The Vampire Diaries Insant Reaction: Discuss "The Last Day"

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Another week, another gripping and shocking episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Tonight's episode showed us the extraordinary lengths to which Damon is willing to go to stop Elena from being a victim of Klaus - but at a potentially staggering cost to her.

The Salvatore brothers' differing interests, just beneath the surface for some time, have now erupted into a full-blown conflict with more collateral damage than ever before.

Where it takes them next is anyone's guess.

What did you think of the episode? Our official review will be live soon. In the meantime, sound off in our Vampire Diaries forum, leave comments below, and vote in our poll.

UPDATE: Our Vampire Diaries review is live!

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What did you think of "The Last Day"?

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heh, i think i know whose gonna die.. its not Jenna, i doubt it Damon but i can't be certain and its almost certainly not Elena.. oh no, its Katherine.. the arm going down to place a flower on that grave in the promo belonged to Stefen. and if Damon were to die then Stefen would almost certainly do more than just lean down and placea rose on his grave and even if he did vandalize it with flowers it'd probably be with something else.. something... representing disappointment like... yellow carnations... and if it were Jenna well naturally it'd be umm.. err whats her name? Elena! yeah it'd be Elena at the grave definetly doign more than just putting flowers on it probably weeping and saying how she failed her and stuff like that.


than just lean down and placea rose on his grave and even if he did vandalize it with flowers it'd probably be with something else.. something... representing disappointment like... yellow carnations... and if it were Jenna well naturally it'd be umm.. err whats her name? Elena! yeah it'd be Elena at the grave definetly doing more than just putting flowers on it probably weeping and saying how she failed her and stuff like that. no i think its Katherine.. the evil twin lol.. btoh Stefen and Damon cared enough for her to want her buried with respect and stuff and to have a proper funreral and all that yadda yadda yadda but not enough to shed tears at her grave.. least not while other eyes were nearbye to witness such an act, *Grin*


as a strong stefan hater,its hard to say this, but i did kinda feel sorry for him when elena got taken,even though i love damon to fu**ing bits, stefans actual girlfriend got taken away,and if she dies,she'll come back unhappy as a vampire. but forgetting all of that,i hate stefan,team damon,he loves her way more obviously,he just wants her to stay alive even if she hates him,but now he thinks hes gonna die he's just probably searching for her forgiveness by trying to save her friends and her lives. But bless him, damon hasn't felt love this strong since he thought he loved katherine,and he just doesn't know how to feel because she might die,and he still hasn't been able to confess his actual love for her yet,he's just worried she'll instantly reject him:( I just hope that damon survives,and that he'll eventually kiss the girl he loves and this time she wont reject him for who he is(L) xox


Agree with everyone who said they are fed up with Damon. Cant help but roll my eyes and get irritated over everything he does now. And come on people dont be so stupid as to think the writers will kill off Damon. If he does die they'll just bring him cant have the Damon show without Damon now can you? Hope he does die for an ep. Give us a rest from that holier than though "im big and bad and everything i do is the right thing". On the other hand, if they kill off Katherine, i may have to rethink my show choice.


