Charlie's Angels First Look: Who Are You?

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It's one of the new shows on the new ABC schedule, but it's an old concept, one that started with a 1970s TV show and continued through two films.

Now, the network is bringing back Charlie's Angels, with Rachael Taylor portraying a wealthy thief; Annie Ilonzeh playing a former Miami cop; and Minka Kelly taking on the role of a street racer with a mysterious past.

The series will air prior to a couple ABC heavyweights, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, on Thursday nights. Check out a clip from its pilot below:

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Cannot wait for this show. One question where was the third angel in all of that??


oh god this shit looks CORNY! "You don't look like cops"
"We're not...we're angels" LMAO! are u serious ABC?


If that's a show with kidnappers getting hit by rachael taylor that's something i want to see! For years it was the man beating the wife up but i'm a feminist so if this is the opposite it just moved up to my shows to follow list.
I have a dark sense of humor i think people getting hit by people smaller than them it's hilarious. Taffet getting murdered on bones was an execption but her head exploded so i had to review that scene countless times..


looks good, this girls know how to kick! Hope that the storyline will be apropriate and interesting!


Where's Minka Kelly in this clip? She should be part of the first promo. I think this is quite promising. Definitely gonna give it a try.


The video was kinda stopping and going for me, but I got enough to know that this show looks great.
My only question is: Where is the 3rd angel? Perhaps she joins them later on?
Either way, I'm pumped! :D


Charlie's Angels Quotes

Abby: He's single, he's straight, and he has a life plan.
Gloria: Mixing Mojitos?

One fashion emergency is enough for tonight.