Weeds Season 7 Clip: Nancy in the Slammer

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Weeds kicks off its final season on June 27 and, according to a couple spoilers, we can reveal that:

  • A time jump has likely occurred, as the show is casting for a four-year old to play Nancy's son, Stevie.
  • Nancy will be in serious trouble.

As the following sneak peek teases, the consequences of Nancy's life as a drug dealer will be apparent to both herself and viewers during the seventh season premiere. How so? Feast your eyes on a jail-bound Nancy and her cellmate Roya now...


Naming it as the final season is a bit premature, don't you think? Jenji has never said that she was ending it. She said she thinks seven seasons is a good run, but who knows what would happen? The reason she likely said that is because the actors' contracts expire after this season, but new contracts can, and knowing Showtime, likely will be signed. It makes you seem like you are not credible when you post information like that.

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