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While I really enjoyed this episode, there were no major cliff hangers for me...maybe I should stop reading the spoilers lol Anywho, I thought Ivy and Raj's wedding was BEAUTIFUL. I was really broken hearted to see Max and Naomi break up... I gotta admit I got a little teary eyed myself. I really LOVE those two together and I am looking forward to seeing how this whole pregnancy thing will work out. I'd be really surprised if she's lying considering all the drama she went through with no one believing her about Mr. Cannon raping her. BUT stranger things have happened on 90210!!
It was wonderful to see Dixon have more than 10 minutes air time....I really hope he is one of the people to come back next season. I'm staying hopeful! :-)
I am a little pissed about the whole Liam going off on a boat crap. I hope he'll be back for another season and that this isn't a way to write him off. I really like his character and hope we get some of the stuff we got from him when he first came on the scene.
And I left the best for last: while I was ITCHING for Ade to get busted, I didn't want the girl to become SO delusional that she would contemplate killing herself!!! Way to go on the acting though....her breakdown was actually believeable. I agree with those who said that this girl has A LOT of making up to do. Let's hope it lingers a while before they forgive her.

P.S. I know I'll get some back lash for this but I like that Navid & Silver are back together....LOVE those two....too cute!!!
Till next season!!! :-)


How do we even know that Naomi is honest about the baby thing. I mean, she said to Annie that there's nothing she could say to make him stay. Maybe she made it up. I didn't see the stitches at her arm. did you see them? if yes, my theory might be a little far-fetched but still possible, isnt it?


Ivy was beautiful, Raj is adorible

People here bringing up great points-
-Ivy's mom having a revelation after a convo with an 18-year-old
-Ade having the pills with her at the party!
-Annie & Naomi undergoing heartwrenching breakups, then acting all happy like nothing happened
-Naomi prego!

I dont really care about Annie x Liam, I think Annie overreacted and shouldn't have broken up so fast

But Max & Naomi are wonderful together, great chemistry, love em, and I was so afraid Max was gone for good at the ceremony! At the same time, it bums me out that it seems the only thing keeping them together is a baby. What an annoying cliche tv drama thing to do.



Maybe she was planning to do it again. If she did, it would have made Silver look like she was neglecting herself and they could have sent her away for good then she could get Navid.


i think that was my most favorite tv wedding ever. the elephant, the dances, the dresses.. sooo awesome!

omg, this is the third season finale i watched today with someone being pregnant at the end. what's going on???


i LOVE max and naomi. theyre the reason 90210 is coming back to life for me, adorable, funny. i'm excited to see how they will handle the new pregnancy. I'm sure this will force Max to stay so he can help her figure it out, which means he can't do the summer program and get into MIT which means he's staying. more naomi and max time! and it kinda hurts me that people think she's lying about being pregnant. after all she's been thru, naomi has really grown, i think she's done with lying after seeing how it can have earth shattering affects.

i like annie and liam also. I'm glad liams character is getting more depth to him he's been "supportive bf character for annie" way too long. i like him and when he gets into his emotional side it makes him so much more interesting as a character. i cant wait to see annie be a spendthrift like naomi with her new money.

i'm so proud of adrianna! after everything went down with silver, i was like oh great now she's going to be all sad and depressed and wanna kill herself (which is what happened haha!). i'm tired of her self destructive ways. what did she think was going to happen with her scheming? with her drug use, her pregnancy, her career, javier, i'm tired of her feeling sorry for herself. when she decides to grow up and become a better person, i was shocked. bravo writers! maybe she make a transformation like annie did after the accident.


Easy to forget, Aries93, as Dixon has been a wallflower! And my thoughts on this finale? Like most of this season I found it pretty disappointing.

- It's a real shame they didn't delve more into Teddy
- I hated the Raj/Ivy wedding stuff
- I realize they needed a way to wrap up the Ade pills story line (one of the story lines I liked) but the way they did it was too convenient
- again, this is 90210 and unrealism is the name of the game but where were the parents? Any parent?
- I guess we won't see any Annie inheritance drama with the daughter until next season but that whole side trip is something that should never have happened...


@reynolds: Oh, my deepest apologies. I almost forgot about Dixon. If the character had a decent storyline, I may remember his character history.


@Aries93 - "They've been pregnancies, I'll grant you that, but not a fake pregnancies."

I try to forget some of these cheezy storylines but Dixon's ex Sasha faked a pregnancy, right?


I think people on this show have done a lot of horrible things, but Adrianna crossed the line. LITERALLY! She did a horrible thing. Switching out Silver's meds could have resulted in something drastic. Silver may have killed herself or harmed someone else. I don't blame Silver or anyone else for how they're treating her.

Also, I agree. I think Naomi may be faking it. They've been pregnancies, I'll grant you that, but not a fake pregnancies. I think this could be something they pull of as a fake. Naomi really could pull this off if she wanted to.

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