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Hope Bonnie lives. Can't handle seeing Jeremy being super heartbroken again. 1st Vicki then Anna and now hopefully not Bonnie. He was super afraid of being with Bonnie cuz i guess he really doesn't wanna be heartbroken again and if Elena knows, she gonna stop Bonnie before she does whatever she wants to do cuz Elena doesn't want Jeremy to be like that again.


In my opinion, there's no way Bonnie will die. It's way too obvious now that we know she needs to sacrifice herself in order to kill Klaus. The writers are all about shocks and surprises so I doubt this will be any exception.


I hope Bonnie doesn't die! I really like her and hope she will survive the season.


could even be Damon!!!! i hope not but he does die in the last book


now way the main characters r goin to get killed off. it going to be less main characters like chroline' Mum, or Uncle John????


I think Bonnie will stay alive


I don't think bonnie is going to die !! I actually like her again !! She's very brave and strong, her dying will be to predictable imo. Also i think they really need her, she's the only witch on the show. And another girl dying on jeremy ?? That's too much i think.

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