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Your King of the Hot Nerds Is...

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Shawn Spencer of USA Network's Psych!

The "Psych-Os" wasted NO time in responding to our poll!

Ok, so maybe he's not the nerdiest nerd of the bunch, but he has definitely got some nerdish tendencies! And judging by the enormous response, edging out the likes of Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) and Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds), it would seem more than a few of you think he's HOT!

Congratulations again to the man who knows more about 80s pop culture than any other character on television!

But the fun isn't over! Oh no! We still have to crown Mr. Spencer's Queen! You can submit your ideas to us for who would make good candidates to share the title with Shawn, and look for a new poll to go live early next week to determine the Queen of the Hot Nerds!

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I can't think of a hotter nerd! =)


Absolutely well earned :D Ha Shawn Spencer victorious once again


A well deserved award. I've never heard so many geek references made in one show untell Psych.


Sweet! It's just goes to show that if Shawn Spencer isn't the nerd, we, the Psychos, are. Hahahahaha. Congrats Shawn!