Colin Hanks Cast on Season Six of Dexter

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Has Dexter found its new adversary for its title character? Or perhaps a new protege?

Details of his exact role are being kept under very tight wraps, but Colin Hanks has will be featured prominently on season six of this Showtime hit.

Showtime President David Nevins has said the sixth season won't feature "one big bad," not revealing much else about the new episodes that kick off in September.

But the video above does a solid job catching fans up on the previous five seasons and getting us excited for what's on tap.

UPDATE: Hanks will portray Travis Marshall, the protege of an evil professor played by Edward James Olmos.

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Is Christina Robinson,.."Astor",.. {my Niece},...gonna be on the show
in season six & season seven???
Pax Robinson


Oh, and as for the promo, it's great. So excited for it! :D


I like Colin Hanks as an actor and I think I'll be an excellent actor to add to the cast for this season. :)

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