THIS EPISODE JUST KEPT ME ON THE FREAKING EDGE OF MY SEAT (not really, I was lying in bed) What a f***ing awesome episode!! It rocked!! I did read all the comments below and I picked up on the "Damon subject": Please, he was INCREDIBLE IN THIS EPISODE. He did what we've all been thinking he'll eventualy do: HE GAVE ELENA HIS BLOOD! Most of us saw it coming, and the beauty of it was that we just didn't know WHEN was it going to happend. That whole scene was just PERFECT for me, first he was angry then sad, then desperate and then BAM! DRINK MY BLOOD!!! Please, take note that I'm talking about the scene not the event itself. I am not judging at all, I got mad too, but the scene was great!! He did realized that he made a mistake soon enough and tried to mend it. The part when he tries to make KLAUS "THE BIGGEST, BADDEST VAMPIRE OF ALL TIMES" to postpone the ritual he's been prepping for 1000 years was just laughable. I HAD to laugh at his cockiness. The part when he got bitten, I don't know who said it, but he may not die since Tyler wasn't completely transformed. But who knows... The whole day with Stefan and Elena was just magical. I usually don't like the "passiveness" of Stefan, but in this case (trying to make the best day for Elena) worked just fine. The moment when she cried was so emotional, I really felt for her... and when Klaus went to take her was really heartbreaking too. Caroline, Matt, Tyler, Katerina, Elijah, Alaric, EVERYONE HAD A PURPOSE ON THIS EPISODE: IT WAS FLAWLESS! FREAKING FLAWLESS. It may be my insomnia talking, but I think this was the BEST EPISODE I have watched in a long long (but very long) time. I mean from any series, any channel... of the WORLD! I really loved it, I just CAN'T WAIT until next week. I literally CANNOT WAIT! Amazing, really amazing. TVD WRITERS, IF YOU'RE READING THIS: YOU ROCK! You have great talent. And so do the actors, they were ALL GREAT. They all played their parts amazingly. Well I better go off to bed... See yaaaah!!! PS: I did like the part that Matt played on this episode, don't know what his original plans were, but he was pretty useful today.


if Damon Salvatore dies... i may actually burst into tears... which is something i haven't done since i was a toddler.. oh i've shed tears of plenty since then, but bursting into them.. ehh.. in my opinion he is the best character in the entire show.. my second favorite would be... Alaric i think. don't really like anyone else.. particuarly not Stefan... he looks far too damned smug at every time Damon has ever been miserable or angry.. always with that intolerable holier than thou ugghh.. so damn urrgh gesh!! people say Damon is arrogant, i say Stefan's haughty and obnoxious and... droll and oh god so.. pure its geshing comatizing!! its just the same as with Malfurion Stormrage and Illidan Stormrage, Stefen as Malfurion and Damon as Illidan, Stefan actually LOOKS!! like a Malfurion!! Geshh.. and of course the odds of Damon surviving are... sixty/forty 60 says he's gonna die, 40 says he won't. and i am highly HIGHLY!! cynical about the people i care about on shows and books and stuff and 84 percent of the time i am correct.. at least in the assumption that they are going to DIE!! i was right about Illidan Stormrage, i was right about Julia from Lost, i was right about Mr Eko, i was right about Dean Winchester... and several others... course Dean's death was reversed .. hmm, though with that new magical item thing they have now, i suppose its possible he'll survive... or maybe Elijah will spill his blood into Damon's mouth when he's on the cusp of death and he'll be healed by his special Original vampire blood... as for whose gonna die in this next episodee... i think its probably John Gilbert.. maybe.. or no... Alaric would be a great corpse actually.. seriously, i can see him lying in a coffin skin all gray eyes closed.. dressed in a suit.. sorta Armani looking... wow he's kinda hot..


THis is propably going to be my favorite episode of this season !! I was speechless like the whole time , i LOVED the forwood scenes, it was even better then i hoped it would be!! I am so glad tyler is back, as for damon besides from the giving elena blood i loved him this ep !! Loved stefan and elena too !! But what's the deal with elena never wanting to be a vampire? How can she stay with stefan then? And will she become one now for sure? I don't fully understand that part... And damon obviously isn't gonna die from the bite, it will be a cliffhanger but we all now he won't die, because then there wouldn't be a love triangle anymore.!

Reese williams

never felt more sorry for Jenna. Klaus.... you dick. i don't care how about how Damon ended up with the wolfbite, what he did to Elena was ridiculous.
Obviously all you Damon-crazies will defend everything he does (he's like the Bieber of TVD) (LOL) but i felt so bad for Elena. I really hope she doesnt become a vampire ._. but now Jenna is.... or, she will be, or she'll be dead :\
Cannot freaking wait for next week. P.S. Damon is not going to die.... come on guys, he's the highest paid actor on the show and a main character, if he was leaving it would be news.


Stefan tearing up when Klaus came to get Elena :(
Damn why does Paul Wesley always make me cry? Such a sweet scene.


WOW that scene of when Stefan and Elena come back from their walk (Klaus coming to collect her) was so well acted out! Paul and Nina did that extremely well! I got tears in my eyes.


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