Christopher Meloni: Exiting Law & Order: SVU!

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Another hit series is losing a major star.

Just a few days after Lisa Edelstein confirmed her exit from House, an insider tells TV Line that contract negotiations have broken down between Law & Order: SVU and Christopher Meloni. The actor has portrayed Detective Stabler for 12 seasons.

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Creator Dick Wolf is reportedly searching a known star (we hear Charlie Sheen is available) to come on board opposite Mariska Hargitay, who signed a new deal this month that calls for her to only appear in 13 episodes next season.

Jennifer Love Hewitt may actually be her replacement.

In other words: huge changes are in store for this franchise. Got any suggestions on who should take over for Meloni? The Comments section is waiting to hear them!

UPDATE: Meloni's rep confirms this news: "It is true - 12 great years and time for the next chapter."

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i am obbssessed with law and order svu and im very upset that elliot and olivia will be leaving. they do make the whole show and it wont be the same with out them. i dont like any of the other law and orders. this my fav. please dont leave guys. i love you guys. and elliot u are one sexy mama. i want your body.


Chris Noth would be fun, at least for one season - Mike Logan would be the one character to have been featured in every (New York) show in the franchise.
Seriously, let Munch & Finn take center stage, their chemistry is amazing! They're smart, itense and funny, a well-balanced team. Whoever replaces Stabler on the squad, along with Olivia (due to Mariska Hargitay's reduced schedule) can support them well enough.


SVU won't be the same. I am going to have to find a new favorite show!!!


No need for name-calling. This is just for opionions. And having said that, SVU will probably due a slow embarrassing death once Hargitay and Meloni leave. They WERE the show.


i will not watch law and order with out benson and stabler they were the ones who made the show a hit this is just friggin wrong from a ticked off fan


I don't like this one bit. I think that this is awful. How many more good actors/actresses will they take off tv.


Maybe Ice T will become the main star he better anyways


I am not pleased. This is not good. Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay are to SVU as one's nose and mouth are to one's face. Bad. Bad. Bad. Most displeased.


This show will only one season without Benson and Stabler. It will be cancelled like the original Law and Order because you can't take away the main characters that ppl have developed an affinity for an replace them with unknowns; even if the new actors are good it won't be the same and the show will inevitably tank. Sorry SVU but that's reality.


The show has run long enough. They should do away with it all together, especially with Meloni and Hargitay leaving the cast. They are allowed to pursue new projects and we will eventually move on to new shows. It isn't the end of the world people!! :-)


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