Army Wives Review: "Drop Zone"

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As usual on Army Wives, Claudia Joy got great news about her own career as Michael received bad news about his. She wasn't even able to tell him she passed her bar before he closed the door on her with his own news about his former plebe receiving the commanding post at West Point.

Also as usual, he was upset with her for not sharing her news with him, for treating him with kid gloves. These two spend far too much time skirting each other's feelings. When it's all said and done, Michael somehow makes Claudia feel silly no matter what choice she makes.

Michael always manages to seem so together, but this week we saw the toll recent events have taken upon him. He's practically begging for someone to show him the way to his future. Talking with a superior may have been the worse decision he could have made, as it involved more than one strong cocktail, and Pamela nabbed him for DUI as the show ended. I cannot imagine what he will be feeling in next Sunday night.

Elsewhere, the Burtons have a full family again. David was so sweet taking his favorite toys around to the other children at the orphanage (is that what it was?) in preparation for going to his new home. Once he got there, there was something up with he and Joan. He seemed almost afraid to get close to her. I really felt for her when David turned his head at her kiss.

Sometimes, I notice the strangest things on sets, but I fell in love with the linen organizer in the Burton's bathroom. Their whole bedroom and adjoining bath looked so warm and inviting.

"Drop Zone" again gave Trevor the opportunity to show his leadership skills, and Frank was so impressed he's expressing his desire to see Trevor go to OCS. That's quite an honor for an enlisted man. With his marriage to Roxy back on the road to stability, it could be just the right time to made the jump (no pun intended).

Sadly, we didn't seemore of Chase and Pamela. I could swear I saw Jeremy Davidson in the new pilot Pan Am; I'm wondering if we're going to lose him just as we got him as a more permanent member of the community. They have not been the family I expected once his orders changed and they remarried.

I was embarrassed that Pamela jumped to the conclusion that Boone would hold their past against them when evaluating her. If nothing else, they were friends before she chose Chase. Boone never gave me the impression he would want anything but what is best for Pamela, even if it was another man.

Now he's with a money grubber, but at least he has someone to pass the time with and his money to. Pamela seemed shocked that he had someone at all, and was a bit judgmental when they met. It was great to have Boone back and I hope he makes some more appearances in the future

Emmalin was always so strong and such a fighter, it never even dawned on me she would have trouble in college. Apparently, it's more than run of the mill freshman blues, as she is already on academic probation and off the hockey team after all the work she put in to get there. I'm wondering if she might not come back to post and join the Army. Something tells me Holden's would have a very difficult time with that decision.

What did everyone else think about the episode?


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I think I was disappointed in the show last night. Claudia Joy is very momotone and boring,she needs to get of Michael's case, she is his wife not his mother. Roxy is dizzy, they made her look cheap going to the bbq, white pants way too tight and that shirt. I mean she is the only one to dress that cheap looking? Pam needs to get over it about Boone, he kissed her, he did not ask for anything as in a relationship. If Chase is not gonna be around, then kill him off. To me, it would have made more since to kill him off then the Sherwoods boy. I think Joan and David will connect as he is the best thing that they have done so far. Em will be okay. Maybe she needs to take a year off.. Just my thoughts....


i can identify with Emmalin. I am having trouble in college as well. High school was always easy for me and getting good grades was something that I never felt like I had to work at. college is much harder and I had to learn the hard way. I believe Emmalin can pick herself back up and get through college. I think, as I did, she need to seek out support. somethings you can't do on your own and you shouldnt be ashamed of asking for help.


He didn't seem drunk by any means, and most likely wasn't. However, the legal limit for drinking is so low these days it only takes one. Plus, it would certainly add more drama to their lives. :-)


whoops, I meant he WASN'T speaking slurred.


I didn't think there was anything wrong with the way Michael was driving, and he was speaking in a slurred way or anything. Hopefully next week they will have him walk the line, or blow up the balloon, or whatever, and then just fine him for the tail light.


I read that the guy who plays Chase is leaving the show..his wife is expecting twins and they were moving to be closer to family. I do hope that Michael doesn't get a DUI. I believe his former commander left that bottle in his car.


don't want to be rude or anything but I thought emmalin was doing hockey not soccer (that's not rude, just informative. Thanks...Carissa)

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