Klaus feel like a fish out of water in Alaric's body.

Carissa: Since Matt Davis was finally given some meaty material, the award has to go to him. It's always fun seeing actors perform two different roles in their own body, and he pulled it off admirably.

Klaus is proving to be quite unpredictable. What's his next move?

Steve: Taking us back to 1491 to go over his back story with Katherine? Sorry, that's a cop out. In the present time, he needs the moonstone, a witch and a werewolf, right? Since he's lacking the latter, maybe he'll round up Tyler somehow.

Nick: As always this show keeps me guessing. My guess is his next move is to deal with Elijah if he finds out what he's up to. Otherwise, my guess is Klaus starts moving forward putting the pieces in place to begin the ritual.

Carissa: Right now, I'm at a loss of what happens next. The writers are doing such a good job twisting and turning characters from one way to the next, it would be impossible to guess with Klaus, given how little we know of him. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride!

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


Im with Carissa, i wouldnt mind if Bonnie was one of the three deaths.. although Kat i such a good actress, im not much of a fan of the character


I mean Carrissa .. sorry


my favorite quote was:
Damon: I will always choose you!


oh I agree with clarissa. I hoped Bonnie would be one of the three to go... but it wasn't epic enough :)




Damon is just selfish. He only cares how he feels, oh yes he will feel awful cuz Elena will die. But he does not consider her feelings. How she will feel when everyone she cares about die??? Does he really thinks she will be happy and gratefull to him? He is ready to save her at the cost of other ppls lives,ppl he does not care much, just so his feelings would not be hurt. I don't think anyone of you will be happy to stay alive when all people you loved are dead.
Right now I can't see Elena being with Damon, unless something really messed-up happends to her head. So it will be interesting how writers will play around it.


Carrissa is a real Bonnie hater , jeez! Get a new girl.


I loved this episode so fun best part was Damon dancing with the 2 girl I had to back my TV up to watch it again.


when Damon said: "I will always choose you" so touching!!! Can't believe elena doesn't have any feeling for him. and when they said good night each other it's remain me about Chair scene on Gossip Girl. So SWEET!!!


My head is reeling from how many directions the next show could go.
Nina wins best acting for me with her grief in The Last Dance. Damon had the most powerful line "I will always. Choose. You." Ugghh so heart-breaking. Ian delivers an emotional punch to his brother too with his statement that he will be the one to keep Elena alive since Stefan is too busy trying to save all. This leads me to what I'm looking most forward to on the next episode: The Salvatore Brother Smackdown! The conflict of the brother's relationship is the heart of the show. Their 1st scene together in the pilot sold me on the series. Plus Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder play brilliantly off one another.

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