Castle Creator Teases New, Complex Chapter

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Where does Castle possibly go after a third season finale that promised game-changers and delivered and then some, making for one of its best episodes yet?

Look for the series to begin a newly complex and richer chapter next fall as the relationship between Castle and Beckett evolves, creator Andrew Marlowe tells EW.

“I think [the finale] was a great way to chapter out on the early portion of the Beckett-Castle relationship and to transition us to the even more complex more mature aspects of their relationship as we move forward,” Marlowe said.

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“I think that even though Castle is still kind of a charming, boyish man, we see an enormous amount of growth in him over the last three years towards a kind of maturity. It doesn’t mean Castle’s going to lose his boyish charm."

"It just means that he’s becoming more complex and interesting. The same with Beckett, a character who started off being relatively closed off.”

Specifically, Marlowe pointed to the scene in the finale where Montgomery tells Beckett that she “wasn’t having any fun” before Castle came along as an example of the kind of growth he likes to see from the pair.

“We’ve really seen her start to open up to both Castle and to the audience, and there are more mysteries to mine in both of these characters, as there are in the secondary characters, but I think that this marks a new and different chapter in their relationship."

"We’re not looking to fundamentally change the show, we’re just looking to enhance it and make the experience even richer and more satisfying for the fans.”

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I really hope they get together... Castle.nd.Beckett..... They deserve to be together, beckett does still have issues but maybe if their together they can work on those issues together. I really think they should get together but until then Im gonna keep insinuating that they should get together. ;D


Okay. Here's the thing. It's time for Josh to f*** off and for the Caskett relationship to have exclusivity even if they don't hook up officially right away. The idea of one of them having intimacy in all its forms with an "outsider" (e.g. Josh, Gina) is not credible given how they obviously feel about each other. Sure, this "outsider" stuff makes complete sense in first 3 seasons leading up to the S3 finale, but from S4 forward - it would just be too ridiculous to be believable after what they've both been through. Lol - that's my take anyway.

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