Blue Bloods Season Finale Review: "The Blue Templar"

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After a full season of hints, allusions, and foreshadowing, "The Blue Templar" was finally front and center for the finale of Blue Bloods.

Once Jamie told the family about his private investigation into Joe's death, things took off pretty quickly. Frank took over and delegated tasks to Danny, Henry, and Erin, the only people he deemed he could trust.

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Frank's emotions were just under the surface as Danny and Erin bickered over whether there was enough evidence to move forward. But the entire family worked this case with a laser focus. This was personal, but catching the bad guys is also the family business.

Jackie definitely had Danny's back on this one but it did make me wonder who had Jackie's? When she called Danny to say she'd been run off the road, he didn't seem overly concerned. We're talking about the Blue Templar here. They killed his brother. I would have thought he'd be a little more concerned for his partner's safety.

Frank was pretty impressive when he stalked out of that SUV for the final take down. He got out of the car looking every bit the part of the enforcer. Of course, having an ESU team backing him certainly helped.

Having the song Highway to Hell playing in the background as they busted this crew was a nice touch, as well.

I'll miss Malevsky. When he just about smiled as Frank asked who killed his son, it was downright evil.  He managed to be sleazy, intimidating, and highly entertaining, but taking his own life was a fitting send off for this character.

Jamie took a backseat in this investigation as Frank said there were too many eyes on him. That made sense but it seemed odd that the one person who spearheaded this from the start was left out for most of the conclusion. I was happy to see him included in the final take down. It was a moment of closure for the entire family.

Only the Reagans argue over who's going to say grace at family dinner because everyone actually wants to.

Blue Bloods grew stronger throughout its first season. I'll miss the Reagan clan over the summer but I'm excited to have them over for dinner again come fall.


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I absolutely love blue blood it is one of the best TV shows on right now I love the fact that the family is so close and they focus on what's going on with each other this is how my family used to be and I really miss that. hat off to blue blood writer.


love, love, love this show. One of the bests casts ever!!! Tom Selleck & Donnie Wahlberg are exceptional!!! Truly one of the BEST shows on television. Very heartfelt and realistic-love it!!!!


I grew up with Magnum PI, and I am looking forward to the second season.... hell yea... The reviews/hints look like and exciting season ahead with lots of exciting new development of characters. Tom Selleck is bloody good and support by true blue blood casts!!! Can't wait...


i just love blue bloods tom selleck ohhhh hes lush cant wait for the next series when is it back???


The whole missing gun thing wasn't so Jamie would be framed. The whole point of his gun going missing was so he would have to report to IA. The Blue Templar guy working in IA had to get a read on him to report to Malevsky how risky their situation was. I thought the ending was decent, but I also felt they really rushed the storyline to close out the Blue Templar thing just in case the show wasn't renewed. Thank goodness it is! Can't wait to find out what happens with Jamie's relationship. Love this show!


Superb acting and an intense, satisfying conclusion to the first season. It also closed the story about Joe's murder in case the show was not renewed. A mistake I am thankful CBS did not make. More shows such as this one, please!


Wrapped up too quickly. Jamie's gun should have been in the plot. Jackie was underused. The dirty cops should have been disarmed.


Love the show, but i have to agree there was so much buildup only to fizzle in the end. I was actually hoping that some of the events leading to the finale were used. i.e. jaimies lost gun used to frame the robout.The raegans fighting at both the courts headed by erin, on the street with danny and Jaimie while frank orchestrating both operation would have been awesome! minimum 2 episode finale would have made this an epic finale!


I love the series but really not a well-plotted finale. The whole Blue Templar underlying storyline was under-utilized throughout the season and then it all gets resolved in one episode, along with that unnecessary kidnapping plotline? C'mon. It's a recurring weakness in Blue Bloods scripting that Danny solves crimes so easily, half the time using real weak "hunches." But this one was farcical. Plus you raid a roomful of corrupt cops and you don't disarm them all first thing, especially if the police commissioner himself is walking into the scene??!! "Talking" the bad cop into killing himself was a nice twist... beyond that, the writers could have done a lot better with the Templar storyline. It felt rushed to me, like they had much bigger plans for the whole thing but got the order from on high to wrap it up in the final episode.


I thought it was a very weak season finale for a good show. After the entire season with this story in the background, it was boring. No real tension, I didn't feel any danger. Locking Jaime out was anticlimatic, and guessing the bad guy's name on the first try was just stupid story telling. It should have been at least 2 hours or a two-part storyline to do it justice. This just felt hurried and too convenient.

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