90210 Review: "The Prom Before the Storm"

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Prom in Beverly Hills proved no one was in Kansas anymore. Freaky acrobats, weird white & blue neon lights and a space-age lounge motif, "The Prom Before the Storm" looked like something out of "A Clockwork Orange."

And of course we knew who prom king & queen would be. Naomi and Teddy! Shows you how far these two have come in being accepted by everyone at West Bev.

Teddy and Naomi: Prom King and Queen?

Naomi did not disappoint with her self-serving speech and Teddy's one word "thanks" was classic. I especially loved the dance between Teddy and Marco. Best couple at the prom by far.

Perennially prissy school party planner Harper cracked me up. For such an anal retentive pain in the butt, she sure got her freak on. Poor Dixon. First roped into being co-chair for the prom committee by Harper then teased mercilessly by his best buddies for dancing with her. Goes to show you... no good deed goes unpunished.

Silver busting in at the end of prom and telling Navid she never wanted to see him again added to all the drama. Prom may not have ended in tears and a bucket of blood, but the tension and anger was alive and kicking.

Adrianna was still heading towards Delusionville at an alarming speed. Waking up next to Navid, she capitalized on him having blacked out and unable to recall anything by telling Navid that he'd kissed her and that he'd told her he loved her. Navid freaked out at the thought that he'd cheated on Silver. Guilt-ridden, he stood by Silver's side at the hospital while Adrianna continued to instigate herself into their lives.

The doctor gave Silver the okay to go home but also let her know her blood tests showed no sign of her taking her bipolar meds. Silver insisted she'd been taking her meds and told the doctor she'd bring in the pills to prove it. You could see the panic in Adrianna's eyes.

Lickety-split Adrianna showed up at Silver's in order to take back the fake pills. Stupid Adrianna. She should have just switched them again and not have taken the whole bottle. Later on Silver couldn't find them and suspected Silver but Navid wasn't willing to believe her. He reminded her that the doctor had told her she'd still experience paranoia. Silver agreed. All I could do was shout "Listen to your gut, girl!"

But of course she didn't. Later when Navid flat out told Adrianna that he didn't love her and Adrianna exacted her revenge on him by telling Silver about Navid's supposed cheating, I couldn't believe how quickly Silver was willing to believe the wolf in sheep's clothing. Adrianna may think she's won but I see a loony bin in her future for sure.

Debbie Downer delivered the bad news to Dixon and Annie that there wasn't enough money for them to go to both Pepperdine and Carnegie Mellon.

Later, it was amazingly sweet that Dixon sacrificed his desire to go to Pepperdine and let Annie be the one to go to her dream school. For the first time, they actually seemed like a real brother and sister. And that certainly was apparent when Annie surprised Dixon and told him he'd also be able to go to his dream school since she'd sold Marla's necklace.

Annie may have lucked out with Marla leaving her entire estate to her but the introduction of Marla's daughter does not bode well. Trust me, that's not the last time we'll see Marla's lawyer chatting with Annie.

Naomi and Max's romance continued to steam up the halls of West Bev. Unfortunately Naomi was given the bad news that she needed to write a 10-page history paper or risk failing yet another class. Naomi panicked but Max reminded her that she'd learned calculus in one night so writing a paper would be a piece of cake.

Max helped Naomi along all night and boosted her confidence which led to Naomi writing an A paper. Or had she? Apparently not. Accused by her teacher of having turned in such a great paper that she possibly could not have written it, Naomi was hurt and angered. She worked hard and pushed herself so why all the hate from Mr. Phillips?

And was it me or was that creepy teacher a bit too much in Naomi's business? I mean, really, what teacher shows up in the middle of prom to talk about a paper? Regardless of whether he thinks it's a fake or not?

Ultimately, Max confessed that he "helped" Naomi's paper a bit and made some changes thus the teacher's accusation. Max was only trying to increase Naomi's chances of getting a killer grade but as far as Naomi was concerned he stepped over the line this time. Trouble in paradise.

But Ivy and Raj were the real king and queen last night.

Raj's prognosis was not good at all. Stage 4 cancer. Facing a sad and withering end, Ivy remained true to him and stood by his side. They may not have a lot of time left but she was damned if she was going to waste it.

Raj acted like a fool by getting drunk and even suggesting a threesome, but it was heartbreakingly understandable. Seeing the wide open future that Ivy had compared to his quickly approaching demise, Raj was willing to let Ivy go. Telling Ivy she was wasting her time on him, he never saw Ivy's true devotion coming at him like a Mack truck. Ivy told him she'd be with him till the end. Hopelessly in love with him, she couldn't leave Raj if she tried. Floored by her love, Raj proposed on the beach the next morning.

