Castle Season Finale Review: Game Changers Galore!

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OMG. They warned us that this finale would be a game changer. They said it would be so intense it would blow our minds. They were right.

Season 3 concluded with easily one of the best Castle episodes yet. So let’s waste no time and dig in to “Knockout."

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Although this series is usually known for its wild and absurd cases, it throws in some serious ones here and there. The finale was would fall into the latter category and boy did it deliver. Five minutes in and there was already a shoot-out. I had to rewind my DVR several times to take everything in and now that it’s over, I’m still in shock.

This case has been three seasons in the making. It kept popping up without any real information getting out. Tonight, that finally all changed. After more digging, Castle found an altered police file, leading him to believe a third cop was involved. In all my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that Captain Montgomery was it. Game Changer #1. 

Spoilers had clued us in that someone was going to die. I had suspicions it would be the Captain, but not because of a shoot out over him being involved in the case. Totally blew my mind. I’m going to miss Captain Montgomery. He was an excellent part of the cast.

Game Changer #2. We still don’t know who is behind the whole thing. Someone hired Lockwood to take care of these people and I cannot wait until next season to find out who it was. Beckett may be in the clear for now, but I am sure Castle will deliver an equally awesome episode to let us find out.

My heart broke a little bit watching Montgomery’s family at the funeral and having the detectives (and even Castle!!) carry in the casket. Who would have thought that Game Changer #3 was about to happen? Kate got shot! Obviously the writers won't kill off Stana Katic’s character, but I did not see that coming. Castle pulled a Vampire Diaries, having two of the main characters get shot in one episode. Well done.

Beckett getting shot led to the best exchange of the night. “I love you Kate. Kate, I love you.” I thought that us 'shippers were really only going to get to enjoy the heated argument in Beckett’s apartment, but Castle finally made his move and said the words.. even if it was as Kate was going unconscious. Game Changer #4. Hopefully when the series comes back in the fall, something will actually happen between the two. 

On a side note, Max Martini delivered another amazing performance as Hal Lockwood. The entire cast was awesome in “Knockout,” an episode I won’t soon be forgetting.

So as Season Three concludes with an epic finale, I can’t help but wonder who is the mastermind behind Lockwood’s actions and what hangs in the balance for Beckett? We have plenty of time to discuss before the fall, so let the Comments flow below. Was it as good as expected? Best finale so far? 


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Ugo I agree. She was dealing emotionally with the Capt's betrayal & also conflicted by her love & respect for him together with wanting to arrest & defend him at the same time. Castle's clearly quite strong but there's also an element of Beckett letting him take her outside as well. I thought when he had her in his bear hug against the vehicle & leaned into her and she reached up & touched his face for a mill-second or two was a beautiful Caskett moment.


Annie. Beckett's dad? That's an interesting take. What's your backstory or evidence here? Was he an ex-cop or involved with the FBI? More importantly, why would he order a hit on his daughter? Ummm . . .


I don't think the "Dragon" is the mayor. He's seems a bit too young, prob about Montgomery's age (likely younger). As we know, the Capt was a rookie when the undercover FBI agent died 19 years ago & it's doubtful someone his age or younger would've had the balls or clout to blackmail them & take the ransom money. Maybe a senior cop or senior FBI agent 19 yrs ago now turned powerful rich politician? Seems to me the untouchable person is likely to be Washington-based. My hopes for S4: 1 Josh f***s off
2 The new boss is not an ice-hole & doesn't overly affect things
3 Josh f***s off
4 Kate remembers Castle's proclamation of love
5 Josh f***s off
6 The Caskett relship becomes deeper but not necessarily sexual
7 Josh f***s off
8 Castle & Beckett hug more in those moments where clearly a hug is called for
9 Josh f***s off
10 Josh f***s off


I bet she won't remember that he said "the words" when she wakes up.... Looking forward to September.


Stupid way to end, a horrible cliff hanger.. I mean its not suspenseful at all, we know shes not going to die, and I'd bet my life that the opening scene for next season is going to be Becket being rushed into the hospital, then having surgery, and the 5 minute montage of castle and co. pacing around the waiting room.


evidently Jeff is not a brilliant man......Beckett clearly let Castle take her away as she knew he was doing the right thing in that moment....wake up and smell the coffe ....the episode was awesome no doubt about it


The boss is Kate's Dad obviously.


Just the way they were talking and the fact that the man behind this all is such a very powerful person... Could it be the mayor. Isn't he Castles friend. How will that play out next season if it is. It could be the governor, hawaii 5.0 set a precedent. Is Hal Lockwood gone for good?


OMG. Arraignment, Montgomery revelation, Caskett at her place, Montgomery and Beckett at the airstrip, funeral were all great scenes. Montgomery is a super quick draw. One of the henchmen should have got a shot though. I didn't know what Montgomery was going to do at home and at the airstrip.


Really intense and loved that so many of the normally support characters had much bigger parts . Really great acting for the 2 detectives when they figured out the captain was the 3rd cop , hate to see the captain go as he was great in the role. He will be hard to replace and of course Beckett will be fine , she is a star of the show. This is one of the few shows I will not miss and this episode delivered !! hope the writers will be up to the task for the first show of the new season equal to this show that will be a tough act to follow !!!

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