90210 to Shake Up Cast; Does AnnaLynne McCord Want Out?

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Changes are coming to 90210.

With new showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen on board, AnnaLynne McCord made it very clear in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly: many cast members will not be returning.

“That’s something we’ve been told,” the actress confirmed. “I think their reasoning for thinking they might slim down the cast is because it might be too much going with having people in different places."

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We already know that Debbie and Ryan are gone. Based on events from the finale, it would be easy to write out Liam. And perhaps Adrianna will be shipped off to therapy?

But with such a major development affecting Naomi to conclude season three, no way McCord is going anywhere... right?

Possibly wrong, however.

The actress told the magazine that she isn't very enthusiastic any longer about her role on 90210.

“Honestly, after about three years on a show, you’re like, ‘Thank you very much for giving me a step up. Now can I go do movies?’” she said. “We love our job and we love our fans especially, but you’re always ready for that moment when you can break free. I don’t know who’s going to be lucky, the ones who stay or go. We haven’t decided yet.”

Could the show write out Naomi? Sure, she's having Max's baby and could move across the country to be with him. Should the show write out Naomi? Would you still watch? Sound off now in our Comments section and in our 90210 forum!

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I really think the show needs all of the characters to stay at the moment. The show has been entertaining. I was an original 90210 fan, and I only began watching this version because of Kelly and Brenda being brought back. The first couple of episodes, I only cared about finding out if Brandon or Dylan was the father of Sammy! However, I began to get interested in the characters and now I am a loyal fan of the show. I really liked what they did with this last season finale. Not as dramatic as the first two seasons and gave it a nice touch to the ending of their high school career. However, none of their story lines have been wrapped up well enough and I believe any departures will ultimately end the show. I enjoy all of the characters and while they do not always have a constant storyline, their friendships and hardships for and with each other make the show worth watching. When Brenda left, it was after the first year of College and I think it was a perfect time to let a cast member go. I think Annalynne should atleast give it until the end of season 4 before she decides to walk. I have also seen her work in movies, and I think she needs to stay with 90210 at the moment. Her movies are mediocre, at best but her 90210 character was the break out of the show. Don't let it get to your head to soon!


I'm not sure if this show will survive if they write out too many of the current cast. Unfortunately the story lines aren't strong enough to cope with new cast members for viewers to accept. The original continued after writing main characters out because it was a much stronger show to start with. The bonds between the characters were strong, the story lines were for the most part excellent, and new additions were fairly well worked in and left in for long periods. It wasn't until Brandon left that the show bombed, which says a lot for strong story lines that transcended changing cast members. I'm not a big fan of Naomi, but she did tend to garner the best story lines. It'd be interesting to see who they think deserves them if she left. Ultimately this show is not going to last for 10 seasons. It's not got the story lines or cast to do it. Cutting their losses with current cast members could reinvigorate the show, but only if the story lines are transformed as well.


@clarkisqueen: fame changes people. Personally, I think that Ade should be given credit for the fact that she continued to have any association whatsoever with her non-celebrity high-school friends. Most celebrities don't even do that.


Naomi is the only very well developed character on the show. If Annie or Ade or Dixon or Teddy or Liam left, it really wouldn't be the end of 90210. But Naomi is one of the core characters that makes the show worth watching. She has always had a solid storyline. She has always been interesting. And viewers have always loved her. I personally think they should have killed off Ade's character. I mean, the girl has done hard drugs, joined AA, stopped being slutty and dated Navid, given birth, become a lesbian, become famous, stolen a dead popstar's lyrics, ruined Silver's desired future... WHAT more can they do with her character? I think before becoming famous the writers could push her to certain extremes where the audience hated her but she could still be redeemed and we could fall back in love with one of her more functional sides. In fact numerous times in the show Ade was my favorite character. Why couldn't the writers have made her character stable? I know Ade is insane but she could have definately been less insane. The extreme shallowness her character showed when being a popstar was not consistent with Ade's good heart. The writers had written her down a path of unredeemable destruction, so why not let her kill herself? This show needs a death. Especially since so many characters have to go anyway. It would have been perfect timing.


You guys really underestimate Adrianna's relevance to this show. Naomi may be the central character, but Adrianna's the primary source of 90210's drama. And the fact that Jessica Lowndes is a good actress and easy on the eyes both work in her favour as well.


Bring everyone back next season, please!!! Especially our favorite couples --- Naomi & Max, Annie & Liam!!!


As much as AnnaLynne's acting chops is not the best of the show, but her character Naomi is the life of the show.


No matter what, I would still watch the show because I am a long time fan of the new version as well as the old 90210.


They gotta keep Max... I LOVE HIM!

I adore chair

ok get rid of the adults (Ryan,Debbie,Jen,Laurel)
Dixon, Ivy,Raj, Adrianna- get rid of they have no purpose left on the show
Keep- Liam,Annie,Naomi,Max,Silver,Navid,Teddy

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.