Who Will be Named 90210 Prom King and Queen?

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First, Glee. Now, 90210.

A week after scoop on the former's prom king and queen came out (much to the chagrin of producers) the identity of the same honorees at West Beverly has leaked. So, who will wear the crowns on this CW hit?

Naomi and Teddy!

As first reported by TV Line, the May 9 episode of 90210 will focus on this annual event. It will depict just how far Naomi and Teddy have come in regard to popularity and acceptance among their peers.

Take a look at the winners in this exclusive photo and visit TV Line for a few more promo shots:

90210 Prom King/Queen

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well duh 8) who else wold win? idiotic annie?!


thats not annie its that girl that has a funny voice and competed with navid in that competition?


Really happy Naomi won she has been my favorite character since the show began. For some reason I don't particular care for Annie as a character.


@vampirelover08: Oh, okay. My mistake. :)


@Aries93. That's not Annie. I saw some pictures on another website and that's not Annie. Annie's wearing a different dress. I'll post the link if I can find it.


I thought Annie and Liam for some odd reason. :S
Either way, Naomi deserves it, as well as Teddy. :D
I see Dixon on stage as well as what looks like to be Annie.
Perhaps they were runner-ups?
This is one episode I look forward to watching. :D


Naomi and Teddy! haha
cant wait!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.