Christopher Meloni: Exiting Law & Order: SVU!

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Another hit series is losing a major star.

Just a few days after Lisa Edelstein confirmed her exit from House, an insider tells TV Line that contract negotiations have broken down between Law & Order: SVU and Christopher Meloni. The actor has portrayed Detective Stabler for 12 seasons.

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Creator Dick Wolf is reportedly searching a known star (we hear Charlie Sheen is available) to come on board opposite Mariska Hargitay, who signed a new deal this month that calls for her to only appear in 13 episodes next season.

Jennifer Love Hewitt may actually be her replacement.

In other words: huge changes are in store for this franchise. Got any suggestions on who should take over for Meloni? The Comments section is waiting to hear them!

UPDATE: Meloni's rep confirms this news: "It is true - 12 great years and time for the next chapter."

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I won't watch it without Chris! He is one of the sexiest men I've ever seen. Love Mariska too! Bye, Bye Law and Order!


let be truthfully here Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay character were really making the show hard to watch these last four season they needed to go Its get old hell between Mariska Hargitay saying ever man a rapesit and woman are more perfect then God and Christopher Meloni acting like a five year old everytime someone hit him or his family was in trouble Maybe these is what SVU need to become a Good show and if people can't get over that then there not fans of the show


Well, this is horrible! I watch the show mostly because of Chris Meloni....started watching both SVU and Oz because of him in fact. Very disappointing!!!


ABSOLUTELY Horrible I have watched this program from the beginning and without Stabler and Benson there is no SVU


how about the ultra talented actor Joe Flanigan


Yeah no one needs to take over for Mariska and Christopher 'cause they to stay where,they are too important to the show to lose and if they leave the show will suffer big time for it. Why is it that Hollywood thinks that established series actor are replaceable when they go to have these contract talks that they don't consider how the fans may react if they leave...for it the fans who make the show a success by watching every week and if you've ever noticed when stupid executives change a show too much its the fans who quickly respond by stop watching or protesting we've come to take too much for granted and especially when we think nothing bad can happen to me is when it does. Be careful pissing off the fans maybe biting the hand that feeds you.


This is the worst news ever to come to this show.
Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay make the show. Granted, shows do sometimes need change, however, these two leaving are exactly what caused the upcoming series final of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe departing from that show is what ruined it. Therefore Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay departure from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is what will ruin this show. However, I'll still watch it as I love the show. :D


this sucks that is sooo not cool


I agree with those that say the show will not be the same without the two of them. I love the show and even though I love Ice T, I will not be watching SVU without Benson & Stabler. Why are the shows that people love always seem to be the ones they mess with?


even though I like Ice T, I'm pretty sure we won't be watching any more once the main characters that we have grown to love leave. Just give him what he is asking for already!