90210 Season Finale Promo: Graduation Time!

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On next week's third season finale of 90210, it will be both graduation day and someone's wedding day.

Following "The Prom Before the Storm," viewers will watch Ivy walk down the aisle with Raj; Liam deliver surprising news to Annie; and Ryan asking Debbie to make a major move with him.

What else can fans expect from the May 16 installment? Watch the following promo for "To the Future!" and see for yourself:

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Tracy: If your comment about Liam and Annie is directed at me, let me tell you that I do think it's not her business. I will agree that if she's worried about her boyfriend not going to college, she should talk to him. But not yell at him on graduation day. She needs to calm down. I've never even heard Liam utter the words "Yeah, Annie. Let's totally go to college with one another". So I doubt he's done anything wrong by her.


I cannot wait to see Adrianna get haunted by the late Javier while she's standing on the ledge.


seriously? Lannie having trouble?! They were not on screen their whole 'relationship' nothing happened, no kissing, no sex, no storyline, no fun, NOTHING! I looooove lannie but they had so lesss screentime. And next week they have a fight?! Well thankyou for ruin then


I'm sorry how is Annie a bitch ? She has all rights to be mad (although she even isn't , she's just confused). Your boyfriend who was willing to go with you in college just says he changed his mind in last minute , you seriously think she should be "whatever"? Can't wait for Lannie scenes , finally some screen time , it was about time. Fingers crossed everything will be fine


I'm excited for this episode. First, I'm glad that there's actually some drama that's gonna go down between Annie and Liam. Since the Cabo episode, we haven't really seen anything on their relationship. Their scenes together have revolved around being in each other's company but we haven't seen anything on the ins and outs of their relationship. I'm glad that Adrianna gets caught. She deserves it. A person can only take revenge so far and messing with Silver's medication was the line that she crossed. I think that everyone finding out is what will push her to her suicide attempt as rumored. As for Ivy and Raj's wedding, it looks exciting. I wouldn't think that Ivy would get married that way but seeing how she probably wants to give Raj everything she can, she'll do it. Naomi's reaction to the bouquet was really funny and I hope that she and Max end things well this season. I love them together.


so we are going to see lots of Ivy/Raj scenes during finale, is it?

Gaby ee

Can't wait to see the finale! SO glad that Adrianna is getting caught.


I canNOT WAIT for this episode!!! man this show has gotten better and better


Yay!! INDIAN WEDDING!!! I love Indian weddings.. They are so lively!


Ivy and Raj's Indian wedding? Are you kidding me? Looks hysterical! XD I believe the thing Liam "lied" about to Annie was the fact he decided not to go to college. Bitch needs to calm her tits. It's his decision, so she needs to calm down. Clearly everyone finds out what Adrianna did with Silver's meds, so they're going to shun her. What can we say? Karmas a bitch! XD

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.