Gotta admit I never saw that coming and I too was floored. Is the future theirs after all? We'll see next week!


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This episode is a lil bit boring. The prom setup looks dull. But i don't know why i laughed so hard at the Dixon-Harper-dancing scene. ;D Now i'm curious, is Naomi the one getting pregnant? another one week to go! ughhh..


It was a solid episode! The highlight of the ep was the freaky PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM! Silver made it happened! I truly loved the N-A-S dynamic! They made it quite interesting! and Adrianna is the nice and trusty girl! LOL Dixon a big LOL! i love the way that girl tortured him! Finnaly a little more of him, after the I'm HIV + crap! Naomi! Okay they needed a way to kick Max out of her live! And maybe involve her in a long distance, while cut CU guys hut her! Her speech was just the way she is cute , self-centered and truthful. Raj&Ivy it's a little stupid! I love the way the 2 of them interact but they aren't interesting at all! Annie I love this girl! And she has gone a long way! See how she will prove her self on college!


i like Max and Naomi. They are the only reason i decided to watch this new version of 90210. :)


None of the couples excite me. Last season we had some that did, Dixon/Ivy, Liam/Annie, Naomi/Liam, etc. even Javier and Ade. and that redhead girl that was in Ade's band and Navid. This season it's just IDK. Even that triangle is horrible and how is Dixon not involved DEEPLY in this storyline, don't BS me that Navid cares more about Erin Silver, I'll never believe that on. I want them to go Adrianna and Dixon and turn this into a quad that switches partners and deals w/ thier feelings, plus I think Adrianna and Dixon would be semi-hot especially since Dixon is a sensual character when he's chasing a girl. But now w/ Adrianna going crazy I don't see it. And that just sucks. Beginning of S3 was OK the end has been a freaking train wreck. Max, Marco, Raj get them all the hell out of here.


Oh and Naomi's speech... Classic!!!


Hmz.. I don't really like the Raj and Ive storyline. It's because I don't care at all about Raj.. There was hardly any build-up, he was just there all of a sudden. Still like ade as the bad girl :) Though taking silvers pills with her is clearly the opening the way for someone to find them in her purse and expose her.


90210 has become absurd.


Max & Naomi: I saw the whole paper thing coming. I knew he would alter it at some state and that this would be the reason for his expulsion at West Beverly. It sucks how the episode ended on the couple not sorting out the issue though. :/ Silver, Navid & Adrianna: I found what Adrianna did evil, yet loved it. I am glad she has tried to split up Silver and Navid and actually succeeded. I never like Silver and Navid, so I am glad it happened. I still find it really stupid that Adrianna tried to swap over the pills with the bathroom door open well Silver was no less than 3 meters away. Seriously Adrianna? Seriously? Are you that stupid? Dixon & Annie: It's obvious that they won't be going anywhere. The show is called 90210. I guess the whole money issue is a good explanation to keep them in the district and go to state school, but for Annie to sell the necklace and get enough money to allow them both to go to where ever the hell they're going to college is a ridiculous idea. What's the excuse for them staying now Rebecca Sinclair? Also, may I just bring up that clearly Marla meant NOTHING to Annie if she SOLD such a valuable necklace that Marla absolutely adored. You're a horrible person for doing that Annie. If I ever hire you in the future, remind me to never give you anything. ESPECIALLY A HOUSE! As for Dixon, GIVE HIM A STORYLINE! Such as, getting back with Silver! If someone he gets with Harper, I'll be pissed. Ivy & Raj: Still bored... It's obvious Raj will die and Ivy will be left as a depressed widow. I hope she gets hooked on something and overdoses in an ally - that's not going to happen though. I hope she gets pregnant, so when Raj dies she'll be a single mother. WORST CHARACTER EVER! Liam & Teddy: They got enough screen time early this season, I'm happy with these character the way they are. It would be good though if they were shown a little more often however. Debbie & Ryan: It would be good if these characters were shown a lot more often towards the seasons end as it'll be there last. Perhaps an explanation for Ryan's absence? Like for say; Leaving Debbie and going with Jen and their son to Paris like Jen wanted? As for Debbie, I like how SHE was going over what was left in Marla's will for Annie. Because that's completely legal and everything.


I love Adrianna, but I do think that she needs to be put in a mental institution. She's become a threat to herself and to those around her, and she'll only become more unstable unless she gets psychological help soon. That being said, I still despise Nilver and I'm still rooting for NavAde. It's probably just wishful thinking, but I hope that Ade will eventually do something selfless and epic for Navid. When she gets better, that is.

Gaby ee

I want Adrianna to be caught so bad!! I can't stand her anymore

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Max [to Naomi]

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