90210 to Bid Farewell To...

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Sorry, Maomi fans.

While Naomi may have a special honor coming her way next week, she also will be facing some bad news in the near future: sources confirm that boyfriend Max will get expelled from West Beverly and, despite recent claims to the contrary, attend MIT after all.

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Naomi will soon be feeling a different sort of blue over Max. Will you miss the character? Discuss in our 90210 forum!

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i will miss max-i really liked the naomi/max storyline-they are so sweet to each other. looked like the real deal to me-i also hope naomi is actually pregnant.


Max & Naomi were epic. They were unpredictably amazing in the beginning but then became predictably too lovey dovey. His departure may not be the worst idea for Naomi's character as long as they bring him back eventually. Could be a romantic surprise if done write. Take him away but please bring him back to be with Naomi in the end. And for crying out loud, Naomi & Liam should at least be friends.


I LOVED Naomi and Liam, i don't know why they decided to split them up like that it made no sense! and then he suddenly was into Annie :S Lannie is cute BUT just FOR LIAM, 'cause his character is soo cute/intense/hot but Annie? one word: Annoying! That's why now i love Naomi and Max he's sweet ande she seems to be REALLY in love with him :)


If he wasn't around, Naomi will get a replacement for sure. Still same amount of screentime will be given to Naomi and her partner. Or even worst, a triangle between Annie-Liam-Naomi. *Hope not* Annie got so many people around her, her brother tristan, her mom debbie, her marla, her emily, her charlie, her friends, etc etc etc. That is why Liam has less screentime with her. I heard next season there will be no parents, so the couples might get 'more' screentime.


I really don't care if he will stay or leave. I don't find them interesting at all , just because too much screentime is focusing around them made me already be fed up with them.
And anyway nobody will ever beat the most cutest couple of the show - Lannie, which fairly deserve more than background scenes! Even though I don't care for Maxomi. I still think it was best Naomi's relationships!


Love max and naiomi ..... Dey r da only interesting couple on da show and ivy and raj but looks like his gonna die....and we are gonna be stuck with whining Annie who doesn't have any chemistry with Liam .....if dey take away max I hope Liam and naiomi get back together


I think Max will amend the content of her "paper", while she was sleeping, and without her permission. That's why Naomi is really mad @ prom. After that, he'd tell the real story to the teacher and got expelled, so Naomi will be safe. Well, am just guessing. ;p But i'm pretty sure Naomi will do 'something' for him during finale.


Wow that's unexpected but they were never going to last anyway so what's the point in extending it further. Liam and Annie are the cutest couple anyway...


nayyyy.. He can say bye-bye today, and come back tomorrow. This is 90210! ;p


I hope he takes that fugly tranny with him...


I gave up my daughter for this?


How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]