Chuck Season 5 Scoop: Buy More, Spy Less?

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Change will most definitely abound on Chuck next season.

The series will move to Fridays for its final season, as viewers adjust to a world where Chuck is a billionaire; where he runs his own spy agency; and where Morgan is in possession of the Intersect. All of this and more was revealed on this week's season finale.

Chuck and Sarah Scene

Producer Chris Fedak called up TV Line after the episode aired and gave fans a glimpse into what's ahead on his show's concluding 13 installments this fall...

The future of Buy More: The show wouldn’t be the show without the Buy More. And Chuck has realized that he has the perfect cover with the Buy More, so that will still be a part of the show. It’ll be a part of their cover operation, even though they’ll have a private spy agency. And also Chuck now owns the Buy More, so he’s not simply running a spy agency, he also owns and operates the Buy More. And we’re going to have some fun with that.

Will there be less spy mythology? We’ve always had two sides to the mythology on our show: We have the emotional mythology of our characters’ backstories, and we also have the spy mythology. And both of those things will be part of the new season. I think that’s what is great about Season 5, the ability to get into the character mythology. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones with Sarah’s backstory, Morgan’s backstory, and Casey’s backstory. We’ll have a spy mythology as well, but we’ll probably get into it a little differently.

Will Morgan do more physically than he has in the past? That’s absolutely true.

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PLZ make a new season of Chuck plz plz plz, i just wait all week to have to see 1 episode, plz just make more.. :/


Chuck has to have a 6th season! And a 7th! And 8th, 9th, 10th.... Everybody loves Chuck! So why cancel it?! It makes absolutely no sense at all.


Chuck will continue or chuck fans will go to war with NBC! Boycotting all nbc shows and sponsors forever!! Chuck fans need to start boycotting NOW!!, and email, tweet ect.. nbc to let tnhem know how we feel about our favorite show (Chuck)!!!! Remember sponsors pay the bills for chuck, so attack the sponsors everyone. WE HAVE MORE POWER THAN MOST PEOPLE UNDERSTAND!!!


I would love to see a sixth season of Chuck but not with Morgan as the intersec. He is annoying and uninteresting, he playes a better moronic assistant then the hero. I love the show, but if Morgan keeps the intersec for the long haul I think I'm done... sadly.


Morgan should lose the intersect, and Chuck needs to get it back...with an enhanced ability of "remote viewing" seeing the future....Morgan should end up in a funny farm because his brain can't handle the intersect. The two knuckle heads at the BuyMore should stumble upon Carmichael Industries and get to do a mission, because Chuck has no choice. The two knuckle Heads should some how get some type of medal of honor by kicking the ass of a terrorist in an airplane. The big black guy assistant manager should have an affair with someone else's mother in the show, like one of the knuckleheads...that'll be funny. Kasey should have some girl kick his ass and get out of control...Morgan's girlfriend doesn't like him anymore because he's changed as the intersect and maybe he gives it back to Chuck somehow. There should be the threat of him always getting recruited by some other spy agency. Let's see Chucks sister in a bikini and Awesome should do something Awesome.


Ok here it is, this is how I think the last season and moments of Chuck should go. By season's end by whatever means the entire Bartowski family will be reunited, Mom, Dad, and all. then in the last moments of the show the entire family sits down to dinner.
For a moment we focus on Sara's face which has a strange expression, the screen begins to fade to black and we hear her say, "I'M PREGNANT!" Suddenly the screen lights back up and we focus on Chuck's face with wide eyes. Flash forward 9 months to the delivery room of the hospital. Sara is in labor, the baby is born. "It's a boy!" Chuck and Sara agree to name the baby little Chuck.
The nurse brings the baby in, Sara is holding him, "OH LOOK he's going to open his eyes." Sara says.
Baby Chuck opens his eyes and we are looking through them and he sees Daddy.
Suddenly Baby Chuck flashes! And we see all of the intersect images in reverse and the last image that baby Chuck and we see is Chuck's Buy More badge. We here a voice say "Did he just Flash?" the baby giggles and the picture fades to black. We then hear someone fall to the floor (as always happens after an initial flash.) the end.
Some one pass this on to the writers.


chuck must continue whats purpose of doing series movies if they cant make a season 5. they must continue it i love chuck very much and iam addicted of watching it .that in every chapters there is a new secret revealed that is very exciting that how chuck affected with those secrets...pls pls continue making the chuck movie fans are waiting for the next season


One of the greatest shows on the planet it's truly epic love chuck and not ready to see it end season 6 has to come


chuck Save more People in boredom...
cause i know you can Im one of them
uR my Insparation :D


oH! CHUCK ME.. dOn'T CANCEL please Keep making SEASON fOR CHUCK
CHUCK Save me for Being Bored AT my house..
Your My every day energy//

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