American Idol Recap: Who Stood Out?

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Here is how difficult of a night it was to assess on American Idol on Tuesday: Lauren Alaina gave both the best and the worst performance.

Dedicating a cover of Martina McBride's "Anyway" to victims of the recent tornadoes in Alabama, the aspiring country star nailed every note and every emotion during her first time on stage, causing self-proclaimed heartbreak for Steven Tyler.

See what we mean here:

However, Alaina's follow-up attempt to act sassy during a version of "Trouble" came across as forced. Tyler admitted he wasn't sure if she pulled it off.

Scotty McCreery had an equally uneven evening, bringing tears to the eyes of viewers with the post 9/11 ballad "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)," yet getting overly hokey with an odd rendition of "Young Blood."

James Durbin was probably the most consistent, though neither "Don't Stop Believing" nor "Love Potion No. 9" would be included in his top performances of the season.

Finally, Haley Reinhart had her song choice questioned after selecting Michael Jackson's "Earth Song," but rebounded with what J. Lo dubbed one of the "best performances of the year" with "I Who Have Nothing."

Who is going home this week? Talk about a tough call! We'll say Haley. How about you?

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Haley should have been voted off!! OMG - somehow bring James back!!! He is the real IDOL HERE!!! HE SHOULD HAVE WON!!! I LOVE JAMES!! and I am 56 years old and my husband is 64!! James should have won!! UNBELIEVABLE!!


Haley sucks, growls. America is got to wake up and so do the judges. Why are you keeping her there. Lauren and Scotty are the better. Haley is disrespectful as well, with an attitude. James was the front runner, and America made a big mistake, as always in what they do. Bring Simon and Paula back. The new judges are too scared to open their mouth and already have favorites. NOt fair. Haley comes and screams week after week, and make sings kareoke. Scotty is the only true and real singer.Scotty is here to win...if God is fair.


Haley has sung the best song two weeks in a row. JLo & and Randy were not fair, when she sang Lady Garga's song last week. Haley sang the song better than Lady Garga.I love "the house of the rising sun" and she sang it spectacular. Go Haley , Get Mad and listen to Steve Tyler.


Haley growls...she doesn't sing. Time after time she does it over and over. If she did it once in a while it MIGHT be easier to listen to. However, that's all she does. It's not enjoyable to listen to. Plus - last night she had a TERRIBLE attitude. Rolling her eyes, sighing and not being respectful to the judges. You can disagree with them - but to openly be so disrespectful is disgusting. She needs to go and has needed to go for several weeks. She is not a favorite of mine because of her voice and her attitude makes her unenjoyable to listen to.


Haley's attitude and cockiness is repulsive. I hope America has enough sense to knock that girl right off her pedestal! She acted like a spoiled brat last night! GO HOME HALEY!!


all of you who say Haley needs to go home are idiots. she is the only one left in this competition with at least a somewhat interesting and unique voice - VOTE HALEY!!!


I think Haley should go off tonight because last night she was screaming. James or Scotty should win American Idol. And Lauren did a good job. So we know tonight and we might be surprized.


Lauren:needs to work on maturing her voice before she wins a show like american idol.
Scotty:is annoying as hell he sings the same country songs every week and it's so sickining plz he has no talent
James:is another adam lambart who obviously didnt get very far
HALEY:is the most talented out of all of them she is unique and has an amazing voice im glad she told the judges how it is cuz they always pick onher where lauren and scotty can suck every single week and get 10's across the board she diserves to win j.lo is just jealous cuz she can never have as much talent as haley and randy's opinion doesn't even matter


Hayley doesn't sing, she growls. Lauren is so much better, has the control and tone that's just like no freakin way!!!!! Go on girl


Simon once told David Cook he didn’t have any charisma, and David did not kept quiet and silence. He responded and I liked that because Simon was so wrong. David finally won AI.
BUT Simon was fair and critizices almost everybody with the same standard. This is not the case of JLO and Randy, one different standard for Haley and other one for their favorites. Even Lauren did recognize it yesterday after the show interviews.
It would have been better if Haley did not respond (that was what the judges wanted), but I am happy she did. It was brave and the right thing to do in front of such unfair way of judging.