90210 Promo: "The Prom Before the Storm"

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Next week is prom on 90210.

After we saw "Women on the Verge" last night, prom might looms large for these privileged high schoolers as Dixon and Annie learn bad news about their future.

Meanwhile, Ivy learns that Raj's health is getting worse, Adrianna puts the moves on Navid with Silver in the hospital, and Naomi and Max's relationship is tested.

Who will be 90210 prom king and queen? How will the rest of these events play out? Watch the CW's promo below and leave a comment with your predictions ...

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seems like they understand the term of drama in this show! Finnaly! I think here should be a mass murderer and kill of some characters, so new ones can come and hook-up! So they can kill Adrianna, Dixon, Navid! Trully unimportant characters! Looking forward to season 4! The show did evolve and characters finnaly learned to act! XD! the stories are better shown then in the first 2 seasons!! And the show is better than Gossip Girl and Hellcats!!


OMG i cant wait to see next week i hope max and naomi dont break up i like them together...annie & liam r boring...adrianna needs to try to get some kind of custody of her child, and whats going on with her music career...i want dixon and silver to get back together...other than that i need longer episodes


I hope this episode is the end of Silver and Navid. Hopefully something good comes out of Adrianna's mess.
As for Max and Naomi, I know this won't be the end of them (or it might be until they get back together to deal with the child they may be having if Naomi gets pregnant).
I wish the promo gave more detail. So excited for next week. :D


OMG! it's true!!!!!!! the first good promo for 90210!!!! guess the guy who made the previous ones was fired...


excited! i like 90210 more and more. teddy is cute with marco, max and naomi have great chemistry! and ade/silver brings a little bit anger in their perfect world. i like it
one thing i dont like, annie/liam screen time is so boring, i want more! and more love

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.