ABC Axes Six Shows

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ABC brought the axe down on a number of shows today, some new, others that were more established and popular. The six casualties were:

  • V
  • No Ordinary Family
  • Mr. Sunshine
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Off the Map
  • Detroit 1-8-7
  • V Season Finale Scene
  • Zach on Off the Map

The network also announced official pick-ups for 12 new shows. They include Charlie's Angels and a new comedy from Tim Allen.

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I can't believe you canceled Off the Map! You didn't even give the show a chance. You should consider giving the rights of the show to CBS. Lesson learned I will never start watching a new show on ABC again.


And what's so good about Charlie's Angel's? it's something already done. NOTHING NEW IN IT.


This is sad! Brothers and Sisters was one of the nicest show on TV! How can they cancel it?


I cant believe they cancled No Ordinary Family. Whats wrong with a family friendly tv show? I hate this crap that passes for quality tv these days. Reality tv is junk!! I will admit I like Sister Wives and mtvs 16 & pregnant and Teen mom. But come on, thats decent reality, its heartfelt and more real. Who really wants to watch a bunch of boozing jerks make assholes out of themselves on reality tv shows? I dont.. Im really sad to see No Ordinary Family wont be coming back for more seasons. I have no real problem with adult tv but it does get tiring watching a line up of drunken idiots and shows where the F word flies constantly. It was refreshing to see a exciting show that I could watch without worrying about my son seeing it. Also next time ABC check into the ratings better. In the age of dvr and the internet shows are more accessable then ever.


what the F*****!!! I loved off the map! it was sooo goood! fuck this!


Having been a massive fan of original V from the mid 1980's, i gave V reimaigined, a try & was hooked from the 1st episode! have just watched the final episode of series/season 2 last night-left it on a cliffhangar too, and today i learn ABC have dropped it with no series 3, what a way to end a show,shame on them, could do with MR.T telling them to get some NUTS!


I love NOF. I don't think ABC knows what good television looks like. It's like they just want crappy shows on, and if it looks like it could catch on, they switch nights a half a dozen times so you never know whhen it's, have long hiatuses, and the cut the season short. They do everything they can to make sure it gets cancelled. I hate ABC and the jerks that make the decisions.


ABC were banking on Flash Forward last year and Off the Map this year to boost their audience share. They need to up their game cos their existing programmes like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are loosing audience share too.


Keep Posting to TVFanatic on every single blog about brothers and sisters even if its not related to brothers and sisters eventually. They'll have to write about the support its getting.


OMG I can't believe you are cancelling the best show on TV. The characters and the story lines are wonderful.
Sally Fields is the greatest actress and all the characters are wonderful together.
Sundays will be sad from now on....please do not stop such a great show!!!!!!
ABC what is wrong with you???????????????