Who Will Die on Castle? 04/08/2011

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The Grim Reaper won't just be visiting Mystic Falls this spring.

An ABC insider tells Michael Ausiello that a key character will die on the Castle season finale next month. Who will it be? The TV columnist simply reports the character is "someone who’s been with the series since the beginning."

We can also confirm the title of this game-changing episode: "Knockout." Let the guessing games begin!

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Can someone tell the truth!!!😕


You never know - American TV has been borrowing a few tricks from the Brits bag lately and anyone who has ever seen "Spooks" knows anyone in the show is fair game. And Kate tho the primary reason for watching for many of us is not the main character. I am still mad they kill Montgomery, sir you were a awesome character /kudos


I think this is Rick's plot. Remember Montgomery brought him to the hangertoget Kate out of the way. He is not really dead they are trying to flush the big guy. Kate is aluve too, there quite simply would be no show without her.


Episode just finished-Montegomery is definitely dead, but at his funeral, Kate is snipered. The final scene *MAJOR SPOILER* is with blood trickling out of Kate's mouth and Castle profesing his lover for her as her eyes close. SHE CAN'T BE DEAD!!!!!!! I will just stop watching. We should form a fan army and re-write it if she is. I am dead serious.


ok kate better not be dead. we all know montgumery is dead but WTF... kate can't be dead. i would legit shank the producer in the face.


Kate and Montgomery are dead..


okey they are not killing off any of the main charters (castle, kate, ryan, esposito, martha, alexis, captain) the only other possibility would have to be gina or josh! please let it be josh. it this was to happen it would affect kate there for causing her to run to castle. not one of you have thought of josh. my logic is undeniable.


Gotta be Captain Montgomery. He promised his wife he'd retire, so this would be a great way to take him off the show. Plus they really set it up for him to leave. "He has 'retired' every year. He's not going anywhere." Famous last words... Too bad - he's a great addition to the show, but I'd rather lose his character than any of the others. The only other person who would be good to lose is Ashley, the boyfriend. As sweet as he is, this could really up the ante for Alexis' character this year and how Castle deals with her. Either way, should be interesting! This is my favorite show!!!!


I just hope the writers don't get too full of themselves and are doing this just to be "edgy" or "fresh" as one commenter said earlier. At the end of the day this is just entertainment. Nothing more and nothing less. Seeing a character killed off that I've enjoyed watching over the past few years will be annoying and I just hope the writers don't do something insanely stupid.


i think its quite obvious its going to be gina! as they stated it was going to be a character there from episode one (and it just so happened she appeared ep1).. only other contender is montgomery rele but i think thats alot less likly, however they are the only 2 i see going, it wont be espisito,ryan,or lanie due to espistitos relationship with lanie and the fact ryan wasnt in the first episode, killing of one would probably write out 1 of the others for atleast along time, (look at beckets 10years after her moms murder)...with the 3xk still out there and the fact he kills blondes all fingers piont at gina (also they abbandoned the idea of her an castle wat to quickly an straight away brought in josh) meaning the writers wanted one of the mains to have a relationship going on

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