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The only negative thing I'll say about this episode is that I'm really getting sick of the Pierce is in the study group "yea or nay" story plot. I thought we were generally over that after the hospital ep.

That said, holy slo-mo paintballs that was fun. I never thought anything would ever top the original paintball episode, but "A Fistful of Paintballs" did so in spades (and aces, and clubs, and hearts).

Pierce Plays Paintball

From Fort Hawthorne and Vicky's dancing for Twinkies, to Chang's quest for an alliance (and attempted death by cheerleading squad), to Jeff's insecurity over the handsomeness of the Dark Rider (guest star Josh Holloway) every moment was pure exhilaration.

Even the title sequence trumped the one for Dungeons and Dragons, merging the spirit of a western with the insane asylum mood of Community.

Despite my earlier complaint about Pierce, it was hilariously appropriate that Pierce put a bounty on Jeff's head (that's at least the second reference to Jeff's forehead this year, by the way) considering the oil and water nature of their relationship.

I loved the framed titles given to each of the characters and how they matched the card each had played in the flashback vote on whether or not to kick Pierce out of the group. It occurred to me, though, when they showed Jeff's title card that the way Joel McHale's face crinkles up when he smiles tells me the dude is gonna look like a city map when he ages. But I digress.

Everyone, (including Shirley!) was in on the fun, but Annie was truly the show stopper. Alison Brie grabbed this episode by the nape of the neck and slung it over her shoulder like a sleek leather jacket. My goodness the girl plays sexy badass better than you'd ever expect. That opening segment of her dropping from the ceiling in the shadows left my mouth agape.

The best part about the episode, though? It's a two parter! Can't wait for the continuation of the paintball saga next week to see who is left standing at the end.

What did you enjoy most about the episode? Let us know in the comments below and check out some of the episode's best Community quotes as well!


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AWESOME episode! Annie is legendary! :)


It was epic. I just can´t stop watching it all over again. I need the 2nd part nooow :D
That Ice-Cream man is one scary dude :)
Time machine anybody?


I have to agree with the majority here, I LOVED IT!!!
I live in the UK and waited up until around 3/4 in the morning just to watch this episode. I feel it definitely equalled Modern Warfare and I can't wait for next week. I just watched it again now I am more awake and found it to be even better than before. Not only was it the sheer awesomeness of paintball but I actually found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions. Regarding the Pierce storyline I actually think that this works as it has been leading up to it all season!
This week was a parody of the Old West, which I feel they did exceedingly well including the ingenious Fort Hawthorne. To me next week looks an awful lot like a parody of the Rebels/Stormtrooper battle from Star Wars what with all the Greendale students teaming up against the Ice Cream Men! Next week cannot come soon enough!!!


Abed and Annie are the funny in this show, so that nice to see her shine this week...


I'm glad all of you liked it....Me, not so much. The opening was fun and interesting, sure. Allison Brie looked hot, great. The rest of it relied solely on Josh Holloway stunt casting and call backs. The show runners themselves know that it would be impossible to top the original paintball episode. This is why the commemorative "It's all downhill from here" sweatshirts from that even started to appear. But this show, even as it's own entity, was weak. It starts out trying to tweak Old West movies, and then only halfheartedly does this. Slo Mo running, and Super Ninja spins aren't the Old West. The Dark Rider theme ultimately comes to naught. Just a ringer brought in. Duped by Pierce after being told REPEATEDLY that he was being duped. The only funny interesting stuff was Chang's constantly shifting allegiences. Last year had the team pitted against other factions in the school. The ep had them pitted against one, ultimately unimportant, figure. Where was the comedy? The show wasn't funny. Not clever, and not funny? I guess you could say that the cards the characters were called at the opening turn out to be the cards they submitted in the Pierce Vote was a little clever, but nothing else. And the set up was what? I watched it twice. There was no setup. Certainly nothing as original as last years'. They should have just had a guy in a suit come on and say "And now the Paintball Episode! Now with Western Stuff!" I didn't hate it, but I didn't adore it, either.


It was fantastic to see Annie that much. I love her. I wish there were always more scenes with her.


xcept this time with Alison Brie as the main character, whereas last time there were several main characters. Blaah.


Didn't like it. It wasn't funny like it usually is, and Alison Brie was always there and half the time not doing anything that any other character couldn't do.
They did this episod just as a recap of Modern Warfare, e


That was freaking EPIC. Holy crap. Surpassed all my (very high) expectations! I love you, Community. Wow.


I just loved Annie to death in this episode and the way the sweet and innocent nature of Annie played out with her attachment to pierce was just brilliant.

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